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Full Summary:This takes place 4 years later when the twins are 17. ZAck's feelings for Maddie have been getting stronger ovr the years. But one day when Zack deciades to tell Maddie his feelings for her, she disappears without telling anyone. After the disappearence Zack promised himself that he will never love any other girl besides MAddie. One day Zack meets a girl that reminded him alot of Maddie. Maybe Zack's alot closer to his love than he thinks he is. Will ZAck break his promise?Find out!

Chapter 1 The Decision

"Zack!Can you please turn down the tv?I'm trying to do your homework"?Cody asked angrily from the kitchen table.

"Fine!Geez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning"Zack muttered and turned the volume down.

"You should know!You pushed me off the bed this morning"!Cody snapped.

"That's because you wouldn't wake up"!ZAck said. Cody scolded at him before returning to his homework.

"Where's your homework"?Cody asked a couple minutes later.

"DOn't worry about it...I got it covered"ZAck said grinning devilishly.

"Did you get some nerd to do it again"?Cody said.

"No, if I wanted a nerd to do it, I would get you"Zack said.

"I'm no nerd"!Cody exclaimed.

"I never said you were"Zack said.

"Yes you did!Just now!"Cody said walking up to him.

"Okay in what part of that sentence did I say that you were a nerd"?ZAck said.

"Well...uh..umm..urm...oh forget it!I have better things to do than argue with you"Cody said walking back to his seat. Just then someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it"?Cody called.

"Maddie"Maddie's voice called back.

"Just a minute"!ZAck said and with that Zack sprang from his seat, took out his homework from his bookbag, rushed to his seat and started doing his homework.

"Cody, go get the door"ZAck said.

"Oh now fo you your homework"!Cody exclaimed as he got out of his seat and walked to the door. He opened the door and Maddie stepped in.

"Oh hi sweet thang!I'm just doing my homework so I can pass high school"!Zack said.

"Aww...it's finally good to see you do some of your schoolwork done instead of letting some other person do it"MAddie said putting a hand on Zack's shoulder.

"Does that mean I have a date for SAturday night"?Zack said winking at MAddie. Cody slapped himself on the forehead. MAddie only smiled.

"Sorry Zack but I'm busy"Maddie said and lookd at her watch and gasped."Omigosh!I gotta get going"!

"Okay bye"Cody said. He opened the door and MAddie walked out. After she was gone Cody turned to ZAck.

"You know you'll never get a date with her"Cody said sitting back down.

"Yes I will..just watch me!I don't just like Maddie...I love her"!Zack said.

"Sure whatever"Cody muttered.

"I do!And it's time for her to find out"Zack said.

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