Sleep Deprivation
Community/challenge: 50lovequotes -- # 5. Find someone who will stay awake just to watch you sleep
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Title: Sleep Deprivation
Fandom/characters: Naruto/Shikamaru, Kiba
Rating: PG
Warnings/notes: n/a


Shikamaru was lazy, and that was a well known fact. He enjoyed a full night's sleep and laying around over training.

Kiba was just the opposite. He was active, awake, and liked to stay up late whenever he could.

It wasn't a surprise that Kiba grew bored whenever Shikamaru dozed off. He, however, learned how to deal rather quickly. He'd sit and watch until the early hours of the morning, sometimes, easily entertained by how Shikamaru acted while asleep. Whenever he decided to steal the blankets as punishment for the other not staying up, Shikamaru would grumble and move closer to his source of warmth, and Kiba would grin.

Sometimes, if he stayed up later than he normally did, he'd be tired enough to lay down and cloudgaze without one complaint.