Zypher: Hi all and as you all know, it's that time of month again. Good ol' October and time for another Halloween story. This can be counted as a sequel to my previous Halloween story, Cursed Accommodations. So I hope you'll all enjoy Nightly Maelstrom. For those that waited for this, sorry for the extremely long wait but the category select was being evil so I had to wait a few days, more or less a week, for it to work but it's finally up now for all to read.

Summary: Everything has been going great for the demons and their new mates. But the peace didn't last long as an old evil comes back in the form of a dream eating shadow that takes away their unconsciousness bit by bit until nothing is left, rendering them dead but looks as if they were in eternal sleep. With the assistance of Forbidden Magics, they'll try their hardest to rid of the beast plaguing their once peaceful life.

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Nightly Maelstrom

Chapter 1

Like flies, they've been, people once again tried to find out the mystery of the hidden home of the demons but all were fated to the same fate and yet they never learn their lesson, just keep coming. But the demons don't mind, only gives them more food to last for another year.

Now it was another cool, misty October night and four boys started to make their way into the forest and towards the trap always set for unfortunate victims. "A-Are you sure we should be going in here, boss?" The shorter, frightful looking boy asked.

"Don't be a baby, Kozuka. There has to be some secret in this here forest and I'm going to find it out one way or another. We may be filthy rich if we find out why these people who keep traveling into this forest never comes back." A taller, blond haired male wearing an American flag bandanna over the messy strands said, looking back to him and the other two.

"But...if we do that, how can we prove that to the press? Bringing back some remains won't help cause they may think its only a rabid dog or wolf." The red head, Takaido, spoke. "We'll figure out something once we see what's going on around here. But if it isn't some sort of rabid beast, I have this." The older spoke, holding up a video recorder.

"Whatever we get on here will be proof enough." They nodded again before they continued on their way through the forest, leading them further into the hidden trap.

Yugi was in the living room of the house, Lumina lying beside him. The young pup mewled softly as her white and grey fur was stroked fondly. His stomach gave a little growl of hunger and he patted it. "I'm hungry. Are you hungry as well, Lumina?" he asked, looking down to her.

She looked up to him and nodded before turning her head, ears perked up as she heard someone coming their way. Aqua smiled and he walked in, holding two plates. "Did I hear my little hungry mate?" he questioned playfully as he sat down beside him and held a plate out to him. "If I did, I made his favorite."

Yugi's eyes lit up. "You mean..." Aqua nodded as he gave him the plate with the favored delicacy on it. "Yep, one baked human heart, meticulously dipped in honey and filled with the sweetest of blood that can be found in no other human."

Yugi clapped his hands in delight as he took the plate and started to eat. "And for dear Lumina, grounded flesh dribbled with spiced blood." he spoke, placing the other plate in front of her and Lumina gave a bark of happiness as she started to eat as well.

As Yugi ate, he took a glance up to Aqua, smiling brightly. "It's such a surprise how many things you all can come up with using the flesh, organs and blood of the humans we get. It's almost like cooking regular food and taste just as great." Yugi said, taking another bite of his meal.

"Yes but we had years of experience. No regular mortal could succeed with the stuff we can make and even if they did try, they won't know the proper way to do so without burning the flesh, causing the blood to clot or turn bad or causing the organs to shrivel up. This is only things that true predators of the human flesh like us can prepare." Aqua explained, leaning down to nuzzle him.

After he and Lumina finished their meals, Aqua took their plates and left out the room with them following behind him. "So, do you think we'll encounter anyone who will try to find out the secret to the mysterious disappearances again this year?" Yugi asked.

"I'm sure we will. Like always, they may fear the forest and how the people never return but there will always be just one or a group of people who will come, thinking they will be able to find out why the people go missing and think they will be able to get away themselves." Aqua said, placing the dishes into the sink before turning to him and picked him up.

"Now, why don't we go and see what your friends are up to." he suggested and he nodded before looking down to Lumina. "Lumina, why don't you head out to the forest tonight and see if anyone wandered in. If they did, lead them here and we'll prepare for their permanent stay." Yugi said and the young wolf nodded as she ran off and Aqua chuckled as he carried the boy upstairs with him. "Ah Yugi, a sweet little demon with half the heart of a true demon of the night just like us. You have adapted to our way quite quickly I may say."

"I have the best teachers and in more ways than one." Yugi whispered, arms wrapped around the demon's neck. Aqua murred softly, a hint of a smirk upon his snout. "Ah yes and our little student can also think of way to sway the teachers by giving them a little extra credit." he said, laughing softly as they walked down the hall to the game room they placed just for them just in case the olders were gone for a hunt, now able to freely do so without the curse upon the house anymore.

