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Just Like the Story
Chapter 1: Hot Pink

"FRIGHT KNIGHT!" A thunderous voice boomed throughout the castle.

The armor clad ghost rushed into the study room where Pariah Dark, the King of all Ghosts stood, looking strangely agitated.

"Yes, my lord?"

The king sat down on a cushioned chair and sighed. "He did it again."

Fright Knight raised an eyebrow. "You mean attack another suitor, or escaped again?'

"Both." He said simply.

"AGAIN!?" Fright Knight gasped, "That's the third time this week!"

Pariah frowned. "Yes, he went to Amity Park again." The powerful ghost massaged his temples to keep a headache from coming.

"You set him up with a girl again didn't you?" The knight accused blankly. The king gave a slight nod. "You know he's gay, why do you keep doing that?"

"It's just so difficult to find a husband for him! At least I tried to get him to like girls… Plus, it's about time he got married! But with all the trouble on the far side of the Ghost Zone… I haven't had much time to look for a suitor!" Pariah growled out.

Fright Knight frowned at the trouble mentioned. "I've heard." He said, dropping the subject on the boy's marriage. "There's still the matter of the rogues to discuss."

Pariah's expression turned grim. "Yes, they are causing too much trouble here and in the human world, though that's not the only thing that worries me."

Fright Knight uttered one word. "Plasmius."

"Yes," Pariah replied. "Ember and Desiree informed me of the rumors going around in the farther end of the Ghost Zone."

"I take they are bad?"

The king let out a deep sigh. "They say rumors of a revolt are forming."

"A REVOLT?! How dare those ghosts plan such things?!" Fright Knight bristled.

Pariah waved the other off. "Just small rumors my friend. We must await more news on this issue before taking any action."

Fright Knight still didn't seem convinced, but reluctantly dropped the subject. "So, shall I send someone after Phantom?"

"No, he'll come back after he spends some time with his friends." Pariah inwardly smiled at the thought of his son's companions.

Fright Knight grinned. "Ah, you mean young Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley?"

"Aye, I'm glad he has friends like them. Two of the few people who don't run away screaming, 'Ah! Ghost!' when they see him. Truly trustworthy."

"What do you think they're doing right now?" he asked casually. He wasn't surprised at the fact that some humans still were uneasy about ghosts especially Phantom, roaming around in the Human world. After all, the pact was made five years ago.

"I would say eating at that restaurant or fighting off some rogues." Pariah guessed.

Fright Knight vaguely wondered why anyone would want to eat at a place that was called 'Nasty Burger', but didn't ponder on it too much. His thoughts traveled to the rogues in Amity. Many rogue ghosts evaded and attacked the town, but were usually put back into the Ghost Zone by Phantom, or the local ghost hunter, the Red Hunter.

The young woman was known as the 'Red Hunter' because of her red outfit and hunting skills. He learned from his observations that the young girl was actually a sixteen year old girl that attended Casper High School and secretly hunted ghosts. She was not to be taken lightly since her aim was as good as perfect and her weapons deadly. Fright Knight had encountered Valerie once, but was unfortunately mistaken for a rogue. The experience was not one he wanted to relive. His rear end has never been the same again.

Before Valerie's time as a hunter, there was Jack and Madeline Fenton. They were expert ghosts hunters and raised two children at their home at Fenton Works. Maddie was very skilled, and her aim was brilliant, more so than the Red Hunter's. Her husband, Jack Fenton was a bit incompetent, but his inventions were top-of-the-line, even though they did have stupid names.

Jack and Maddie were the best in town, until the accident three years back, resulting in Jack's death and later Maddie's marriage to her college friend, Vlad Masters. The man soon constructed and moved into an extension to the Fenton Works building into a smaller version of his mansion/castle in Wisconsin.

Thinking back, Fright Knight remembered the rumors that were spread amongst the rogue ghosts two years after Vlad moved to Amity. That was the day Plasmius had started to plot with the rogues and the day a new ghost hunter had arrived.

Fright Knight, as well as other ghosts that hung around Amity, were barely able to catch even a glimpse of the new hunter. The first time Fright Knight had seen the hunter was six months ago. He had been surprised, mostly because of his age. The hunter was a teen, about the same age as the Red Hunter and was incredibly fast and agile, for next thing the old ghost knew, he was compacted into a cylinder like container and pushed back into the Ghost Zone. The only thing that Fright Knight saw of the teenage hunter in that encounter was his white streaked raven hair and his eyes with unusual outlined green rims around the blue hues.

He had talked about this new hunter with Pariah, but he also was down right clueless of who the hunter was. This was obviously not someone to underestimate.

