The Titans stood grouped around Robin prodding and poking him curiously. A little red but pleased at the attention the boy wonder permitted their rather painful affections. "So like dude, did they change you? I mean are you bendable or something now?" Trying to twist Robin's arm Beastboy was quickly sent flying into the wall. Cyborg took the hint and backed away. "So they didn't do anything to you did they?" asked Cy a tad anxiously.

"It depends what you define as 'do,'" replied Robin calmly. "I'm a little different yeah, but I'm still Robin, I'm still your leader and I can still kick your butt at video games."

There was a war cry as the boys ran down the corridor to the lounge whooping and hollering until Robin stopped short at the sight of the kitchen…or rather lack of kitchen. "Err…"

A pale hand tapped him on the shoulder and he spun around to see Raven. "Don't blame the idiots. That was my fault."

"So that was what you were planning to do?"


"Did you consider that we'd have no food?"

There was a shrug. "I saved my herbal tea."

Grinning Robin pulled Raven into a hug. "God I missed you."

She patted him on the back. "Starfire's mind rubbed off on you huh?"

He pushed her away. "Don't be silly. I'm still going to make you fix that kitchen by tonight."

Raven smirked. "Good to know some things will never change. Speaking of which aren't you going to talk to Star?"

Robin's shoulders slumped. "I don't know if she'll want to talk to me."

Raven rolled her eyes. "It's not a matter of wanting Robin. Of course she's confused and she probably feels a bit violated. I mean you were in her mind. How much more personal can you get? But that doesn't mean you can hop, skip and jump around the topic forever. Go find her."

Robin rubbed his neck. "I thought I was the leader here."

"I like to humour you," replied Raven in an uncharacteristic bout of teasing. "Now are you going to go or do I have to throw you out of the gaping hole in the wall?"

Robin held his hands up in mock surrender. "Fine I'm going 'oh great one'. But meanwhile have you found out how Star's mirror turned into one like yours?"

"It was just a minor accident. Apparently Happy kept a pet I was unaware of."

"A pet?

"I gave it to Rage."


"No more pet."


"Goodbye Robin," said Raven pointedly. Sighing Robin nodded and set off in the direction of the roof.


Starfire sat there as he knew she would, hair blowing in the light breeze. As he had done so many times before he sat himself beside her. There was an awkward silence.

"I missed you Robin."

Robin blushed. "Um…"

"You were not gone very long but I still found it hard. I could not even find an aspirin without your help! And…" she hesitated and then continued. "There was no one to cheer me up."

Robin put a hand on her shoulder. "I kind of missed you too." Star gave him a look and he grinned. "Right. I know I was surrounded by your emotions but they weren't you Star. And I've got to admit without you there to push me on, to encourage me I felt really down sometimes."

Star laid her head on his shoulder. "I am so glad you are back," she said softly.

"Me too," replied Robin trying to ignore his raging heartbeat and her cherry hair tickling his face.

"Robin may I ask you something?"

"Of c-course."

"When you were in my mind did anything…did anything happen?"

Robin looked confused. "I don't know what you mean Star. Heaps of things happened but-,"

"No. Did you find out anything about me?"

Robin ran a hand through his hair. "Err…"

"I have no secrets from you Robin. If I could choose anyone to read my thoughts it would be you. But still I wonder…what you figured out."

Robin closed his eyes, it was now or never. "Actually Starfire there's something I've been meaning to tell you." Her bright green eyes were like pools of light drawing him in.


"I…when I was in your mind it was so strange. I saw all these different parts of you that I didn't even know existed and I realised that even though you don't do it as obviously as me and Raven there are still a lot of things you hide away."

Starfire looked troubled. "Robin I-,"

"Just let me finish Star," replied Robin firmly holding up a hand. "It made me a little sad that even though we were best friends there was so much we didn't know about each other. It was…amazing finding out so much about you." Star went pink and looked down. "But then I understood that some of our feelings we weren't just hiding from each other…we were hiding them from ourselves." He felt her tense up beside him and slowly he laid a hand on her shoulder to turn her around. "I don't want to hide it anymore Starfire. Things have happened to me, terrible things but I know they've happened to you too and you still go on. You aren't afraid to feel Star, not like me. But I'm not going to be like that, I'm not going to let another moment go by without you knowing."

There was a small hopeful smile on the alien girl's face. "Knowing what?"

Robin gulped. Now or never… "That I love you," he whispered before bending down and capturing her lips in a kiss. It was so sweet and beautiful and perfect there on top of Titan's tower, so sweet and beautiful and perfect to be in each other's arms, so sweet and beautiful and perfect to know everything was finally going to be all right. When they pulled away breathing heavily Robin tugged a strand of her scarlet hair affectionately. "God Star…I don't know how you do this to me."

Starfire giggled. "I do not comprehend either Robin how this can be so wonderful. But I don't think we need to understand it. I have just one question. You were confronted by so many of my emotions fury, sorrow, happiness…" She faltered for a minute. "Lust…" Robin cleared his throat and began to draw his hand away but she caught it and held it firmly to her. "Through all that did you not hate me sometimes? Feel like hurting me? Telling me to 'get lost'?"

Robin's eyes softened and without quite thinking he removed his mask and crumpled into his hands. "I love you Starfire. And when I say that I mean all of you. Your good side and your bad side. Your strengths and your flaws. Your beauty and your personality."

Star gazed up into the crystalline blue, trust flowing freely from her. Reaching up a hand she traced the faint outline of the mask, then his nose; his lips until her hands buried themselves in his hair, once again pulling him towards her. "All of me?" she asked eyes twinkling. "Really?"

And Robin would have answered if he hadn't been entirely too busy kissing her.

Because coming to love isn't finding the perfect person. It's finding an imperfect someone and learning to see them perfectly.