Stopping for a rest, Keith and the others camped out by a gnarled tree. "This forest is huge. We'll be dead by the time we find any clues to the disappearances." Kozuka said. "We'll find something soon enough but not while its pitch black out here. We'll sleep here and tomorrow morning we continue our search." Keith commanded and they all nodded.

After a few more minutes, they were all asleep and Lumina sniffed them out. She examined them quickly before finding them to be the perfect feast and howled a song of various pitches and soon, shadows started to come out from behind the trees. /"Did you find a feast for the masters, my child?"/ One asked and she nodded, motioning to the sleeping figures.

The shadow nodded before walking out, revealing himself to be Eclipse and then looked to the glowing red eyes of the shadows behind him. /"Take them back to the house and inform Master Yami that their Hallows Eve feast has arrived."/ he said and the anthro wolves came from their hiding spots, lifting up Keith, Kozuka, Takaido and Sakate.

Armor clicked together as the four Pitch Black Warwolves marched in a line, the moonlight glistening on the blood red tipped black blades strapped to their sides and their midnight black fur.

Eclipse and Lumina followed beside the line, keeping an eye to make sure none of them woke up while they were heading to the house. Once they got there, the door was already opened and Destiny sat in the foyer, looking to them. /"Are they the next people for the feast?"/ she questioned.

/"Yep. Lumina found them not far from the house and they were asleep and look like they will be asleep til morning so we should have nothing to worry about."/ Eclipse said. She nodded before telling them to take their guests to their rooms while she went to inform Yami about their next feast for the year.

In his room, he was locked in a passionate kiss with Yugi, fingers twined in the soft strands and clothing rumpled. Destiny walked in through the shadows and with a meow, she caught their attention. Yami broke the kiss and looked down to her, a cat smirk upon her face as she looked to the.

/"Glad I came now instead of later or else I probably would've embarrassed you two by catching you while you were indecent."/ she purred and Yugi blushed while Yami mock-glared down to the cat. "Oh hush, Destiny. Now, is there something you need?" he asked.

/"Why heavens no. Maybe except for some food but enough about me."/ she said with a laugh as she hopped onto the bed and curled into Yugi's lap, gaining a pout from the older demon. /"But I do have some good news. Lumina and Eclipse came back with this Hallows Eve feast."/ she said. "Oh really? This is wonderful. I started to doubt people would be smart enough and stop coming into the forest but I guess there are those that are curious and don't know they're risking their lives." Yugi said.

Destiny chuckeld and nodded before jumping off his lap. /"Shall I tell the others?"/ Yami nodded and she soon was gone through the shadows. Once she was gone, Yami cotninued his fun, now nipping Yugi's neck lightly. She poked her head back in. /"And mind keeping it quiet? Us girls do need out rest."/ she said, laughing as she dashed back into the shadows before Yami could catch her.

"It's about time. I thought those humans would be fearing the forest and then we would have to pick them off ourselves." Bakura spoke as he received the info from Destiny. /"Yes but as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back."/ Destiny spoke.

"Yes but they won't be finding satisfaction as easily. As the saying said, their curiosity is what will kill them." he said. /"Well, I must tell Seto, Crimson and Ruby about our new guests so I'll leave you two alone."/ she said before leaving the room.

Ryou looked up to Bakura, smiling softly. "Wonder how Ruby's going to plan this year's meal?" Ryou questioned. "I'm sure he'll have something good in mind. Before we met you all, he always prepared the best feast and it looks like we'll have more of a great feast because there's more people than we usually get." Bakura said, running his fingers through Ryou's hair.

After telling Ruby, Crimson and Seto of their visitors, they all headed to bed so they could wake up earlier in order to plan the next feast but all wasn't well as a dark shadow floated into Bakura's room and with an evil chuckle, entered into Ryou's mind, seeing him as the weakest demon out of them all.

Ryou's face scrunched up in pain as the shadow did its work, changing his once peaceful dream into a nightmare. It was a few minutes of tossing and turning before Ryou bolted up in bed, heart pounding and eyes wide with fear.

Bakura woke up as well and looked to him, never seeing the shadow leave from Ryou's mind and combine with the shadows of the room. "Ryou? Ryou, what wrong?" he asked as he brought the younger into his arms.

"It-It's nothing, just a bad dream. A very bad dream." he whispered as he buried his face into Bakura's chest. "Want to tell me about it?" Ryou shook his head and just kept his face buried in Bakura's chest.

'Something must've really scared him bad in that dream. Hoepfully its nothing that going to affect us all. Especially when we're just getting peace in our life.' he thought as he kept Ryou in his arms and soon, they both were back asleep, never seeing the dead white eyes watching them from the shadows, non-existent lips turned up in a smirk.

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