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October 4

The meteor fell to Earth at a speed faster than light can travel. Crashing into the Pacific Ocean to many didn't seem like a totally bad thing. Sure some of the wildlife was killed and possibly the ocean would give off some kind of reaction to it, but it wasn't all that bad.

That is what we thought, and how wrong we were. As a result the people of the world have to deal with the fall out of our mistakes. We should have foreseen this to occur. We could have done something about it, but we didn't. We waited in silence and decided to let nature play the situation out. Nature had an odd way of dealing things out and now I fear something that we could have prevented is now going to be the downfall of humanity and the beginning of something worse. Something out of a horror story or childhood nightmare, but no, it is real and for every living human on this Earth. This fantasy has now become a reality.

Dr. Oliver Pierson

December 8 2005

December 8, 2006

I sighed marking the calendar. Today was the one-year anniversary since the event that left the world of the living and dead in its wake of destruction.

I sat back on the small cot on the edge of the room, nearest to the window. Even now it seemed to me, hard to believe that something like this was even possible.

I took out my diary and leaned lazily against the run down, creamy colored wall.

Dear Diary,

Today officially marks the first full year since dead had risen and killed much of the human race. I think I am one of the handfuls of survivors that are scattered around.

I read the first sentences over again. Thinking I crossed out the word killed and put turned on.

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I seem to be safe right now. Me and a few other survivors have been on the move for two months now. We are holding up in a run down store on the outskirts of Austin Texas. There don't seem to be many of those zombies out there, but we still got to keep moving. We have to get to Nevada, or die trying. I hear that is where all the country survivors are trying to gather and parade a large militia against these things.

I think we can win. But the matter is getting there. Winter is approaching fast and I heard some of the other people talking that it might be snowing by next week in the areas.

Now snow may seem funny now, but what ever caused this not only brought the dead back, but also messed up the seasons. I wonder what caused this in the first place. Maybe like in the movies it was from government experiments or aliens. Aliens… wow that is a new one.

-sigh- I wonder if my friends made it to the city in Nevada. I lost contact with them about 6 months ago and I wonder if they are all right. I really hope they are. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have someone I really knew to be with me and tell me that everything will be alright. That I am not alone and that we are going to make it to see another day.

But that is just a far-fetched dream that I have. We all have them, once in awhile. The needs to be near someone we care about. The feeling that we can go on know there is someone to back us up.

But like I said that is just a dream, most of the people we want the most are one of them. My friends are the only hope that I have. My family is gone, already turned into one of those things. My mom and dad and baby sister are now one of those walking things out there.

People say they are zombies. Personally I don't care what the hell they are. They are the ones that ruined my life and caused my to be the way I am today. That is why I am with the people I am now. We hunt them. We set out to kill every single one of those bastards for what they have done.

This is how the story of 16-year-old Annie Clare began. A year after the attacks between the almost dead and alive humans, an epic battle was about to brake out between both and she was in the middle. How could the fate of the world and the rest of humanity lie in her hands? You must (pleases with sugar on top) continue to read the chapters to find out!


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