I'm currently in the process of editing the entire fic. This fic has always had a special place in my heart, but lately, I don't feel like it's as good as it can be. In an attempt to make it at least slightly better, I'm going through and re-editing each and every chapter.

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Summary: A secret fling with the school nerd was all that it was supposed to be. Sakura's deepest, darkest fear is that it'll be revealed. Little does she know... its already too late; it'll eventually have to be revealed in the most public fashion possible.

Rating: M

Pairings: SxS ExT

Genre: Drama/Romance

Something of Yours

Chapter One

Sakura's neck felt like it was on fire. His lips were slowly, agonisingly slowly, crawling all over her pale skin, leaving a trail of saliva as his tongue travelled downwards. She shivered with pleasure as he began to suckle on her collarbone, intent on leaving a hickey. His hands slowly crept down her body, feeling the curves of her shoulder blades down, along to her hips. He wouldn't let himself go down any further. Not without permission.

"Kinomoto…" His voice came from behind her in a husky growl.

The bell rang, causing a squeak from Sakura. She hurriedly pushed him away, straightening her clothes and covering the small red mark on her collarbone. She stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek before leaving the closet. She turned around to wink at him and place a finger over her lips, silently telling him to keep their most recent rendezvous a secret.

Sakura hurried through the corridors of the school, arriving to class just on time. She needn't have worried, though; her teacher was absent today, leaving the class unattended. Sakura took her seat, trying to look as innocent as possible for someone in her situation, as she turned to her side and began chatting to her best friend, Daidouji Tomoyo.

Kinomoto Sakura was the picture of innocence… on the parts that people could see, anyway; the brand new hickey on her neck told an entirely different story. There was only one person in the world that knew otherwise, though. And that person was…

Sakura stopped talking to Tomoyo mid-sentence, watching the door open. She successfully avoided flushing a brilliant rosy colour as the man that she had just been making out with in the janitor's closet entered the room, not even looking in her direction.

"Wow, the nerd's late to class!" A young man by the name of Michi called out. "Never thought I'd see the day!"

Li Syaoran, the 'nerd', was the smartest man – no, person – in the twelfth grade. His peers, though, teased him due to the fact that he chose to wore thick glasses and slick his hair down with gel. He wore old, baggy hand-me-downs from his cousins that hid the hot, muscular physique that Sakura had seen with her very own eyes. And touched with her very own hands. And kissed with her very own… ok, she mentally slapped herself, never mind about that.

Syaoran sat down behind her and to the right a little, so Sakura could see him while she was talking to Tomoyo. Her cheeks warmed considerably when he flashed a deep, searching look her way, though it was so quick that no one else noticed. The entire classroom had gone silent. They were just waiting for someone to say something.

"What?" Tomoyo had caught Sakura staring at him, and turned around. She snapped out of her daze and quickly came up with a believable story. Something that would ensure that she hadn't been fantasising about him, her, and some of the most carnal positions known to mankind.

"Just thinking about what a nerd he is." Sakura shrugged. "Someone's bound to start on him soon." She turned away from him, tearing her eyes away. Tomoyo grinned and held up a ball of newspaper in her hand. Unfurling it, Sakura saw several multi-coloured water balloons, each filled with water. Sakura mentally sighed; she knew this class was going to be a circus.

"Well… since you were waiting for it…" She lobbed the ball at Syaoran's head. Sakura winced as she heard the impact. The balloon promptly split open upon impact, dripping all over his head and face. The water ran down his front, drenching his shirt and giving him a frumpy look. The hair gel in his hair was no longer in his hair; it melted with the water and began to run down his face and back, leaving oily tracks in its wake.

"Shit. What's with the balloons?" Sakura scowled. Tomoyo raised an eyebrow at what Sakura had said. "I mean, they could've burst in your bag. It must've been a big pain to make sure they didn't. Not very nice, worrying about something breaking and drenching everything." She quickly remedied. Tomoyo seemed satisfied as the entire class started laughing. Sakura closed her eyes and tried to will the vomit back into the pit of her stomach. These kids were too cruel… but she was no better. She hadn't stopped them.

Sakura and Syaoran had been having a secret fling for the last few months, no strings attached. Neither of them remembered what had prompted them start it, exactly, but they didn't really think about it much. Nothing existed between the two of them but the physical, and they made sure no one knew about it. Syaoran had said that he didn't think it would last long, so there was no point in telling anyone. Besides, they were from different crowds; a nerd dating a cheerleader was unheard of.

