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A pretty face can hide an evil mind

Chapter – Prologue "Early beginnings…"

Smoke and screaming…

That was the first thing you woke up to.

Smoke, screaming and this foul stench of burning rubber and something you can't seem to identify…

Sirens…in the distance.

More screaming…so much screaming…

Mommy is there, right in front of you.

Daddy is nowhere to be seen…

You try to get a grip on your mothers hand, but the red stuff makes it slippery.

'Red paint?'

That's right….you're too young to understand.

Too young to understand that the strange smell is that of burning flesh.

Too young to understand mommy can't help you anymore…can't hear you anymore…

Too young to understand that daddy is right in front of you…splattered across what was once the front window of the car you were sitting in…

More sirens, people calling out for 'survivors'.

'Survivors? Survivors of what?'

Too young to understand what a lucky boy you are…

Have you any idea what has happened here today?

How many people have died?


You only know your head hurts and mommy isn't listening…or moving.

She just keeps staring.

You figure mommy and daddy must be mad at you, that you were a bad boy again.

Suddenly a pair of strong arms pull you out of the car.

Away from mommy and daddy.

You don't belong here little boy…this is a scene of death where the living have no place.

These arms you're trying to escape from, they are the only thing keeping you from joining that world. But you're too young to understand that.

People are crying, calling out names of people you've never heard of before.

You don't understand why it is they're upset.

Perhaps they know you've been a bad boy too?

Then you wonder why no one is crying out your name…

You look around you at a scene that will one day come back to haunt you. A day when you're old enough to understand…

Fire everywhere…along with that red paint.

There's a little girl on the ground, she seems to be about your age.

You wonder how it's possible that her legs are way over there while her chest is al the way over here.

The little girl fades away in the distance, as does the car you had been sitting in.

A blanket is wrapped around you.

What a lucky boy you are…


"Ayumu! Won't you come down? Breakfast ready! Ayumu! Why won't you listen to mommy?"

The ten year old Kagami Taro tried to ignore the banging on his bedroom door.

Ever since his parents had been killed in that car accident along so many others, he had been living with his aunt Kasuga Miho.

Aunty Miho was not the most stable of women.

Her child Kasuga Ayumu, not being able to take the pressure anymore, ran away from home.

Not that Taro could blame her.

When he were old enough, he would probably do the same…

Taro rubbed his bangs out of his eyes, once again cursing the long raven tresses as they instantly returned to their original position.

He would love to get a haircut, there was just one problem…

"Ayumu please…? Open the door for mommy! Ayumu!"

His aunt believed him to be Ayumu and Ayumu was a girl that liked to keep her hair shoulder length. Taro kept ignoring aunt Miho, as he didn't feel like another evening of being 'tested'.

Besides, he had had a big lunch in school so he wasn't all that hungry.

When saying his aunt was unstable, one must never forget to add, extremely paranoiac.

When she was unable to fully identify a person through her own mental capabilities, she would test them to make sure they were real.

This had been a problem at first, oh yes.

A big problem indeed.

When the police knocked on her door, necessary papers in hand and Taro in tow, she had been convinced her Ayumu had come back to her.

Never having met this 'Ayumu' Taro had no idea what she did or didn't like.

The result of not passing his aunts 'tests' were catastrophic to say the least.

He still had a scar on his back where she had tried to cut him with the broken mirror.

Since then he had always remembered to wear his hair down…

He could hear his aunts footsteps across the hall.

'Good, she's finally given up…'

And not a minute too soon either, it was almost time to get ready for school.

Tanaka-sensei was a man who detested lateness and would not be merciful to those who did turn up late.

He was rather lucky Ayumu had been a tomboy though.

At least he got to wear the boys uniform without question.

Taro made his way out the door, his school wasn't exactly at walking distance and the entire trip would take more then just a few minutes. But it was worth it. He only needed to walk as far as the bus-station after all. Taro and his aunt Miho lived in the forest just outside the city.

About one hour away from his school.

The place was isolated due to it's remoteness and lack of neighbours, but Taro liked it.

It had taken about a year of getting used to these new surroundings, being born and raised in a city after all, but somehow he doubted he would ever want to move back to the big city.

