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Title - A new Future

Pairing - not sure

Rating - K

Plot - Naruto has suffered greatly through his life. Throw in Kyuubbi with a forbidden jutsu and he's thrown back into the past. But just because he's back doesn't mean his helping the leaf.




"Shukaku, Kyuubi speaking"

"Shukaku, Kyuubi thinking."

"Shukaku's flashback"

Chapter 2 - We meet again Konoha

Running form rooftop to rooftop was simple, but you see the problem right now were the ANBU that were after him and his companion, he himself was holding a little boy no more the age of 8 on his back. He nodded his head and his partner left in response.

Making sure the child is warm, he took out a strangely shaped kunai and threw it straightly forward causing the figure that was running to disappear in a yellow flash. He reappeared on a tree outside the village, under the tree sat a man with blue skin and a huge sword next to him. Jumping down the man grinned "Took you long enough."

The figure just chuckled "Whatever."

"Hey where's the Weasel?" the shark like man asked him.

"Taking care of some ANBU. He should be arriving any minute now."

Seconds later the same man that was mentioned appeared. "Let's go."

All three nodded and left.

The next day …

All three man walked towards the front gate of a village, the young boy was holding on to the hand of another boy that looked around the age of 11.

"Halt who goes there?" in front of them appeared a guard with a Hitai -e- around his neck, that said hitai -e- had four different symbols that represent the four main elements; water, fire, wind and earth. The guard examined all three and then bowed, and motioned for the other guard to open the gates. As the gates opened the little boys eyes widened and a gasp could be heard. The boy looked entranced with the village, it was amazing! "Welcome to the Village hidden in the Elements." (translation please)

Walking through the village you could feel the cool crisp air hit your face,. The sun shined brightly upon them. The village itself had the air of warmth around it, something that lacked in his pervious home. The houses were beautifully built as well as their gardens which had exotic plants, and the land he walked was very well taken care of. The grass was around the whole village except the roads making the village look like plains of pure grass. The plain fields made it seem like some sort of paradise forbidden to man. As they continued to walk he saw many children playing around in the grass fields. Nearing the middle of the village there were the shops. The shops were all beautifully decorated and unlike his home and there also seemed to be no people wearing rags like he has on. He frowned this village was amazing. Why on earth would they want him? In his home town he was an outcast, hated and feared by everyone.

The taller shinobi seeing his distress put his hand on the young one's shoulder, the boy eye lifted up to his face to find a small smile planted on his face. "Come, Haru were changing your clothes and then well see which schedule fits you best ok?" Haru smiled and bounced off.

"Itachi, Kisame inform the others that we have a new villager, oh and get the rest of the host in here."

Both nodded, leaving Naruto alone with the kid.

About an hour later … After the horrors of shopping...

Naruto sat with Haru eating some dango, when the others appeared. Behind Kisama and Itachi stood …

Gaara container of Ichibi.

Yugito container of Nibi.

Umi container of Yonbi

Jun container of Gobi

And of course there is Naruto container of Kyuubi.

"Naruto-san is he?"

"Hai , he is one of us." turning his attention back at the boy he asked "Are you done?"

The boy nodded and turned around to see the five people he never saw and the two that came with him.

There in the middle stood a boy with short red hair, azure eyes and pale skin. He wore light loose black pants with a blood red shirt. He also had a pair of black fingerless gloves outlined with crimson red. His black sweater was tied around his waist. Around his neck he wore a gold necklace shaped like that of a raccoon. The kanji for 'One' was plated on it. But what mostly stood out was the kanji symbol of 'Love' on his forehead. Finally his hitai -e- was placed around his right arm.

Next to him was the only girl of the group. She had long blond hair with black slanted cat-like eyes. She wore her hitai -e- around her forehead. The lady wore a black tube with dark blue cargo pants and black sneakers. Around hers neck she wore a gold necklace that resembled that of a cat with the kanji 'Two' plated on it.

The other boy had long light blue hair highlighted with white strands. His hair was tied up letting his bangs fall framing his face. His hitai -e- was tied around his forehead. He wore blue fingerless gloves with the kanji 'Four' on it was plated on his necklace. He wore dark blue baggy pants with different belts around him. He wore a white t - shirt, looking closer you would see a weird mark near his neck.

