Count Down 4 Count Down
by Famira Damaris

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Author's Notes: Looks like I'm on a writing streak or something, 'cause I'm actually getting some work done...well, I don't have anything to babble about, except that I decided to put out another teaser (for Fourth Vision): not sure if I'm gonna have shounen-ai yet...This teaser is basically from Ryo's point of view (just him sulking after blowing up . Also, the idea that generators (or animals with sharp noses) can detect the other generators by individual scents is an idea that Wyna Hiros suggested while I was writing this - thanks ^_^.

Onto the teaser: or in other words, my little way of stalling for time


Fourth Vision (teaser)

[He really doesn't get it, does he?]

Ryo leaned against the low windowsill of the secluded corridor – currently, he was the only student within the halls, though he could hear the laughter and conversation of the other students as they left their classrooms for lunch. After a sharp, admonishing lecture from the teacher, he'd been left to his own devices: the middle-aged man hadn't given him orders to return to the classroom. The blond had retreated quietly to the deserted hallway, and he'd been moodily staring at the grass outside for the past twenty minutes since then, willing the green blades to tell him just *why* Koji had said the things he did, to tell him the answers to all his questions.

The grass, of course, had no answers.

Ryo cradled his chin in the palm of his hand; his elbow perched on the small ledge protruding out from the windowsill. He closed his eyes, letting out a measured sigh. The blond wasn't sure why he had been so angry, couldn't figure out what had made him explode like that. [I'm really losing it aren't I? Losing control like that…that's something that *Gawl* would do, not me.] He opened his eyes, staring determinedly at the trunk of a tree only a few yards away. [Still, Koji had no right to say those things to me…what a terrible sense of timing he's got!]

Ryo watched as an amber-colored beetle trundled up the peeling bark of the tree, feeling his anger starting to rise up again – though he was nowhere near as passionate as before. The nagging part of his brain cheerfully reminded him that it was as much *his* fault as Koji's and that he'd been the one at the root of the problem because of his constant worrying.

He took the moment to tell his brain to shut the hell up.

[I don't know why I even bother feeling guilty about what I said. It's Koji's fault, not mine. No way I'm going to apologize for this!] He tried to summon up the intense blaze anger that he had felt before, but he could only feel a pale imitation rise up from the depths, only to fade away like a ghost. Another halfhearted sigh. [Dammit, now I'm just feeling sorry for myself…this is so *pathetic*]

His stomach reminded itself then that it needed to be fed, the ensuing growl causing an embarrassed flush to rise in Ryo's cheeks. He leaned away from the window for a moment to look ruefully down, as it rumbled again in protest – he hadn't eaten in a while. The blond leaned against the ledge again: he didn't feel like seeing the dark scientist, and he wasn't looking forward to Masami's attempts to cheer him up. He wasn't in the mood to be cheered up anyway. He tried to focus on just staring off into space and avoid thinking all together.

He failed miserably.

His thoughts returned, unbidden, to his verbal explosion at Koji. [Why can't he just show a little more of his feelings? He could at least *pretend* that he cares for us…I don't think I would mind being fooled right now] Ryo hunched his shoulders, staring down at his hands. The hands that were far too smooth, the fingers that looked too long and perfect to be human. Hands that looked almost as if they'd been drawn on blueprints and engineered.

[He doesn't have to be so blunt. I swear, sometimes I think he just *thrives* off frowning. A smile wouldn't kill him]

He turned his hands over idly, looking at his palms. Koji had only been warning Ryo, hadn't he? Ryo supposed it *was* true: he *did* worry a lot, fixating on every little problem that came his way. Still, he thought Koji could have thought of a nicer way of pointing out some of his flaws – sometimes, he felt he was being treated exactly like Gawl, that Koji apparently didn't bother to make any distinction between the two.

That might be part of the problem, Ryo mused. After all, he'd been the one that had known Koji the longest, not Gawl. [So why does he treat me like an idiot, like I'm a baby? I can understand why for Gawl – he's still maturing – but *me*?] The blond bit at his lip and, looking down at his hands (so similar to Koji and Gawl's!), he suddenly felt vaguely ashamed. He thrust his hands away, jamming them into his pockets, and straightened. He had known the taller scientist for as long as he could remember: it didn't make sense, that Koji (obviously) didn't think of him any better than he did Gawl...Ryo knew that his partner didn't completely trust the young generator's judgment. [...I guess he doesn't trust me either...]

He turned this thought over in his mind as he stepped away from the corridor window. He briefly wondered why he cared so much about Koji's opinion in the first place – but no logical answers presented themselves to him, and he gave up trying to figure himself out. His stomach gave another complaint, and a reluctant, almost-bitter smile rose on his face. He'd have to put some food in his body soon: otherwise he wouldn't be able to brood properly, he reflected dryly.

He started to reach over to close the open window and hesitated.

[...What's this? ...Something...burning?]

He sniffed at the air experimentally – again, he caught the odor wafting in, his sensitive nose catching the faint scent. No, not a fire..familiar, though. Warning alarms were pealing frantically in the back of his skull but he ignored the instincts screaming at him as he strove to recognize the smell., close, but that wasn't just it...

He took another breath of the scented air. Definitely familiar – he knew he'd be scolding himself for being such an idiot later for not recognizing it immediately. For some reason, an image of Gawl came up; but Gawl had a much stronger scent, one that wasn't so…so, well, rancid as *this*.

Rotting meat...metal and blood...

He knew this smell.

A generator on the hunt. He didn't need to guess who its prey was.

To be completed...
Well, that's it for now...I'm going to try to make this chapter a lot longer than the last one: another character development chapter. Some subtext that could be taken for shounen-ai. That's pretty much it - except for the supposed "cliff-hanger" (I suck at those, so I'm trying to practice them to get better ~_~ ). Recently finished my Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic (extremely short, Asuka-based, shojo-ai) Tip of the Iceberg (good little break from Generator Gawl and Gundam fanfics, which I think I needed...). Not sure what to do about the Pearl Harbor MST...doesn't seem that appropriate right now...

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