It was the last day of fall and the view from the top of the clock tower was somewhat dismal. In the distance the last of the autumn leaves fell from the trees and drifted slowly towards the ground, leaving behind in their wake a barren gray field of twisted and deformed trees.

As Wes stared discontentedly out the window a light rain started to fall, echoing his miserable frame of mind. Sighing, he turned his attention back to the people inside the tower with him, his roommates and fellow power rangers. He had suggested earlier that they play a game to try and keep themselves occupied as the coming storm approached, but much to his dismay the games that he knew had not survived to the thirtieth century. At first it had been funny watching his friends as they tried to make sense of the board game. The fights over who would be the banker and who got to be what piece reminded him of his own childhood experiences with Monopoly, but after a while the four had grown tired of the old game and started one of their own, one that Wes had no intention of even trying to comprehend. So he had moved to the window and watched as the weather turned from overcast gray to a blackened downpour of miserable, icy rain.

Now, he searched the room for something to occupy his thoughts other than the grim weather, and grinned when his eyes found Jen, sitting on her bed and reading a book that he had given her a few days ago. From his perch on the windowsill he could see her perfectly. The way the light lit up her face and the crease between her eyes as she read made his heart dance, but deep inside he knew that she was off limits, untouchable because she belonged to another man; someone with the same face as Wes but a thousand years away.

He felt a small tug at his heart as he thought briefly of Alex, the other man, the one Jen had promised to spend the rest of her life with, the man that wasn't him.

Furious at himself for letting those emotions surface, Wes pushed all thoughts of Alex and the future aside, content to focus on the present and the beautiful women in front of him. The day was miserable and dark, but just watching Jen, without her knowing, brought happiness back into the darkened tower, and when she smiled it lit up the room like the sun coming out from behind the clouds and chasing away the darkness.

Like most people Jen had many different smiles. The ones that were full of joy, full of sarcasm, and pain, but the one Wes loved most was the one she was wearing when she thought no one was looking. It was so innocent and heartwarming, and it was one that Wes made a conscious effort to burn into his memory for all time, so that when she was gone he would always be able to close his eyes and see her in his mind's eye.

It was at that moment, when Wes was staring intently at her desperate to remember every single detail, that Jen chose to look up from her book and Wes found himself staring straight into her warm brown eyes. She smiled at him, a smile that reached deep into Wes' soul and made his blood rush through his veins. But there was nothing for him to do but smile back, she wasn't his and he had no right. Slowly, almost as if she had felt something too, she lowered her gaze back to her book, but her eyes didn't move across the page. They stayed glued to one spot and her smile remained frozen in place.

At that particular moment in time Wes realized that he could sit there forever and watch her, never needing anything else to be happy except her smile, and maybe, just maybe, one day she would be his.

After all, the future wasn't written in stone.

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