The last boy there looked just a few years older then him. He had short black hair, with midnight blue highlights. He had big brown eyes and a light skin color. Like the others he also wore a necklace with the kanji 'Five' plated on it. He wore his hitai -e- around his neck so you couldn't see it anyway. He wore a simple light brown shirt and black shorts with blue ninja sandals. He himself seemed more lively then the other and the youngest.

He mentally smiled they all seemed like nice people and they don't hate him which is a huge plus. Turning his sttention back to the blond man that helped him he saw him remove his cloak.

He wore black baggy cargo pants. He wore comnbat boots with a kunai pouch tied on his rigth thigh. He wore a dark blue shirt with a black sweater. He also wore a black fingerless golve. The weirdest thing was that he wore a black facemask with a gold chained necklace that resembled the nine tailed fox around his neck with the kanji 'Nine' plated on it. His eyes were piercing blue that went perfectly with his golden hair and tanned skin. His hitai -e- was also around his forehead.

"Come Haru I want you to some of my friends but not here somewhere peaceful wouldn't you agree Umi?"

"Of course."

All of them headed towards the training field as they walked by, most of the villagers greeted them with a good evening and excused themselves. Reaching the grounds all of them sat down.

"Haru these are my friends, guys introduce yourself, how about I go first?" not waiting for a response he started,

"My name is Naruto, my likes are ramen, my friends, training, a certain fur ball-" with that his head started to hurt, apologizing mentally he continued "and reading. My dislikes are closed minded people, those who betray their friends, stuck up bastards, paperwork and stupid people who don't keep there word. My hobbies are training going around meeting new people and helping them, more training and hiding form the ANBU because I ran away form my office. My dream is to create a place were everyone can be accepted for who they are."

"My name is Gaara, my likes are my brother and sister, training with Naruto and the rest of my friends, learning new techniques form Shukaku. My dislikes are like Naruto mentioned close minded people, those who betray their friends, paperwork and assholes. My hobbies are training, spending time with my friends training to get stronger. My dream would be to grow strong to protect my precious people."

"My name is Yugito, my likes include dango, my fellow villagers, my adopted brother Naruto, training with and getting stronger with my freinds and a certain cat. My dislikes are arrogant people, those who are selfish , stuck up and those who don't protect their comrade in the battle field. My hobbies are training to become stronger. My dream is to grow to a strong shinobi of the Elements."

"My name is Umi. My likes are shogi, reading, training, and watching the clouds. My dislikes are mean people, bastards, and arrogant shinobi, My hobbies are playing shogi with Naruto and Itachi-san. My dream for the future is to be able to control all of my four tails and to make Elements the best the of all the shinobi countries."

"My name is Jun. My likes are many! Like for example I love playing with friends! I also enjoy learning new things form Kisame-sensei and annoying him. My dislikes are mean people. My hobbies are bothering Kisame-sensei by calling him sushi-chan and annoying Yugito! My dream is to become strong!"

"How about you Haru?" He nodded "Hi my name is Haru. I like nice people, I dislike mean people, the older people who tell there kids not to play with me. My hobbies are trying to make friends. My dream is to be accepted." All of their eyes warmed at the mention of his dream, they all have felt the pain of being alone, begin unwanted, sadness, and loneliness. Gaara and Naruto looked at each other and nodded. "Haru, do you want to know the truth of why you're were hated back at your home village?"

Haru eyes widened, they knew why he was hated. "Yes, please I always asked but nobody would tell me!" unshed tears glistened in his eyes.

Naruto took a deep breath and started "Haru when you were born the great seven tailed demon attacked your home village. The reason though nobody knows. Through in my travels I have learned that the demons have always had a reason to why they attacked. During the demon's attack, a traveling monk was staying there. He sealed the demon inside a baby boy that was recently born." Realization hit those clear emerald eyes as tears made their way down his pale skin. Yugito walked over him and embraced him s he cried on her chest.