There was just something about this place…

They never had money troubles either. Nor would they ever.

Because of his aunt's…..condition, she was given support-money by the government.

Add that to the money she received after her husband died and the money Taro's parents had left them, financially speaking, life was perfect.

There was no need to wait, as the bus was right on time as always.

And like every morning Taro was the first one to get on.

He greeted the driver – Miss Mari – and sat down in his favourite spot.

That was the best part about being the first one to board the bus, you could sit wherever you wanted. The school-bus would fill up soon enough…

In this case he was sitting near miss Mari, he had known her for several years now.

And if it was one thing she loved, it was talking.

Most of the time Taro ignored her, only pretending to pay attention to what she was saying.

Half of the stuff she talked about weren't interesting to begin with.

But something she said stuck with him today.

"Did you know there will be two kids joining us today? Their parents just moved here."

'New kids, big deal…'

It wasn't as if this sort of thing happened all the time, but a kid more or less wasn't a big deal.

Yet at the same time Taro couldn't help but wonder what these 'new kids' were like.

As they approached the city, the bus slowly filled up and got louder.

Taro never did quite understand how it was they could all be so hyperactive this early in the morning. Still no sign of the new kids though and they would only have to stop one more time before arriving at school.

Once again cursing the loudness of the other kids, Taro stared out the window.

He had never had friends before and never cared to have them. So when he was appointed as the 'freak' of the class – if not school – he hadn't cared much.

If it meant that people didn't want to sit next to him or near him for that matter, it also meant more peace and quiet.

The bus came to a halt and there they were, the 'new kids'.

A young boy that appeared to be the same age as Taro and what Taro assumed to be the boy's little sister. Said little sister was clutching to her big brothers arm, a blush on her tiny cheeks while nervously playing with one of her pigtails. The big brother was staring icily at the others, it was almost as if he was stating 'anyone who messes with my little sister is going to have to answer to me'.

It only took a minute for all hell to break loose. All over the bus girls were squealing and giggling. Taro knew why.

The new boy was truly handsome for a boy his age.

Brown hair, almost a hue of golden blond when in sunlight, eyes a warm honey-brown, even though they seemed to be cold enough to freeze the Sahara right now…

He couldn't describe the strange fluttering in his stomach the minute those eyes turned to him.

There was something about that pale skin and oddly coloured hair that made his stomach do flip-flops.

The moment ended all too soon as the little girl pulled her brother forward to go sit with a group of little girls about her age. The 'big brother' didn't seem to happy about having to sit with a bunch of kids around half his age, but joined her – albeit reluctantly – nonetheless.

He could hear the boys behind him mumble something about 'Gajin'.

Taro doubted the boy was a gajin though. His appearance may be a bit 'un-Japanese' but the characteristics were still there. There was no way this kid was a foreigner or 'gajin' as the boys had put it.

He looked back at the new boy who was in the process of being 'flaunted' by his little sister.

He could tell from the looks on the little girls faces that they were impressed by whatever it was the boys pretty little sister was saying. He could already tell she would be a popular young lady when she grew up. She played crowds like a charm.

The brunet sat in silence, seemingly reluctant to be there and Taro couldn't really blame him.

Most boys their age wouldn't be caught dead 'playing with little girls'.

The bus came to a halt once more and it's passengers grabbed their belongings.

Taro tried to keep track of the new kid and his little sister, but lost them in the early morning hallway crowds. Oh well, he needed to go to class anyways.

He walked to his desk in front of the teachers desk and took out his books and writing utilities, preparing himself for yet another hour of checking the homework that probably half of the class hadn't even bothered looking at.

'The world would be a much better place without them…'

If one thing could be said about Taro, it's that he was obsessed with the subject of 'death'.

Most children his age were petrified by the subject, he on the other hand was fascinated.

The memories of things he had seen as a five year old still came back to haunt him till this very day, but strangely intrigued him somehow.

Where did people go when they died? What was it like to die? Does a persons life truly flash before their eyes like so many other have claimed? Was there a tunnel of white light?

