Death had not come from the water but from the torture.

The day had been a scorcher.

Adults had sex ;while he died.

He cried, he died…

'What has this come to?' he thought.

Got caught.

The water filled my lungs.

I spoke tongues…

Upon my death,

Took my breath.

I died;

Vengeance will be mine!

Upon the death of Jason Voorhees the kids just laughed. "Good bye freak!" they said. Meanwhile Jason's last bit of air escaped in the tiniest bubble. He sunk lower and lower into the lake, until he hit the very bottom of Camp Crystal Lake.

A day later at Pamela Voorhees's home police came knocking. "Is this the home of Pamela Voorhees?" Officer Baker said. "Yes it is." said Pamela. "May we come in?" the other officer spoke. " Sure…what seems to be the matter?" Pamela began to speak with fear in her tone.

" Please , have a seat." Officer Baker said. She didn't sit , " What is the matter…is something wrong with my boy?" Pamela demanded. "I'm sorry to say that your boy is missing…" Baker spoke with sadness in his voice but as he spoke he was cut off by Pamela. "No!" she burst into tears. Her knees grew weak and she finally sat.

A week passed and either no one talked or no one knew anything. Finally the police presumed Jason dead.