After calming down he asked the same question every one of them had asked when they had met Naruto. "Why do you care about me?" Naruto kneeled to one knee as his hand ruffled Haru's hair.

"I care about you Haru because I know the pain of being alone, unwanted, hated for something I had no control over, being targeted for peoples hatred. I am like you, all of us are like you. We all have something that connects us and that is our hearts. This village is made up those who have abandoned hope, those who have been shunned, those who were hated, and more importantly those whose hearts cried for a person to understand them, acceptance. This village was made for those who have suffered and gives them hopes for a brighter future."

"People like me?" he said while he rubbed his eyes.

"Hai, there people here who were hated, feared and shunned. We are all united here, in hope to create a better life for our families or make families. All of us are connected by the strength of our hearts. We have all overcome obstacles and live on with the hope of a better future. You, I, Garra, Yugito, Umi, Jun are all connect by a deeper bond. All of us are demon containers. In this village you are accepted for who you are, it does not matter you're mistakes of the past, all that matters is the future."

'I'm a demon conatiner? But nii-san says that the demons only attacked when provoked. So does that mean it's the village own fault?'

"Naruto-nii-chan do the villagers know about you being a demon container?" he asked hoping that he might be accepted here.

"Yes, the people are all shinobi though some are retired, they all know about me and them. They do not fear us nor hate us, they accepted us because they themselves are like us and understand the pain of being alone."

Tears continued to pour down his face. It seems he has people who understand him. They are all like him. 'I think I like to state a new life here. I want to be like them, they protect their home and I want to get stronger.'

"Naruto-nii-chan, can I be a shinobi? I want to protect my new home like you guys." They all smiled. "Haru come let's go to the office." Haru nodded and waved goodbye as they both left towards the tower.

With the guys …

"Jun should we help Naruto test Haru?" asked Umi as he waved goodbye to Haru.

"It depends whether you want to help later on, with the paper work." Both Yugito and Garra who were walking to catch up with Naruto and Haku stooped and walked back to were Umi was.

Gaara thought's

"No way! I am so not helping with the demon known as paperwork!

"Hey brat, I'm a demon and it's no that bad."

"Fine then, take control of my body and do the paperwork."

"Hell, brat I am not stupid, there is no way I will ever do the evil known as paperwork. Come on

kid feel pity for me, I was a demon lord and even demon lords have to do paperwork, hell twenty

centuries were enough for me! I remenber like it was yesterday when I met the hell spawn known as paperwork."

Shukaku's Flashback

"Shukaku you should feel honored at being the new one tailed demon lord." the one known as the great one tailed demon told him as he passed his title.

"Yes, I really am honored" Shukaku himself could barely hold in his joy, all his hard work had payed of and he has become one of the next generation of demon lords.

"Good, here's you office and here's you work. " Walking in he notice the piles of papers in the desks. "Oh and don't forget to sign every one twice ok, well that's it bye! And before I forget good luck." With that the ex- one tailed demon lord closed the door and left on with his new free life.

With Shukaku

After hours of paperwork he finally finished. And just as he was about to finished with the last signature; just at that exact second; when he was about to finished the last paper in came the secretary with ten bran new stacks of paper.

Outside Shukaku was as normal as the next person but inside I was very different.

Inside Shukau mind

'That old fart, that's why he was so happy to leave. At first I thought it was his old age but now I understand, he wanted to escape!' As he pondered very deeply in his thoughts the secretary came in with another new batch. Chibi Shukaku cried anime tears as he cursed 'DAMN YOU TO FUCKIN HELL OLD MAN, I SWEAR ONCE IM DONE I COMING FOR YOU!' insert some other profanities not suitable for 18 and under.

End of Shukaku's flashback.

In Gaara's mind Shukaku sulked in the corner, creating the air of failure around him while Gaara sweat dropped.

Needless to say once he was done the old man was somewhere in the near south getting a tan. Away, far enough for Shukaku never to find him that is until the next generation is chosen and by then the old man would be resting peacefully.