But now… now it was different. It was like they were addicted to each other, and they were ashamed of it. Sakura was being hypocritical – something she hated. She had always protested against peer pressure, and yet she was caving to it. She personally didn't care that she was having a fling with the 'nerd', but since everyone else thought so lowly of him, she was afraid of what they'd think of her.

Sakura was everything that Syaoran hated. She was bubbly, cheerful, and popular. A cheerleader. It made him want to be sick every time he thought about it, and yet he kept going back for more. He beat himself up about it every time she left him and went back to her friends and family. He didn't understand what it was about he that drew him.

So Syaoran sat there, water and hair gel dripping all over his face and being laughed at by his peers. He looked around the sea of laughing faces to see Sakura with her eyes clenched shut and a pained expression on her face, briefly wondering what she was thinking before closing his own eyes and waiting for the next round to come. And come it did, though there were some fruits in it this time; he was pelted with things until the bell rang. The class stood up and raced out the door to begin their two weeks of freedom, except for Syaoran and Sakura.

Syaoran sighed and began to pick things out of his once-gelled-down hair and off his clothes when Sakura sauntered over to him.

"You're a dirty boy." She growled, before straddling him and kissing him eagerly. She desperately wanted to make it up to him for what happened in class. It had never occurred to her to offer an open friendship, their relationship being too complicated, and so she offered him her apologies in the only way she knew how; sex, with the danger of being caught.

Syaoran growled fiercely into the kiss, letting his hands slide up her sides. Her hands were planted firmly on the back of the chair, making sure she didn't collapse on top of him. His tongue began probing her mouth as she took off his glasses and laid them down on the desk. Syaoran pulled away for a few moments, just long enough to catch his breath and speak.

"We're going to get caught in here, Kinomoto." He whispered huskily, shifting her weight a little so his leg didn't go numb.

"So?" Sakura whispered against his ear, kissing down his jawbone and back to his mouth. Her lips scraped against the stubble on his jaw-line that indicated he hadn't had the time to shave that morning. She squealed in surprise when he stood up, knocking her off of him and onto the floor, and stared up at him wide-eyed.

"I thought we agreed, Kinomoto," Syaoran said nonchalantly, "that when we got into this, it was to be kept secret." Sakura's eyes watered with rage as she stood.

"Despite what you think, Li," She spat out his name with distaste, "I am not an easy whore."

"Could've fooled me." He grunted, raising an eyebrow and looking her up and down. "You slept with me, after all. Several times." Sakura stumbled to her feet and slapped him – hard – across the face. He made no move to retaliate, knowing that he deserved the strike.

"You know very well that you're the only one I've ever slept with!" Sakura seethed, before picking up her bag and marching out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Syaoran sat back down, massaging his temples as he put his glasses back on. He watched Sakura through the window, as she ran to the gates and stopped by her car. He saw her scream and chuck a fit as she stamped around, and even caught some of the words that the wind had caught and dragged over for him to hear. He chuckled quietly to himself as he heard some of her choices in language.

"Fucking bastard… I can't believe… involved with that fucker… murder the asshole…"

Those were just some of the things that he heard. He chuckled for the second time at her fiery temper, remembering the first time she had come around to his apartment. She was extremely upset and angry with her boyfriend for cheating on her. Apparently it was due to the fact that she wouldn't put out for him. That had been an evening to remember. And that was also the day their affair had started; she had certainly put out for him.

Syaoran slung his bag over his shoulder with a grunt. He sighed as he noticed a little problem down south that he would have to take care of later. He'd stop at her house on the way home to apologise – he always did. And he hated it. He didn't know why he did it every time.

"I am such a fucking bitch." Syaoran muttered to himself, walking toward Sakura's home. "Such a fucking bitch. I hate her, but I keep going back for more. Why?!" He came to her door and knocked. Sakura answered it with a friendly smile that immediately disappeared when she saw him.

"Tomoyo-chan's in here! What do you want?" Sakura hissed.

Syaoran shrugged. "Hell if I know." Sakura pushed him out the door as soon as he tried to step in.

"Who is it, 'Kura-chan?" Tomoyo shouted from the living room.

