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Summary: A secret fling with the school nerd was all that it was supposed to be. Sakura's deepest, darkest fear is that it'll be revealed. Little does she know... its already too late; it'll eventually have to be revealed in the most public fashion possible.

Rating: M

Pairings: SxS ExT

Genre: Drama/Romance

Something of Yours


The glare of the hospital lights was lost on the young mother as she stared down at the child in her arms, glowing with content. Her hair in disarray, her face blotchy, the occasional spasm in the muscles of her stomach paled in comparison to the immeasurable happiness she felt bubble up inside her very being at the tiny person in her arms.

A light knock at the door caught her attention; her head snapped up to see the elderly nurse sticking her head in through the doorway. "You have visitors." She smiled, the wrinkles at the edge of her eyes becoming more prominent with her grin. At Sakura's nod and wide smile, she ushered them in, closing the door behind them with a snap.

"Hey." Syaoran smiled, adjusting the child on his hip as he sat down on the side of the bed, peering at the bundle wrapped in a little yellow blanket. The little girl curled into his frame peered tiredly out from under her sheen of auburn hair, chocolate eyes regarding Sakura curiously. As Syaoran set her down on the ground, the child's hair bobbed as she all but skipped to her mother's side.

"Okaa, is it a baby brother or sister?"

"You have a baby brother, Emi." Sakura reached out with a freed hand, patting her six-year-old daughter's head lightly.

"What's his name?" Emi peered between her parents, innocent curiosity decorating her beautiful features. She easily resembled a softer version of her father, with the exception of her mother's hair colour – even this was manipulated by her father's genes, the locks falling in gentle curls to sweep the back of her knees.

"Well," Syaoran helped the little girl sit up on the edge of the bed, to better see her brother, "we haven't decided yet." He wrapped his arms around his daughter as she settled in. "Why don't you help us?"

Emi put a finger to her chin, running through the etymology of Japanese names that she'd been taught; it was a prerequisite to her schooling – the Elders had demanded that she knew both the origins and meanings of the names of people she met. When asked why, Syaoran had only shrugged, stating that 'it was their way'. "How about… Daichi?" She finally offered.

"I like it." Sakura peeled back the blanket to peer at the baby in her arms. "How about it, baby? Do you like the name Daichi?" She asked him. The baby gave a happy gurgle. "I think that means 'yes'." She smiled, putting a finger to the baby's mouth to suckle on.

"Well then." Syaoran shifted his daughter to the other side of his body, to better gain access to his young wife and second child. "His name is Li Daichi."

At the sound of his name, the newborn reached up and grasped the tie that rested, askew, on his father's chest. Sakura laughed. "Sorry, I pulled you out of a meeting, didn't I?" She realised, not having known the exact time she arrived at the hospital.

"Don't you ever apologise for that. They can wait." He assured her, touching his forehead to hers. "I love you."

"I love you, too." She pried the tie out of the baby's hands as she kissed him lightly. Not satisfied, she used the tie to pull him back for a second kiss. "I do believe I have something of yours." She murmured against his lips.

"Yeah, you have my heart." He whispered. "And, God, don't ever let it go."


Well, this story has been a long time in the running. And while it makes me sad to see those two little words at the end of this instalment, it also fills me with a sense of accomplishment; I've stuck through with this story, sometimes months between updates, close to half a year at one point, but yet here we are.

Unfortunately, I had wanted to end this story much sooner, because once I developed the characters to where I wanted them to be, they ran away with the plot – most of what we see here in the final quarter of the story was meant to come much earlier than what it did. When I realised what was happening, I decided that I'd better pull in the reigns or risk having it run on forever. What you see here is the result.

I'd like to thank everyone that read all the way through, whether they reviewed or not. I recognised each and every repeated name that came up in my email, whether it was only twice, or all twenty times. Thank you to all of you.

Unfortunately, there wont be a sequel to this story; I feel as if messing with it now will detract from the quality of the piece – this is a standalone piece, untouched by anything else. What began as a simple experiment for me to write pointless citrus has blossomed into so much more; this story is like a child to me now, and it's all grown up. I have a feeling that I will look back on this fic in the years to come, and will feel a sense of satisfaction at how far I've come.

And so, it is with a sense of pride and accomplishment that I close this story, for good.