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Kiss From a Rose


A young woman of fifteen years was sitting at the base of a tree known as Goshinboku. A gentle wind blew playing with her raven tresses, her chocolate orbs scanning the small clearing. Kagome looked up at the sky. Suddenly she heard a snap somewhere among the bushes. "You're pathetic. I'm ashamed to have you as my reincarnation," then Kikyo stepped out of the shadows and glared at her counterpart. Kagome stood up and faced her, completely calm and said, "At least I'm a true priestess. I don't throw myself at Naraku like you do." She smirked as she saw the desired look on Kikyo, shock and anger. "Why you little bitch!" Suddenly there was an arrow in Kagome's chest blood staining her school uniform. Then Inuyasha walked into the clearing, smiling and hugged Kikyo from behind, nipping her ear. "Nice job Kikyo. She'll soon die and we can be happy together at last." As the two walked off together Kagome reached her hand out from her place on the floor and with her last breath whispered the name of the man she loved, cared about, and gave up everything for, only to the betrayed

"Inuyasha. Why did you do this to me?" Then she closed her eyes.

Kagome sat up to find out that the scene was only a dream. "I just hope that it doesn't come true," she whispered to herself. She looked around the small hut to see her friends and adopted son sleeping peacefully but Inuyasha was nowhere to be seen. Kagome got up and left the hut to take a walk. She didn't know where she was going but she ended up going to Goshinboku. As the clearing came into site she saw a red figure, so she assumed it was Inuyasha and kept on walking towards him. But she ducked behind a tree when she heard a feminine voice. "Come to Hell with me Inuyasha. Keep your promise to me." Kagome peeked from behind her hiding spot to see what he was going to say but she saw Kikyo get close to the hanyou and gasped when her counterpart kissed the man she loved. Kagome then ran deeper into the forest, tears streaming down her face. When she got tired she collapsed and noticed she ran to a lake, with a small island in the center that had sakura trees bordering it. Kagome then sat up straight and hugged her knees close to her chest with tears still gently rolling down her creamy cheeks. "Why Inuyasha? Why did you do this to me? I loved you with all my heart, but you didn't even notice my love for you." Then she quickly brushed away the lingering tears and vowed to herself, that she wouldn't go back to Inuyasha until she was strong enough to kill him.

Kagome walked to towards the only person who could train her to kill him. As she traveled for a week and took her anger out on the demons who thought could kill her, she managed to reach the home of the one who could train her. Kagome took a deep breath and walked straight into the palace of Lord Sesshoumaru.

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