Author's Note: Not mine. My friend (who contributed to Baka) wrote, I beta-ed. Hence the short author's note.

Iruka-sensei was…unconventional, to say the least. Today was no exception-he had just given the class a strange assignment.

"I want you to write a fairy tale. Together."

"Why something so troublesome?" Shikamaru asked boredly.

"Because. There's a lesson behind it, but I can't tell you beforehand. Now start!"

The class began to work.

Mayhem ensued.

"Once upon a time, there was-"

"-one Ino-pig…"

"You mean one beautiful kunoichi…"

"-a beautiful bag of chips…"

"No, a beautiful bowl of magical ramen!"

"Try adding in an idiotic dobe…"

"U-uh, how a-about a brave, young squire?"

"Yeah, with a brave, young puppy companion!"

"…I don't think Hinata-san was referring to you, Kiba."

"Aww, be quiet, Shino!"


"They were-"

"Really loud and annoying, trying to interfere between true love!"

"Stuck with an incredibly lazy…oh for Pete's sake, Shikamaru, wake up!"


"Eaten by a person who was going to become the next Hokage!"

"If he could ever learn a decent jutsu, that is."

"d-determined! Th-they believed…a-and never gave up…"

"Right! With enough persistence, anyone can remove their itchy flea collar!"



"Ultimately, what happened was-"

"She was defeated by the power of true love, cha!"

"You know, Sakura-chan, you're really getting to sound like Lee…"

"They were eaten by a pleasingly plump ninja!"

"With their magical, ramen-y power, the shinobi became the best Hokage EVER!"

"Assuming, of course, that 'best' stands for 'Baka and Energetically Stupid Twit.'"

"The squire became the n-noblest kn-knight!"

"But what happened to the puppy, Hinata-chan?"

"It learned that bugs, even fleas, should never be killed with accursed collars."

"But they itch!"

"zzz…oh! Once upon a time-"

"We're done with that part, you lazy excuse of a-"

"In that case, the end. Let me go back to slee…zzz…"

"So what was the purpose of this assignment anyway, Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka sweat-dropped. To instill a sense of unity by combining their values and dreams, the group will demonstrate teamwork and empathy while forming a collective fairy tale. Drat. It sounded so perfect in the manual too.

"Uh…nothing. There wasn't any real reason, Sakura-chan."

Jutsus, training exercises, and tactics, Iruka-sensei learned, were the easiest things to stick to when teaching.

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