Away Mission to Terra Beta

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August 22, 2012

Part 172 Like a Shelat

Admiral Forest had been shocked to see the Vulcan Matriarch yet he was now certain that the Vulcan's were deadly serious about protecting their decedents. Not that he was any less willing to do so. If he was absolutely honest he wanted to keep the natives safe as well. Like he had told Amanda Cole he was of the Lakota people and he would not abandon them. He might have blonde hair and blue eyes but those came from his Viking ancestors who had married into the tribes. He wanted them safe as much as she did for all that he hoped for peace. The arrival of the Vulcan leader just showed that this was a lot more complicated then they had hoped. Then again it might well make it easier to achieve peace. He just hoped his own government would not be a problem. He mentally composed a report knowing it would send shock waves through Terra Alpha. The thing that worried him the most was that the Vulcan leader was here and that she never chose to visit his own home world. He had a feeling that those in power would definitely not like that. Oh well their ego's would just have to deal with it. After all they surely did not want that much Vulcan attention. Not after complaining for so many years. Yeah like that would make it easier….not.

It had not been in the plans showing the humans of Terra Beta how advanced they truly were. However it was clear to T'Pau that violence had been imminent and that Soval had chosen the best way to avoid conflict. While she was not overly pleased with his actions she was willing to accept that he had chosen the best option. War was not something she wished her people to engage in unless they had no choice. While it was important to secure the futures of their kin the Yammi and others it was not in their best interests to make them targets. A better way had to be found. She called for tea and led them all to a small conference room. This development had to be explored. She had heard of Soval's newest daughter and had a feeling that this child may well be the key to peace.

Captain Jonathan Archer was clearly not happy with what had happened however like T'Pau he knew things had been about to get out of hand. Sometimes stepping away was the best option. However now their counterparts on this Earth knew they were more advanced and that could cause some issues. However given the alternatives he was willing to admit they had few options. Of course they could easily have won a fight but…it would have ended all chances of peaceful relations. He just hoped that President Grant and Ambassador Montoya could help smooth things over. He knew full well humans with bruised egos could be a problem.

Ambassador Alexandro Pedro Sanchez Montoya clearly did not like being put on the spot. However he knew he had to act quickly and with all his skills to ensure peace was the outcome of this day not war. He knew deep in his heart and soul that humanity was on the brink. It could thrive and become a power in the universe or it could go the way of the Dodo. Ok maybe that little bird was not quiet gone but even so….they could not assume they had the upper hand. They could not just sit there like that bird and expect things to work out. He had been shocked to learn that the Amabasodor from Vulcan had taken a liking to that little creature and spirited away a dozen mating pairs. Something about them having once been from his home oh well that was not important now. He sighed and began to speak slowly and clearly and once more wished his American Counter parts spoke Spanish. It was so hard to articulate everything in English. He just prayed their ruse of Atlantis would hold it was far simpler then to try to explain about aliens and other worlds.


Amanda left the others she needed to find peace. She headed for her quarters to see Skye Dancer. She needed to see her daughter to find her calm and peaceful place. As she entered she smiled at the Vulcan Nurse R'Sol.

"My Lady it is good to see you. Lady Skye Dancer is just waking and is in need of changing and sustenance."

Amanda smiled and went to the baby. She quickly checked the nappy and noted it was wet. She pulled out a clean one and quickly and efficiently changed her from the wet one to a clean dry nappy. She softly cooed to the baby as she worked making her giggle. While Skye Dancer was three she was still learning to control herself and that made Amanda think she may be closer to two then three however it hardly important babies learned control when they were ready. It was not as if it was all that hard to change her. Besides she liked that her baby was still in need of such care. R'ol watched and was quite impressed with the skill her matriarch showed as she knew T'Amanda had no children of her own just yet.

"How is it you have such skills?"

Amanda looked up as she dressed Skye in a pretty green outfit made of the finest cotton. "Well I baby sat when I was younger. That is watched over our family's friend's children. Mrs. Delany had several children who were all babies. I made quite a bit of pocket change watching them. The twins were a handful but it was a great learning experience. I often had to change them as well as take care of their other needs."

"Ah so it was like an apprenticeship in child care?"

Amanda chuckled at that."Well I suppose it could be called that. Usually I just watched the children for a few hours. Just long enough for Mrs. Delany to go shopping or for her and her husband to have a nice night out. It was fun as well as educational. I guess it's a good thing as I now have some idea how to take care of Skye."

R'Sol nodded at this. "Should I stay or will you be with the baby now?"

"You can head home and get some rest. I really appreciate your looking after Skye. She a wonderful gift but we still have to work out a routine for us as a family."

"Indeed any increase can cause a schedule change in the beginning. "

"Yes, indeed. Oh well I guess it's a good thing. I should get used to it."

R'Sol's brow rose at that statement.

Amanda blushed. "Well I mean…."

"All is silent within the family."

"Well it's not exactly a secret but, Soval and I will soon give Skye a sibling. So I'm kind of excited at that."

"That is truly a wonderful thing."

"Yes, it is. Soval needs children it will make him less cranky."

R'Sol said nothing having known Soval all her life. She wondered if these children would be as much of a challenge as T'Pol had been. If so then Soval would likely gain many new grey hairs which fortunately on him looked distinguished.

Soval noted Amanda slip out. However he said nothing as she was clearly going to check on their daughter. He hoped it would calm her some. Of course Amanda was protective. All females were of their offspring. He knew that to protect Skye Dancer and her people Amanda wold be as a Shelat. Which was as it should be but it would make her tempted to violence. Something he hoped to avoide as peace was in all their interests.