Title: Alone Time
Theme #4 dildo
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: Axel/Zexion
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual themes

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

Summary: It was big; big, black and completely foreign to him

Alone Time

It was big; big, black and completely foreign to him. The thing had been left to him by Axel while his lover was away on a mission. The note had only said. Think of me while I'm gone. And under it in a box had been a large black dildo. The thing had even vibrated when Zexion had looked it over with curiosity. Zexion knew what the general purpose of it was but he wasn't to comfortable with sticking it inside of himself, even if he was damned horny and Axel was away. He had control; he could resist his body's hormonal urges and the currently, very painful, erection he had.

After minutes of just staring at it Zexion cursed and slipped off his pants leaving him in only his robe. Carefully he lubed himself up, moaning as he moved his fingers inside himself as preparation for the dildo. Then he made sure to lube the dildo up good before pressing it into his entrance with a small wince. After taking a moment to let himself adjust he turned it on and lost all train of thought as extreme pleasure assaulted his senses.

He woke up hours later up to someone stroking his hair. "It's nice to know you enjoyed the gift I left you." To that Zexion only gave Axel a sleepy smile and snuggled into the older Nobody's arms. "I missed you too." Axel said kissing Zexion's forehead and following him into sleep.