Title: Religion

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Characters/Pairing: Tatsumi/Tsuzuki

Word count: 200 exactly.

Rating: PG (angstmuffins, hinted m/m relationship)

Warnings/Spoilers: Minor canonical mention of Tatsumi's and Tsuzuki's pasts.

Disclaimer: I do not own or profit from these guys.

Notes: Belated birthday drabblefic gift for theconcept.

Summary: Tatsumi has occasional doubts about his faith.


As he'd watched his remaining family conferred upon the earth Tatsumi Seiichirou vowed from that moment on to worship at the altar of mammon. Being faithful to a deity emphasizing sacrifices over all else no longer appealed to him after what his mother and sisters had endured in their impoverished hell.

Without money he might have been doomed to the same fate, even in the afterlife. But in transitioning from mortal to Shinigami Tatsumi had lost none of his shrewdness and cautious nature; once again he worked and overworked and pinched his pennies until they squealed. Rarely did he allow himself to enjoy the fruits of his labors, reasoning that it would be that much less he'd have to cushion himself against the inevitable rainy days.

Then he met Tsuzuki, and things changed. But despite their obvious bond and the attraction they shared they couldn't placate either man's ghosts, and their brief partnership went bankrupt as easily as the dollars spent on one of Tsuzuki's favorite cinnamon rolls.

Sometimes, as he's watching his former partner and the fledgling that's joined them together, seeing the smiles and the shared comfort of growing trust, Tatsumi wonders if he's chosen the right god.