Looks Like...
Community/challenge: 7snogs - 7. Milk
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Title: Looks Like...
Fandom/characters: Naruto/Kiba, Shikamaru
Rating: PG
Warnings/notes: PG because Kiba's a pervert. ♥


"Hey, Shikamaru?"

He looked up, a half of a bagel hanging from his mouth before he tore that end off. "Hm?"

Kiba was holding up a glass of milk, twirling the contents with a bored look as he leaned forward, the elbow of his other arm on the table, cheek resting on his palm. "You know what milk reminds me of?"

Though he'd been going to pick up his bagel again for another bite, Shikamaru groaned and decided that eating wasn't a good idea at the moment; Kiba's grin told him exactly what he was thinking. "Kiba, what have I said about talking about this while I'm trying to eat?"

"Eh, 'don't'...?" He took a sip, and licked the mustache across his upper lip off, teeth flashing when he noticed Shikamaru's eyes following the action. "You know you were thinking it."

Looking away, Shikamaru picked up his bagel again, and used it to point at Kiba as he remembered something. "Didn't Tsunade-sama want you in her office as early as you could get there this morning?"

Kiba shrugged, forced himself to stand up from his slump in the chair, and made his way around the table. "You're right." He leaned down, pressed a dry goodbye kiss to Shikamaru's lips before pulling back slightly to lick some cream cheese off the corner of his mouth. He moved back, and laughed. "Y'know, cream cheese also kinda looks like--"

"Get out, Kiba."

"I'm goin'. Heh."