Title: Liberal Studies

Author: E.Helena (formerly 'elfluvr')

Summary: A series of B/A drabbles mostly centered around the joy of learning.

Disclaimer: Don't own them. Wish I did. Sadly, not making money off any of this.

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NOTE: Chapters 1, 2 & 3 were previously posted under author name 'elfluvr.' All others are new to E.Helena.


Chapter 1 - Lesson

She was studying him. And he was letting her.

Her partner. Detective Robert Goren.

Her friend. Bobby.

Her lover. Oh God! apparently. Alex tried to stifle a giggle (a giggle, for God's sake!) as she remembered the last time she uttered those words, not ten minutes ago.

Bobby cracked one eye open and peered up at her. "It can be bad for a man's ego to have a woman laugh at him while in bed." His voice was soft and sleepy – so sexy it melted the grin from her face.

"Somehow I doubt your ego is in any danger," she whispered. Granting her a ghost of a smile, his eye drifted closed.

They were lying on their sides in his bed, facing each other with his left leg tucked between hers and her right wrapped over his thigh. Bobby snuggled his head deeper into the pillow while the hand he had loosely draped over her hip traced lazy circles in the sensitive hollow at the base of her spine.

Alex had her head propped up on her left hand and with her right she began to lightly trace the contours of his face. Using one finger, she drew an invisible line along his brow then followed the short length of his nose. With two fingers, she caressed the plane of his cheek and the strong angle of his jaw.

She chose her thumb to enjoy the softness of his plump lower lip, then paused as she thought about his mouth – and what he could do with it.

The same mouth that could rapid-fire questions and accusations at suspects, made her shiver when he delivered whispered praises and promises against her skin.

The lips that quirked into a sardonic smirk or pressed into a thin line of anger when provoked, gifted her with feather-brushed kisses that would quickly turn into hot, demanding possession.

The perfect, boyish smile that she loved so well – the one he reserved for only her – revealed the line of teeth he used with exquisite skill to scrape her flesh or nip small pains of pleasure.

The tongue… Oh, what he could do to her with that tongue. Soft and pliant, he used it to wetly caress and lick salt from her skin, gently lapping with teasing foreplay. Tensed and firm, he'd demand entrance into her mouth, trace lines down her throat and on her body, or use it in one of the many ways he had for bringing her to screaming orgasm.

"It must be all those foreign languages," she mused aloud.

Both eyes eased open this time. "What?"

Alex leaned down to kiss him, pushing her way past the lips and the teeth to slide her tongue along his before gently sucking him into her mouth. "That," she breathed as she pulled away from him.

"Lass mich dir zeigen, wie es gemacht wird," he groaned as his hand slid into her hair and he spent the next half hour proving her point.


A/N –'Lass mich dir zeigen, wie es getan wird' means 'Let me show you how it's done.' THANK YOU to Carmen and sternchan for giving me the "conversational" translation!