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Chapter 1 The kids

"What do you think about this Flora"?Rebecca asked while holding up a baby outfit.

"It's cute but it's not exactly what I'm looking for"Flora said. Rebecca shrugged and put the baby outfit back on the rack. Rebecca and Cody got married 2 years ago. Flora nad Zack got married 1 and 1/2 years ago. Rebecca was now 8 months pregnant with twin boys and Flora was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant also with twins, a boy and a girl. Trevor and Maddie had another girl 2 months ago. Her name is Macknzie Lisa.

"You know I don't really feel like shopping today"Rebecca said.

"Yeah me too..let's just go back to the O.S.S"FLora said. All of them stayed at the O.S.S including MAddie and Trevor.

Later that day

FLora was sitting at the kitchen table reading a note that the O.S.S director sent her when she felt pressure in the lower part of the stomach. Thinking she needed to go to the bathroom she got up and went to the bathroom. She closed her door behind her when she saw the liquid on the floor and then she started to have some awful pains. She gasped and opened the door.

"Zack"!Flora yelled. Within moments Zack came running out of their bedroom.

"What is it honey"?Zack asked.

"My water broke"Flora said.

"Now?They're 2 months early"!Zack said.

"I know now take me to the damn hospital"!FLora shouted since she was in so much pain from the contractions. Zack didn't waste anymore time he opened the door picked up Flora and took her to the hospital wing. When they got there Zack put Flora into a wheelchair and walked up to the front desk.

"Hi my wife's in labor right now..is there any chance that Dr.Lewis is in"?Zack asked the receptionist.

"Let me check..hold on"the receptionist said and disappeared into another room. Zack turned back to Flora, who had just got done a contraction.

"Are you okay"?Zack asked. Flora smiled at him and nodded. A couple moments later the recptionist came back out.

"Dr.Lewis is still on her break for a 10 minutes but in the meantime let's get your wife settled in a room...oh and you also need to fill out some papers"th receptionist and handed Zack a clipboard of papers and a pen. Zack wheeled Flora into a room that the receptionist assigned and Flora had gotten changed in a hospital gown. When Zack was finished filling out the paper he handed them back to the receptionist and was about to call Cody when his cellphone rang. It was Cody.

"Hello"Zack answered.

"Zack Rebecca's in labor..we're on our way to the hospital"Cody said on the other line.

"Oh good cause I was about to call you..Flora's in labor too"Zack said.

"Really!Well then you see there, bye"Cody said.

"Bye"Zack said and hung up. A couple moments later Dr.Lewis came out of her office.

"Ah Zack..how are you"?Dr.Lewis asked while walking up to him.

"Nervous"Zack said.

"Excited about becoming a father"?Dr.Lewis chuckled. Zack nodded.

"There's nothing to be worried about"Dr.Lewis said putting her hand on Zack's shoulder. Zack smiled. Dr.Lewis smiled back and walked into Flora's room followed by Zack.

2 and1/2 hours later

Zack and FLora have been at the hospital for almost 3 hours until the labor was finally over. Rebecca has been in labor for almost 2 hours and she was about to give birth. Maddie, Trevor, London and Carey were waiting in the waiting when Dr.Lewis came out.

"Guys, you can go in and see Zack and FLora now"Dr.Lewis said. They all smiled and went in. They walked in and saw Zack and Flora each holding a baby. The baby that Flora was holding was wrapped in a pink blanket and the one that Cody was wrapped in a blue blanket.

"Awwww"they chorused together and started cooing at the babies.

"Do you have names for them yet"?London asked.

"Yes we decided to name this one Karah Faith"Flora said referring to the baby girl she was holding.

"And this little guy is Matthew Skylar"Cody said looking down at the baby boy he was holding. Karah had brown hair like Flora's and green-blue eyes like Zack. Matthew had blonde hair like ZAck's and brown eyes like Flora.

"What's happening with Cody and Rebecca"?ZAck asked.

"Oh they're about to deliver"MAddie said.

"OH...hold on I wanna go talk to them for a sec"Zack said while handing Matthew over to MAddie. Zack walked out and walked over to Cody and Rebecca's room. On his way there he ran into Cody who came out of the bathroom wearing some scrubs.

"Hey"ZAck said.

"Hey what are you doing here"?Cody asked.

"I came to talk to you"Zack said.

"Why"?Cody said.

"Can't a guy wish his own brother good luck"!ZAck said smiling.

"Thanks"Cody said smiling back and walked into Rebecca's room. 30 minutes later Rebecca and Cody were holding their twin boys. Their names were Alex Joesph and Kenneth Conner. Alex had brown hair like Rebecca and green-blue eyes like Cody. Rebecca and Cody were playing with their babies when someone knocked on their door.

"Come in"Rebecca called. A couple seconds later, Zack peeked his head through.

"Hey guys can we come in"?Zack asked. Rebecca and Cody nodded. Zack opened the door and London, Maddie who was holding MAtthew and Flora who was in a wheelchair and was also holding KArah came in.

"Hey guys"Rebecca said.

"Hey...awww they're so cute"!MAddie said.

"What are their names"?Flora asked.

"Well this is Alex"Rebecca said looking down at the baby boy she was holding.

"And this is Kenneth"Cody said referring to th baby he was holding.

"Those are great names"London said.

"What's the names for yours"?Rebecca asked Flora.

"This is Karah"Flora said stroking Karah's cheek.

"And this is MAtthew"Maddie said.

"Awww those are great names"Rebecca said.

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