To be exactly his reign as the one tailed demon was cut short thanks to an idiot that managed to summon him and then tried to control him, failing to seal him in a Taunki (I don't know if I spelled it right). And finally once again came before him, sealing him in Gaara badly if I may add. Also putting another one of his half-brained seals on him causing him to crave blood.

To say the least he was still pissed that he didn't get the old man. That is why right now, at this very moment the great one tailed demon was sitting in the corner sulking while Gaara was wondering why the hell he feared him when he was younger.

Now with Yugito!

As soon as Jun said paperwork, shivers were sent throughout her body. As yes she remembers when the kage made her take a mission for the paperwork. Saying he was a bit sick and needed someone to sign them for him and that's when sweet innocent chuunin Yugito came in and took the mission. The next day nightmares came to her about it, and even now, here she was forced to do paperwork. Hell, let Naruto take care of, she has enough of it piled up at her office. Mostly because of Naruto's new law.

Oh, the horror.

Okay enough with those two back to Naruto and Haru!

Haru sat in the chair while Naruto and the academy teacher sat there discussing his schedule. He had already been tested in IQ, and other stuff. The secretary told him to go in and so he went in. Walking in he saw Naruto with one of the people that tested him.

"Hey Haru this is Ariel she is one of academy's jounin teachers." The said girl had long brown hair and kind brown eyes, "Hey there Haru , it's nice to me you. I'm am one of your academy teachers and I'll see you tomorrow at school, Okay?" Haru nodded and she left with a poof.

"All right Haru you said you wanted to practice swordsmanship and medicine right?"


"Well then here's you're schedule."

Student Name - Haru

Age - 8

Year - 1st

Major -Ninjutsu


Period 1 - Ninjutsu with Yagame Tohru.

Period 2 - Ninjutsu with Yagame Tohru.

Period 3 - Genjutsu with Harade Ariel.

Period 4 - Tajutsu with Nawarme Lei.

Period 5 - Lunch

Peirod 6 - Teamwork, E-rank missions with different sensei's.

Period 7 - Anatomy with Shirami Edward.

Period 8 - Elective; swordsmanship with Pember Ray.

Period 9 - Elective; Medic - Shorin Sayu.

Teacher - Saryonn Hawk, After School

Looking back at Naruto he asked "Am I really going to learn all of these?"

"Yes, everyone starts at age eight at the Academy. First you will learn the basics of Ninjustu, Gen, and Tai. Now let me explain. You're major is ninjutsu, form our test we found out that you have a knack for ninjutsu and you'll need to learn about that the most. The others are as much as important so pay attention towards your sensei's in those fields as well. Now as you now you can choose your electives and these are your sensei's. As for Anatomy, everyone takes three years of this class. Taking this class will help the next generation with inventing there own taijutsu style. As for your after school sensei , for every student who doesn't have a family clan to help them learn their clan's abilities they have a separate sensei to help them, every year for the next 4 years your going to have four different sensei's to help you in each field, outside of the school."

"Does everyone have a separate sensei?" curiosity showed in his eyes as Naruto smirked. Hr was right, the boy is like him, he had a craving for learning.

"Those who don't come form families with bloodlines, though most of population do have bloodlines, well anyway all your sensei are chuunin."

"Why chuunin?"

"The academy teachers are mostly all jounin, chuunin in order to graduate to jounin must take an apprentice for one year or teach in the academy for one year. Also before we forget ranking goes a bit different here."

"Can you tell me?"

"Sure, I do need something to take my mind off all the paperwork I'll be doing after you leave.

Academy Level - mostly are high ranked genin, of course to the outside countries they are known as just academy student level which for them it's pretty weak.

Genin Level - high ranked chunnin

Chunnin level - in between high jounin and low Anbu level

Jounin Level - High Anbu overlapping Sannin

ANBU, Hunter, - Sannin overlapping Kage

Sannin - above Kage

And Kage level - well I don't know it, but I have that title but their are others who have kage level strenght, but most importantly all these level can only be reach with hard work and always remenber, Hard work and protecting you're friends is the only path to true strength." With that Haru left, Naruto smiled that is till he looked behind him. There in the table sat in it's own glory the unsigned paperwork. