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Chapter 5 The Results and The Promise Flower

Cody walked into the suite and found Zack sitting on the couch, watching television. Zack looked over at him and noddded"hey". Cody nodded and walked over to the refrigerator and took out a soda.

"The police are gonna do a DNA test on the body to find out if it's Maddie"Cody said taking a sip of his soda.

"They think it's her"?!ZAck said from the couch.

"Well the body matches Maddie's description"Cody said.

"Great"!Zack muttered sarcastically. Cody walked into his room to finish his english report. That night when Carey came home from the grocery store.

"Hey guys!Dinner's gonna be ready in 20 minutes"Carey announced.

"Well could you hurry up!I'm starving"!ZAck exclaimed while walking out of the bathroom. Carey shot him a glare before working on dinner.

"So did they get the results in yet from the DNA test"?ZAck asked.

"Honey, stop being impatient!It two to three weeks for the results to come in"Carey said. Zack sighed angrily and muttered something under his breath.

"What did you say, Zack"?Carey asked.

"Nuthing, I'm gonna take a walk"Zack said walking towards the door.

"Kay, just don't be later for dinner"Carey chirped from the kitchen and ZAck walked out the door. He went to the lobby where he found London.

"HEy London"Zack muttered.

"Hey Zack"Londo said in her preppy, rich girl tone.

"London, do you miss Maddie"?ZAck asked out of the blue.

"Of course, who else will I tease about their outfits, I would make fun of Mr.Moseby but he's no fun since he wears like the same thing eveyday"London said.

"Oh...well...uh"ZAck stuttered.

"I'm kidding!Maddie was my only friend I could trust, do you think I wouldn't miss her"?London said.

"Well, I mean no one in this hotel acts like they miss Maddie, they act like nothing's wrong"ZAck said.

"Zack they have to, it's their job for the hotel workers to act like nothing's wrong"London said.

"I guess"Zack muttered.

"Well I gotta go pick out my outfit for the dance"London said.

"What dance"?ZAck asked.

"Boston University's Homcoming"London said.

"Since did you go to Boston U"?Zack said.

"Since my daddy got connections with the dean"London said and walked off. Zack walked out of the door. HE walked down the street and towards Maddie's favorite place to go, the little garden in the park.

At the Garden

Zack lookded at the flowers for a moment. Then we picked off a pink rose and held it up.

"From this day on, I promise myself that I will never love another girl except Maddie"Zack declared. He put the flower into his pocket and started walking home.

A couple weeks later

"Cody!ZAck!The police got the results back from the DNA test"Estabon said while the twins were coming out of the elevator. Zack and Cody exchanged surprised looks and walked up to MR.Moseby's des who was reading somehing out of a huge yellow envelope.

"It's not her"Mr.Moseby announced after awhile. Everyone let out a sigh of relief except for Mr.Moseby.

"What's wrong Mr.Moseby?Aren't you relieved it isn't Maddie"?Carey asked.

"Of course but the police wanna put Maddie's investigation on hold"Mr.Moseby said.

"On hold?!For how long"?Cody asked.

"Oh just a couple of months...18 to be exact"Mr.Moseby said.

"A year of a half"!the others exclaimed.

"Why do they wanna close this case for almost 2 years"?Arwin asked.

"Well, they hardly have any clues..."Mr.Moseby said.

"That's no reason to stop the case"!ZAck shouted.

"I know it isn't but the police are very busy, they'll still work as Maddie's case just not much"Mr.Moseby said. They nodded sadly and went back to what they were doing.

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