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All of You

Chapter 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In The Land of Raven's Mirror

"Hey Rage, have you seen my chameleon?" said Happy looking cheerful but a tad confused as she searched under a bush.

"Yes," snapped Rage sarcastically. "I caught it and ate it last night because I was starving. Now will you leave me alone so I can keep on thinking about how I will destroy Raven?"

Happy gave a little trill of laughter. "Oh Rage, you have such a wonderful sense of humour! But still I can't think where little Raindrop can be…he's such a naughty creature. I do hope he's not getting into any trouble."

Behind her Worry shook her head…worriedly. "Mark my words Happy. No good can come of a disappearing chameleon. You'll be regretting not locking the cage tighter soon. Mark my words Happy. Mark my words."

Happy opened her mouth but before she could even laugh Rage blew up. "We marked your damn words Worry! Now leave me alone so I can CONCENTRATE!"

Happy and Worry hurried away looking alarmed. Worry's voice floated back on the wind. "Mark my words Happy, no good will come of Rage's temper tantrums. She'll be dead of a heart attack before you know it. Mark my words."

Titan's Tower: Breakfast: Chaos: Life

Starfire looked in her mirror happily tying up her hair. It was glorious day today! She was going to be going to the park, eating mustard ice cream, having pizza with mustard, playing throw the mustard ball with Beastboy and then going grocery shopping to replenish her supplies of mustard. Then she was going to take a nice long relaxing shower using her special soap which was scented just like…chocolate. (A/N What you didn't want her to smell like mustard too did you?) As she put the finishing touches to her face and skipped merrily out the door she failed to notice a shadowy little creature slip into her room. For a moment it clung to her foot, the exact same shade of purple as her boot then it scuttled off onto the cream carpet. Seeing the door close firmly behind Starfire it gave a little squeak of despair. It didn't want to be stuck in this room! Then it stopped, spotting Star's huge vanity mirror. With a cry of glee it scampered up the dresser and slipped into the mirror. For a moment a large black vortex appeared swirling and shimmering. There was a babble of voices, shouts and then the vortex closed up leaving the mirror exactly the same as before…a loud giggle erupted from somewhere inside the mirror…well almost the same.


Robin sighed as the usual tofu vs. meat fight started up in the kitchen. It wouldn't have bothered him if it wasn't for the fact that all the tofu and meat somehow ended up on the kitchen floor and he was the only one cleaning it. Well, Starfire helped him sometimes he thought, fondly remembering her bright smile and eagerness not to see him 'over exert' himself. His ponderings were interrupted by Raven who looked to be in an unusually good mood today. "Hello Robin," she said almost cheerfully.

Robin stared at her. "Hello um…Raven."

"Thinking of Starfire?"

Robin's cheeks went red. "Err…"

Raven rolled her eyes suddenly returning to normal. "You are so male. Anyway I was going to advise you to step out of the kitchen. Something's going to happen here in oh say…" she glanced out the window for some invisible sign. "…5 minutes."

Robin raised his eyebrows. "And Beastboy and Cyborg?"

"Will never need to fight over breakfast again."

Doubtful Robin inched out the door, he was sure of at least one thing, whatever was happening in that room he didn't want to be a part of it. Raven glided out after him and then looked around the common room coolly. "Where's Starfire? She was going to go the park with Beastboy today but since he's going to be a little preoccupied…"

Her voice trailed off and even Robin couldn't fail to see the hint. Tugging at his collar and trying to ignore the red in his cheeks he turned around. "I'd better ask her if she wants to go with me then," he replied steadily glad his voice was calm. Amusement laced Raven's voice as she shut the door behind him. "You do that," she said. "I'll stay here and help…clean up."


Robin raised his hand to knock on Starfire's door and then dropped it down again. If anyone had been watching they would have known it was the tenth time he was doing that. "Come on boy wonder!" he told himself. "You can ask Starfire to the park! It's not like it's a…date…or anything." Gulping he thumped on the door. "Star? You in there?" There was no reply. Robin huffed. So he'd waited there all that time for nothing then. How typical. Turning to go he stopped suddenly. He had just had an idea. It seemed a waste to be right outside Starfire's room and not see inside right? I mean if it was Beastboy he'd never let this opportunity go to waste. Robin shook his head, a part of him knew it was wrong to invade Starfire's privacy like this, but another part (the part of him that wasn't totally noble and good) wanted to know what the alien girl's room was like. Robin put a hand on the doorknob. Chances are it would be locked he told himself and then he'd walk away, he was most definitely not going to override her access code just to do a little bit of spyi…looking. The doorknob twisted…twisted…and slid smoothly the whole way round with a tiny click. Robin exhaled and pushed open the door. No use beating around the bush anymore. Entering the room he closed the door behind him and looked around. There was nothing too shocking or horrifying, the walls were a light purple blending smoothly with the cream carpet. The canopy bed had lacy white sheets spread over it and a small replica of Silkie sat on top of the covers. The real Silkie lay gurgling in a small cradle near the dressing table. Walking closer Robin opened a drawer cautiously only to slam it shut when he got a glimpse of pink satin and lace. "Whoa…" he muttered to Silkie. "You should not be seeing things like that little worm." Silkie made a noise that sounded like 'Glurpok.' Robin cast a final glance around before preparing to leave; being here was way too personal. He had almost seen her undergarments for Christ's sake! But before he could go, something else caught his eye. It was a silver photo frame in the shape of a heart. He reached out for it, wondering who Starfire had considered special enough to be in the 'frame of hearts' as she would say…his hand brushed the mirror…for a moment nothing happened…and then….somehow…Robin was gone.

All that remained was a photo of a very red Boy Wonder and a happy Star hugging him tightly. All around them lay broken shards of glass and a silver frame.

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