Chapter 7 : Cariad

Seven nights, one more to go and Dick had had strange feeling in his stomach all day, like a swarm of butterflies that took off every time Roy entered the room and intensified whenever he was within three feet of Dick.

Since it was the last night of the deal Dick had been persuaded to skip patrol that night and they'd spent an hour making out on the couch before finally moving to the bedroom.

Roy had been amazing, like a man obsessed and Dick was more then a little turned on by the intense look that had graced Roy's face the entire night as he looked at Dick.

When he'd finally slid home, Dick had caught him open his mouth to say something but Roy had clamped his mouth shut, buried his face in Dick's neck and set a blistering place that still hadn't let up and they were on their third round. The bed long striped of any sheets of pillows.

Dick moaned flexing his legs and raising his hips to met Roy's with each plunge.

"Roy," Dick sighed, sliding a hand into Roy's hair and stroking. Roy didn't respond just kept up his thrusts, hands braced on either side of Dick.

Dick licked his lips as a particularly hard and well aimed thrust sent his body off the bed and grunted Roy's name.

Another minute and Dick had a sudden desire to see Roy's face, he was always so expression during sex, but the other man didn't respond when he tugged on his hair.

"Roy!" Dick let an edge of panic ebb into his voice when Roy continued to ignore his pleading, completely ignoring him. "Roy, please! God, I-ngh, I love you!" It started out as a cry but ended as a whispered sob against Roy's ear and Dick didn't have to be able to see his partner's face to feel the change. "Roy?"

He hadn't meant to say that, true or not.

The archer pulled back, staring at Dick for a moment before swooping down and taking his lips in a hard kiss. Roy was saying something against his lips but Dick couldn't quite catch it. "Roy?" Dick pulled back, looking up at Roy with wide eyes.

"I love you," Roy murmured and Dick lunged up and dragged him back down, relieved for a reason he couldn't quiet figure out. Roy's arms wrapped around him, his thrusts levering deeper and opening Dick more then he'd ever though possible.

Saying I love you added a whole new dimension to things and a whole new height to the pleasure apparently.

"Roy!" Tears fell down Dick's cheeks, his fingers digging into Roy's back as his back arched, toes curling. Roy swallowed his scream when he came, hands coming up to frame Dick's face and hold him through the aftershocks. Dick sobbed as Roy collapsed on top of him.

"You're moving in," Roy grunted in Dick's ear, hot moist breath rushing over his ear.

Dick smiled, burying his nose in Roy's hair, "Okay….What are you going to tell Lian?"

"She already thinks we're married."