Fright Knight was brought out of his train of thought when the sound of the door being opened bought his attention. He saw Pariah flinch slightly out of the corner of his eye when Dora walked through the door.

Dora wore a pale blue dress, and was still wearing her hair in a medieval time fashion. She flashed a smiled at Fright Knight before stalking to Pariah with an expression on her face that he particularly did not like.

"Pariah…" She said calmly. "Did you set Phantom with another girl?" Fright Knight could easily see the calmness in her voice was masking her complete and utter anger.

"Uh, he deserved it!"

Fright Knight snickered at his lord's nervousness at the Queen of Ghosts, but quickly shut up when Pariah sent him a glare.

"What do you mean he deserved it?! Your son is gay and you set him up with the wrong person! You know he hates it when you do that to him!" Dora's eyes glowed red before going back into their normal blue hue.

"Well, I couldn't find any male suitors for him!" Pariah defended.

"THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN GET HIM WITH A GIRL!!" Dora growled. Pariah could see his wife was trying to contain herself from turning into a dragon, and involuntarily gulped when he saw her eyes flash red.

The female ghost closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself before opening them again. She was pleased when she noticed Fright Knights and Pariah relax.

"What did he do anyways?" Dora sighed as she leaned on her husband. He put an arm around her shoulders.

Pariah looked at Fright Knight then at Dora. "Well, remember when I got Phantom and Paulina on a date last week?"

Fright Knight and Dora nodded stimulantly. "Well, he got his revenge this morning."

Dora and Fright Knight couldn't really blame Phantom. The girl, Paulina Sanchez, was the shallowest girl they had ever met.

There were times when she saw the pink obsessed girl wrap her arms around her son and drag him from one place to another. The white-haired didn't look very pleased with it since he had an annoyed expression on his face when she was with him. She noticed how he paled when she squealed every time she saw him.

Dora nudged him to keep going. "Well…"

"Spit it out, Pariah!" Fright Knight urged, forgetting that he was talking to the King of Ghosts. Pariah didn't seem to mind because he then muttered something incoherent under his breath.

"What did you say?" The queen asked.

To Fright Knight, Pariah had a look with a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment.

"He spray painted my crown hot pink." He said simply.

Fright Knight and Dora suddenly noticed that Pariah was not wearing his crown like he usually did. It was one of his two items of power that made a ghost's power increase ten fold. The other, which was on his finger, was the Ring of Rage and the crown was known as the Crown of Fire.

Dora gave Pariah a look Fright Knight could not recognize. "You know, I would do the same to you if you set me up with someone I didn't like."

Pariah didn't say anything but sigh tiredly. "Well, I'd better get back and find a good punishment for him."

Dora nudged him softly. "Go easy on him. He's already stressed out with your suitors and the attacks in Amity."

"What attacks?" Fright Knight questioned suddenly. He hadn't heard of any major attacks in Amity ever since the pact was made. "What happened?"

Dora lowered her eyes sadly. "Some rogue ghosts were attacking Amity yesterday night. Nothing big happened, except that the ghosts were actually attacking students in the Casper High School. Samantha and Tucker were two of the attacked."

Fright Knight opened his mouth to say something but Pariah held out a hand for him to stay quiet. "Some students were there at school that night for after school activities, so not many students were injured. If that's what you wanted to know." Fright Knight remained silent.

"Luckily," Dora continued, "a hunter was able to stop them before anyone was hurt too seriously."

The knight blinked. "Who?"

"We don't really know, Desiree and Ember weren't able to see who it was because he was already gone by then."

Fright Knight raised an eyebrow. "He?"

"Yes, he. It wasn't the Red Hunter." Pariah answered. "I'm guessing he's that unknown hunter you encountered about six months ago."

The other ghost nodded, troubled by the attack and the unknown hunter. He never did like mysteries.

"What ghosts were attacking?" Fright Knight asked curiously.

Pariah rubbed his chin before answering. "If I remember correctly, it was Skulker, Walker, Johnny 13, and his shadow."

"All of them at the same time?" Fright Knight blurted out. "They clearly want something from the school or from the students if the rogues are sending those four!"

"We have not of yet found out what they wanted." Dora replied. She looked at Pariah expectantly.

Pariah let out another sigh when he saw the look. "I suppose I'll drop the punishments today."

'He's gone soft.' Fright Knight mused after a while. 'No doubt it was Dora.'

"Anyways, once we locate Skulker, Johnny 13, Shadow, and Walker we'll question their goal." Pariah stated flatly. "And I doubt they'd be good."


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