"Just a neighbour!" She threw over her shoulder. "I'll be back in a few! Lock up and leave the key under the mat if you leave before I come back, ok?" Sakura called out before gabbing Syaoran's collar and dragging him down to the side of the house. They heard a faint 'ok' come from inside as Syaoran roughly pushed Sakura against the wall and kissed her as he dumped his bag.

Sakura moaned into the kiss. What they were doing was so wrong on so many levels; and yet they kept going at it. Why? It certainly didn't make her feel any better about herself. In fact, it only served to make her feel cheap and used. And, why did it have to be Li Syaoran, the man she hated most in the whole, entire world? Why?! Did the Kami enjoy teasing the fuck out of her?!

Syaoran held her wrists above her head in one hand while the other was wrapped possessively around her waist. Sakura frowned into the kiss; leaning into him and forcing him to take a step back and drop her hands. Once she was released, her hands stole themselves around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Her reward was a grunt as he lifted her up by the legs and pushed her hard against the wall, her knees on either side of his hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist to prevent herself from slipping.

Syaoran seemed not to notice when Sakura panicked as she heard the front door close just around the corner. She sighed with relief when she heard a car door open and close, followed by the sounds of the car driving off. She tugged on Syaoran's collar, leading him to the house, before slamming his back against the door.

"Your Otou-san?"

"Out of town." Sakura crashed her lip to his, dragging him to the sofa. "He wont be back until the day after tomorrow."

"Your Onii-san?"

"At college. Only comes for visits once a month. Left two days ago." She pushed him down impatiently. He landed on the couch, in a sitting position, before she climbed up and straddled him, much like she had done at school. She plunged her tongue into his open mouth, probing, whipping his tongue with her own. She took off his glasses and placed them on the coffee table behind her.

She felt Syaoran's hands slide up under her shirt, coming to rest on her lacy bra. In one fluid movement, he whipped her shirt off her and flipped them over, so that he was straddling her. Her fingers subconsciously began to unbutton his damp blue uniform. When they were all undone she slid the old, baggy thing off his torso and grazed her fingers over his rippling muscles. She smirked as she felt him tense under her touch.

"Bad girl." He growled. She gasped as his trailed butterfly kisses down her neck and back to the hickey he had left earlier. Deciding that it would be lonely all by itself, he began to work on making another one, as the hand that wasn't holding his weight from crushing her snaked its way around her back and removed her bra with practiced ease.

Syaoran began to knead her breasts, earning a small moan from Sakura. He kissed down from her collarbone, satisfied that he had left his mark, and made his way down to where his hand was currently occupied. He began to trace his tongue up and down the neglected left breast, eventually taking her erect nipple in his mouth.

Sakura gasped as he began suckling, her back automatically arched and she closed her eyes with a moan. This was exactly what she needed right now, she thought, a distraction from her awful day. Syaoran's mouth left her nipple and began on the other one, also switching hands. Sakura moaned again, her hands buried in his hair. She could feel his erection pressing up against her thigh. She was guiding his mouth back towards hers when…

The phone rang.

Sakura groaned in displeasure and pushed Syaoran to the ground, telling him to stay quiet as she answered the phone. One of her hands held the phone as the other held her breasts to hide them from Syaoran's hungry eyes. She could feel herself heat up under his intense stare. The heat that had begun all over her body travelled down and pooled at the junction of her thighs, making her stomach flutter, as she imagined what the phone call had just interrupted.

"Ki-Kinomoto Sakura here!" Her voice was squeaky for some reason; she cleared her throat, shaking her head to something the person said on the line. "Oh, nothing, it was just quiet when the phone rang and I was a little startled. What's wrong, 'Moyo-chan?" Her brow furrowed, "Sure, you can come over. Anytime, 'Moyo-chan, anytime." She listened for a few more minutes. "Yeah, sure you can stay the night. Ok, see you in five. Yep. Ok. Bye." She hung up, and turned to Syaoran.

"You have to leave." She threw his shirt at him. "Now." Syaoran frowned but did as he was told, watching Sakura all the while as she re-dressed.

She practically pushed Syaoran out of her door and all but slammed it behind him. She watched carefully out the window from behind the curtains as he walked quickly down the street – rather awkwardly, she noted with a smirk – and disappeared just as Tomoyo's car came into view. Sakura threw open the door and enveloped her weeping best friend in a hug.

"What's wrong, Honey?" She asked, bringing the girl inside and shutting the door behind them.

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