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Summary: Heero lives with Duo and he's slowly falling in love with him. But Duo's not gay. In fact, he's homophobic. 1x2. yaoi. Warning: I usually don't know how the chapters come out so the warnings may be subject to change.

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Chapter 1: Waiting Up.

Published: 13th October 2006

If anyone had asked me what I would do once the wars were over, I would have answered that I would disappear and make a life for myself in a place where no one knows who I am and I can then forget what I used to be.

Instead I found myself living with Duo after the end of the Eve wars. Surprisingly, he had been the one to ask me if I minded living with him. He said he felt lonely in his apartment all alone. He claimed that he was afraid of dying and no one would know.

I knew what he meant. I had felt that same fear sometimes. But at other times, I had welcomed that fear. It meant that I could feel and yearn for another's company. That made me human.

It reminded me that J was wrong when he said that I was not allowed to feel. That I could NOT feel.

I accepted his offer.

This actually caused a few problems. It turns out that Relena had expected that I would stay with her now that the war was over. I don't understand why but she believed that we were a couple. Thankfully, I was able to tell her that I had already agreed to Duo's offer.

To be honest… I felt a little guilty of the small spark of pleasure at being wanted by two people. I couldn't help it. It felt good. To be wanted… in someone's life.

So I moved in with Duo. And it was great. It was like nothing had happened. That we were still at war and sharing a room, only this time we didn't worry about dying the next day.

This euphoria that seemed to have settled in our lives dissipated quite quickly though. When it had been somewhat amusing to find him just as disorganized as before and finding odd things lying about, now it was highly annoying. The dishes were never washed when it was his turn and I was forced to wash twice the load for my turn. The laundry was never done. His, not mine. And the whole room stank because of his habit of stashing sweaty clothes all over the room and refuse to pick them up later.

The late night showers… the clanking of pots and pans in the middle of the night… the stumbling home completely wasted…

It started getting on my nerves.

Like right now.

It's three in the morning. And Duo's nowhere to be found. I had managed to clean the entire apartment AND cook the meal only to not have Duo come from work.

Now it's not like I don't work. I do too. I, in fact, work where he works. Today he said he'd be back a little late when we were leaving and so I expected him a few hours later.

It's been eight hours.

God knows where he is. What if he is hurt? What if he had an accident?

My brow creases with worry as my hands clench with the anger of his irresponsibility.

I knew I was being silly, but this is ridiculous.

I stood up to pace around the living room. The apartment wasn't big. It was a simple living room connected to the kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom held two beds, a study table and a dresser. Duo and I shared the wardrobe.

The living room was sparsely but adequately furnished. It contained a bookcase that held a fair share of Duo's hentai mangas and my own collection of science fiction novels as well as a black leather sofa that was Duo's choice, not mine. I prefer fabric.

There was a TV there too. It was used way too much in my opinion and way too little his Duo's.

According to Duo, there were three things you can never have too much of – TV, chocolate and sex.

Is that what he's doing? Having sex while eating chocolate?

I stopped in my tracks. Why did I just think that? I don't care if he eats so much chocolate that he pukes for days on end or have so much sex that his dick falls off.

That's it. I'm going to bed. It can't possibly be good when I start thinking about my best friend's dick.

I head with purpose into the bedroom and change out of my jeans and into a loose pair of shorts. I was half way through changing into a more comfortable shirt than the blue button down I was wearing when I heard someone juggle keys outside and then a bang.

I deserted the shirt and headed out shirtless. Who cares? If someone is shameless enough to come this late then I had no qualms about showing up on the door shirtless.

As I open the door a body falls into my hands and grab it more out of reflex than conscious thought.

A cascade of chestnut hair falls on me and for a moment all I can smell is lavender. Then I smell alcohol.

Lots of it.


That bastard.

He got drunk and passed out.

On me.

I heave his somewhat heavier body into the living room and shut the door. I drag his ass into the living room and leave him lying on the carpet.

Next I head into the bathroom and run the shower. On cold… really cold.

Then I drag Duo into the bathroom and dump him into the bath tub, clothes and all.

He wakes up with a cry and I make sure that my expression is hostile and cold.

"What fuck did you do that for?" Duo cursed. He cross my arms and glare at him until he makes eye contact.

"Hn." I head back into the bedroom leaving Duo sputtering in the shower. Maybe I'll be able to sleep now that he's back home. Thank god for weekends.

I hear splashing and then he is barrelling into me from behind. Mind you, he's still wet and I'm still shirtless. As his soaked body crashes into mine, I jump forward to avoid the ice-cold cloth.

I end up lying on my back and him straddling my waist making no move to remove the dripping wet braid that has draped itself across my chest. I feel the chilly water seep from his clothes and onto me drenching me as well. Maybe throwing him into a bath tub full of cold water was not one of the best ideas but I'm NOT telling him that.

"How do you like them apples? Huh? Hee-chan?" He knows I hate it when he uses that name to call me and I usually don't let him get away with it. This time however, my teeth were beginning to chatter and every drop of cold water felt like needles on my body.

"Get off me."

"No." Bastard.

"Get off me. Now." Usually people get the message when I use that tone of voice with them, unfortunately it doesn't work with Duo. He grins.

"Oh Hee-chan doesn't like the taste of his own medicine?" Then he has the audacity to nuzzle my face with his own chilled one. His hands grab mine and hold them over my head. I hate this feeling of utter helplessness, but Duo in one of his moods is often stronger than I give him credit for.

I struggle just to let him know that I am not completely helpless. His grin grows wider.

"Oh Hee-chan is all helpless now isn't he? Maybe he should say sorry for dumping me into cold water and maybe I'll let him go." He wiggled his eyebrows to accentuate his point.

I had only one way to get out of this. I bang my head forward smashing it into Duo's and making him jump off me and put some distance between us. True this move is a double-edged sword; I had managed to give myself a colossal headache due to this. But it worked.

I got while watching him curse and I readied myself for an attack. As he looked up I saw this feral look in his eyes and I tensed further.

Then the look in his eyes suddenly changed. They suddenly looked like they had clouded over. Unknowingly I tensed even further sensing a vague threat.

His eyes lingered on my face and then steadily moved downward until they came and rested on my chest. My muscles seemed to sense his eyes, as the area where his eyes settled grew cold.

I did not like the look in his eyes. They looked hungry.

I resisted the urge to cross my arms over my chest and shield it from his prying eyes. As if sensing my discomfort his eyes continued their trek down. The relief was short-lived though as they came and rested on my crotch.

His eyes clouded over even more and his mouth opened slightly and he seemed to be panting.

Not knowing what could cause such a reaction I looked down and followed the path of his eyes.

Oh shit.

I felt blood rush up to my face. My chest was covered with water and due to the cold temperature my nipples had hardened to small nubs. My shorts were soaked and hanging low, really low, on my belly and the start of small black hair was starting to show.

I fumbled to pull my shorts up as fast as possible. My sudden jerky movements seemed to have brought him out of his stupor and he turned around immediately and headed to the washroom.

"You're all wet Hee-chan. Maybe you should get into something dry." Came his cheerful voice from the washroom but I could hear the underlying tension in the voice.

"Hn." I answered. But even to my own ears it sounded more confused than hostile.

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