He asked himself these questions on a daily basis, obsessing over ouija-boards one day, tarot cards the next. He had studied religion after religion to try and find the answers he was looking for, always close to finding an answer, but never close enough.

It was hard to explain.

The subject of death just gave him a thrill…

Like that pale boy he had seen on the bus, the one with the blond hair and the little sister who loved her big brother very much. He would look lovely with fingers closing around that slender pale throat…

The bell rang, rousing Taro out of his fantasy world.

Not for the first time in his life he doubted his own sanity.

This couldn't be normal right? Was this what made people so afraid of him?

The last student ran hurriedly into the classroom, the teacher still nowhere in sight.

Pretty much everyone was here now, except for that kid that disappeared last month.

Exactly a month ago a classmate of Taro's walked home after his clean-up duties. Unfortunately the boy never made it home. But that wasn't the bizarre part about it.

The police were baffled as to where the boy had gone. As of yet, they were unable to find even the slightest trace as to what happened to him. According to the early morning paper the police would even be hiring a new more experienced chief to help with this as of yet unsolved case.

'Just another big-city deadbeat if you ask me…'

The teacher walked towards the desk after closing the door, a stern look on the old man's face.

"Class…I'm afraid I have some bad news…"

"First Yutaro-kun, now Asahi-chan?"

"Yeah I know! Scary!"

Taro never paid attention much to what his classmates were saying, usually being the subject of their conversations anyway. He looked at the three girls huddled together in a corner as they were crying over their missing friend.

Taro definitely wasn't going to miss her though. The girl referred to as 'Asahi-chan' was just another shallow brat that worried more about what outfit to wear to school then her grades. As if the decision between a pink skirt or a blue skirt would get you into college some day…

'If only they'd all just disappear…'

Taro mused as he stuffed his books back into his bag. He couldn't wait to get back home and sleep of his bad mood.

All day people had been promoting 'poor pretty little Asahi-chan'. Most likely to be the victim of a brutal kidnapping murderer. Well….one could only hope right?

Not that he agreed on the 'pretty' part.

Taro wasn't one for the 'more make-up then brains' type.

He grabbed his bag and walked out of the classroom, the bus would be arriving any minute now and he didn't exactly feel like being left behind. As he walked towards the school's exit, something caught his eye. The boy he had seen earlier this day was being dragged out of the school.

"No fair big brother, you said you'd sit with me!"

"I only asked if you weren't going to be happier sitting with your new friends."

"No way! I wanna sit with my aniki! I'll see my new friends tomorrow!"

"Fine! Just stop pulling my arm before you tear a sleeve or something. Mom will get mad at you if you do…"

'It must be hell to have a little sister…he doesn't seem to mind much though.'

Taro had always been an only child and never cared to have sibling to begin with. Families were a stupid thing altogether. You were stuck with them from day one unless one of them died and every single 'anniversary' of their passing away was just another tragic reminder of not being able to escape their grasps even after their deaths.

It was disgusting really.

People pretending to care at the funeral but in reality only being interested in their inheritance.

It was just another human trait he deemed disgusting and he intended to change that.

He would study hard and become someone of importance. There was no way he would allow himself to become 'just another human'.

His name would go down in history, he would show all of them!

Taro stepped into the bus and sat down at the corner in the back, staring out of the window.

He didn't feel like talking to the obviously hyperactive bus driver right now.

He didn't even notice when the boy and his sister sat down next to him…

"Uwaaaaaaaa! You have really long hair!"

'Hair? Mine?'

"Don't bother him."

"But aniki!"



"I said no."

Taro turned to look at the little girl. She was staring at him, more questions obviously on the child's mind, but resisting to ask them in order to please her precious big brother.

He couldn't resist cracking a little smile at the look on the child's face.

She really was adorable…

Wait a second. Adorable?

"I like to keep my hair that way."

A lie.



Another lie.

"I do too! I think long hair is pretty!"

"So do I."

A fake smile, another lie.

"I'm Sayu! Nice to meet you! And this grumpy guy is my aniki Raito!"

"Nice to meet you Sayu-chan, I'm Taro."

"Not 'chan', I'm a big girl! Even mommy said so!"

