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" A New Future "


It was pouring,

The sun was hiding once again.

Most people would think that it was weird that the sun no longer shined in the once most powerful shinobi village.

Konoha used to be known the place were the best came from.

This village was blessed with powerful shinobi

The best of the best Konoha's one Hokage's

The Shodai




and at last the Godaime, and the Sannin

All these ninja were known to be the best of Konoha, in other words the pride of Konoha.

The village was blesses with the birth of the best protégés, though some may have betray Konoha, she is still their origin of their birth

Orochimaru, the snake sannin

Uchiha Itachi,

Young protégé's still were being born.

In all their was one that could even surpass the Yellow flash of Konoha the Yondaime himself, his legacy, his son. The son he scarified for the village he loved, the Village hidden in the Leaves. He sacrificed his son life for his village. In his last minutes he gave his final wish, to see his son as a Hero, the Hero of Konoha. Hoping that the people would treat him as one, and for him to love Konoha like he did. The villagers however only saw him as the demon himself. The demon who killed hundreds, their friends, their families, their comrades and more importantly their greatest prodigy their Yondaime Hokage. The people grew angry and exiled the child form human kindness. He grew up lonely with a mask to hide his pain. He grew without a mother's touch, a father's warmth, a family's love. Being a target for the village's hatred, beaten, and hunted for being the one that was chosen. He grew up with the environment of being feared, shunned by the adults and their children following their parents example, he grew to be hated by the very people his father sacrificed his life for.

He continued on growing instead of hating the village he love it, hoping that one day the village with accept him. As his life went on he found his first precious person the man named Iruka, that smiled warmly at him. After graduating the academy he found the reason for the villages hatred and cried that day because he was accepted by one person. As the yrs went by he got his first friend, the village's pride Uchiha Sasuke. Soon later after the sound invasion he betrayed him and his village no their village and ran for power to a traitor. His first real friend shoved Chidori threw his chest in a pathetic attempt to awaking the 4th comma the Mangekyoun Sharingan which is gain by killing your best friend. On that mission to rescue his friend he failed and the girl who he thought he loved rejected him.

Threw the yrs he went with the legendary toad sannin to get stronger to bring back Sasuke. 3 Long yrs he grew stronger. Able to talk to the Kyuubi he learned the truth of his attack on Konoha. Soon the second mission to rescue the Uchiha with his teammate Sakura and another new one Sai and their sensei Kakashi with Yamato. Sai a new freind also betrayed Naruto, but at the end they managed to bring back the Uchiha. Welcomed to the Leaf with open arms by almost all except most of the rookie nine. Few yrs later the sound was again attacked Konoha but this time with Cloud, Rain, and Rock. Konoha had Sand only.

The battle continued on many dying on both sides. That is until Naruto himself sacrificed his life though no one knowing he managed to control all nine tails of the Kyuubi, surpassing the Kyuubi own power. His own power with Kyuubi's mixed managed to kill the Snake, destroy a good portion of the Cloud, Rain, Sound, and Rock armies. Nobody knowing that he gave his life only a few days to live. Instead of a hero's welcome the village shunned him even more, afraid of his power, and the Uchiha was praised for entering the war. All the hard work he did was given to the Uchiha.

Many villagers asked the Gondaime for Sasuke to be the Rokudaime. The council pressured her and so the Uchiha was to be elected for the next Hokage, the very dream that Naruto had. It was pronounced the same day that Naruto would die.

"Kit it's time, have you made your decision?"

"Yes sent me back in time Kyuubi, but this time I won't be the village's stepping stone.'

"Very well, good luck with my younger self." "You have suffered so much, giving your life for those that despised you, only to have them giving your dream to someone who doesn't deserve it. You have had great pain my little kit, and now its time, for you to do want you want not what you father wanted. I hope you're seeing this Arashi, your son has always been mistreated and always will by these fools you gave your life for. His pain not even time travel will heal for he has had pain that run deeper then any wound.'

"You ready."


With that the forbidden technique of the demon lords was done, like it said it can only be down when the person life is at the crossroad of death.

A 3 year old Naruto woke up. He looked at the mirror. He did it. He quickly wrote a note to the Hokage and quickly gathered some clothes. He made his way towards the old mans office and left it taken his dad's scrolls with him. He was on top of the Hokage monument. 'Sorry old man but what Konoha did to me I can never forgive.'

He ran outside, his body was young but he will train it later. His memory was as good as always. Once outside the gates he looked at the fresh outside. "Sorry old man."

With that he headed east. 'Their are many great shinobi that have had great pain. That's it! A new village, but first I need its shinobi's and if I right I should start with the sound five. They were one of the keys toward Orochimaru power. If he does get them first then he could get everyone he needed. This time Konoha was going to be helping itself I'm done being their steeping stone.'

He ran,

And ran, he was going to start a new dream. Luckily like always his body got accustom to the speed.

"A new Future."


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