Characters I Created for the Story


Sebastian Sinclair – At only 12, Sebastian lost his father in a boating accident and ended up on an island just off the coast of his homeland, Nova Scotia, he is young, knowledgeable about the world he's in, but he's incredibly naïve and rushes into things without much thought. He's very protective of his twin sister Viola since the wreck. Collin Farrell

Viola Sinclair – Despite being 14 years old, Viola is very wise for her age and often the pillar of strength. She was stranded on a place they call 'Illyria' with her twin brother, Sebastian, and found the gargoyles accidentally. The independent one, Viola often hides her feelings and instead focuses on being rather stoic. She is usually in charge of Sebastian, despite what he thinks. Eva Green

Malcolm Volio – a billionaire treasure hunter who takes up a sudden interest in Oak Island, Canada to search for more riches. He is searching for the lost treasure of the infamous pirate Captain Kidd.


The Illyria Clan

Olivia – the alpha female of the group, she has white coloring and black hair with a jewel between her brows.

Duke – the alpha male of the group, he is dark green with black hair and horns.

Andrew – younger than Duke and Olivia, Andrew has blue coloring with brown hair.

Maria – a full-height bat-winged gargoyle with beige skin and white hair with a sharp, stunted beak.

Fabian – has gray skin and blonde hair.

Toby – the oldest of the gargoyles, with gray skin and long, pepper-colored hair, and a broken nose.

Valentine – she has dark red coloring and black, curly hair, has a crush on Duke, but he's taken.

Curio – a yellow colored tiny, reptilian/birdlike gargoyle who has a very small parrot-like beak and no hair.


Festivity 'Feste' – a little burnt-orange male gargbeast that's the pet of the Illyria Clan. His master is Toby and he names the little guy 'Festivity'.

Antonio – Viola and Sebastian's Labrador that also survived the shipwreck, saving Sebastian in the waves.