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Chapter 3 Mission Impossible

ZAck and Cody walked over to one of their good friends at the O.S.S Mark DeSanto's office. When they got to his office, Zack knocked on the door.

"Come on"a voice called from inside. ZAck and Cody opened the door and walked in.

"Oh hey ZAck and Cody"Mark said while sitting behind his brand-new desk.

"Mark, what happened to Jake"?Zack asked.

"Huh?What about Jake?"Mark said.

"WEll is he still locked"?Zack asked.

"Of course"MArk said as the PA system came on.

"Cody and ZAck Martin, please report to Dr. Nuton's office".

"I guess we better get going"Cody said. ZAck and Cody walked out the door and walked to the Head of the O.S.S, Dr.Nuton's office. Dr. Nuton was a middle-aged man with a thin build, has pale blonde hair with green eyes. His office was located in the center of the building. When they reached the office Dr.Nuton had already had the door opened.

"Uh Dr.Nuton"?ZAck said as he and his brother stepped into the office. They looked around and found him nowhere. They looked over at his desk and saw his chair facing the wall behind it. Thinking that Dr.Nuton was sitting on the chair, the boys walked over to the desk.

"Uh, Dr.Nuton, are you there"?Cody said as ZAck walked behind the desk.

"Zack!What are you doing?You know you aren't allowed back there!You'll get in trouble"!Cody exclaimed.

"I don't tink that will be happening anytime soon"ZAck said.

"What do you mean"?Cody asked. ZAck turned the chair so that it was facing Cody. Cody gasped. Dr.Nuton was sitting on the chair with a slice mark across his neck. Blood was everywhere.

"Is he dead"?Cody asked.

"What do you think"?Zack said sarcastically. Zack turned on the intercom on the desk.

"What are you doing"?Cody asked.

"Calling Lisa"Zack said. Lisa was Dr.Nuton's assistant, which means if Dr.Nuton couldn't do his job, that means Lisa would take his place. A couple minutes later Lisa arrived.

"Hey ZAck and COdy"Lisa greeted.

"Hey"the boys said in unison.

"What did you guys call me for"?Lisa said.

"Lisa, we have alittle problem"Cody started.

"What is it?And how little"?Lisa said.

"Big little"Cody said. Zack turned the chair around so Lisa could see. Lisa shrieked when she saw the dead version of Dr.Nuton.

"What happened"?Lisa asked frantically.

"We don't know, we were called down here and when we got here, this is what we found"Zack explained.

"Then who's gonna take his place"?Lisa asked. ZAck and Cody looked at each other.

"Well she's standing in this room"Cody said. Lisa looked around to make sure if she was only girl in here.

"ME!"Lisa exclaimed. Zack and Cody nodded.

"It can't be me!!I don't know the first thing about being in charge of the O.S.S"Lisa exclaimed.

"WEll I'm sure when Dr.Nuton picked you as his assistant, he probably thought that you could take his place"Zack said.

"You don't understand...he picked me cause I am his daughter"Lisa said.

"What"?!Zack and Cody exclaimed. "He never told us that he had kids"?!

"Well he did...he just never told anyone"Lisa said and bursted into tears. Cody and Zack tried to comfort her and it only made things worse. So the only thing they could do was wait until Lisa had calm down. A few miuntes later Lisa's crying turned into soft whimpering.

"Cody you stay here while I'll go and tell the others about Dr.Nuton"Zack said. Cody walked up to Zack.

"Why do I have to stay with Lisa"?Cody whispered to ZAck.

"Because you're the senstive twin"Zack whispered back.

"Senstive?!Since when am I the senstive twin"?Cody whispered.

"Since the day we were born"Zack whispered and left without saying another word.

"I can't believe my father is gone"Lisa cried.

"It's okay Lisa...everything's gonna be fine"Cody said.

"How do you know?You're not a psychic"!Lisa yelled. Cody opened his mouth to say something but no sound came out.

"Oh just get out of here"!Lisa yelled.

"But Lisa-"Cody started.

"Get out"!Lisa screamed. Cody opened the door and walked out without looking back.

Back at Cody and Rebecca's

Cody opened the door and saw Rebecca sitting at the kitchen table with her head down on the table. Cody slowly walked up to her. He gave her a kiss and then sat down across from her. They sat in silence for awhile.

"What did you find out"?Rebecca asked after awhile.

"Nothing, except that Jake is still locked up"Cody said. Rebecca burst into tears again.

"Then who would kidnap two, sweet, little girls like Lily and Karlye"?Rebecca asked.

"That doesn't make any sense to me either"Cody said. After Cody finished his sentence, they fell into a long silence.

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