"I'm sorry Sayu then."

The little girl giggled happily. It was so easy to please a child, just indulge their curiosity and they won't give you any grief.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"About that little girl that went missing. Her mommy and daddy must miss her a lot."

"Yeah, I heard. She's a classmate of mine."

"Really? Then you must really miss her too!"


Not really…

"Our daddy's gonna find the one who did it and catch him though!"


"Uh-huh! He's a crime-fighter! It's called a….a…"

"It's called a police officer Sayu."

The boy named Raito looked at his sister with an annoyed look on his face.

"Right! Daddy's a polish offacir!"

For the second time that day he couldn't help but smile. He even laughed as the girl grinned, showing of her missing front teeth. Apparently the big brother was just as amused.

"Hey! That's not nice! Don't laugh at Sayu!"

The two shared a look and burst out laughing.

"I don't like you anymore!"

The little girl huffed and stuck out her tongue, what was meant to look threatening only looked more amusing by the lack of the missing front teeth.

Taro clutched his sided as tears were forming in his eyes.

He hadn't laughed this hard in ages.

Suddenly a weight settled down in his lap, two little hands rubbing away at the tears that were rolling down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry! Sayu's really sorry!"

"I'm not crying because I'm sad, I just laughed to hard."

He rubbed her hair and watched the sad little puppy dog eyes turn back into the happy sparkly ones from before.

"You made me worry!"

Her tone of voice seemed angry once again, but the playful little giggle that followed told otherwise.

Sayu made no move to get out of his lap, but simply sat down more comfortably and started playing with his hair. Somehow he feared he would end up with braids before reaching the next stop. Thank god there were no flowers present.

"Listen, I'm really sorry about…that."

The older brother pointed at the little girl, who was pretending not to hear that comment.

"Don't worry. It's fine. She's….nice I guess."

"Yeah…she's fine as far as sisters go I guess. So…your name is Taro?"

"Yeah, Kagami Taro. I'm ten."

"Yagami Raito, I'm nine. And that's my little sister Yagami Sayu, she recently turned five."

Said little girl yawned adorably and settled against Taro's chest.

"I think she's falling asleep."

"It was her first day in school, she's not used to staying out for so long."

"So you just moved here?"

'Duhhh. Stupid question…'

"Yeah, we arrived last Thursday. We would have started school earlier, but we were allowed to help move some of the stuff around."

"And your dad's a police officer?"

"Yeah, he's the new chief."

"Really? Must be great to have a dad like that."

For once he wasn't lying.

"Yeah…kinda. Moms always worried about him though…And he's always really busy. That's why he said he was taking a job here, it's supposed to be a lot quieter then where we used to live."

"I see. Well nothing much happens around here I guess. Other then those two disappearances I mean…"

The bus came to a halt and Raito got up.

"Well, this is our stop."

The blond haired boy gently lifted his sister, who didn't seem to notice the event as she stuck her thumb into her mouth.

"Ummm…see you tomorrow I guess."

"Yeah, tomorrow."

The two boys smiled at each other as Raito carefully shifted Sayu to his other arm, to carry the little girls weight more comfortably and walked out of the bus. The little girl seemed so innocent compared to him when he had been her age. He had been so cold and mature after losing his parents…

Perhaps having friends wasn't as stupid as he had previously made it out to be.

But then again…

The girls that had been crying over their dear friend 'Asahi-chan' were glaring at him from their seats. He could only make out the word 'stealing' and Raito's name.

Where were the tears from earlier? Wasn't their 'friend' more important then some boy?

They walked towards him….

'Apparently not.'

Taro opened the front door.

So far so good, his aunt was nowhere in sight.

It was a good thing because there was no telling what she might do if she say the scratches.

The girls from the bus had decided to try him out as their new scratching post as a punishment for stealing their 'precious Raito-kun's' attention away.

He silently wondered what their 'precious Raito-kun' would have to say about them hurting others…

He didn't pay the thought any mind though. Asking help from others was weak.

Besides, he was strong enough to handle anything.

What he was about to walk in on didn't exactly fit in the 'anything' category though…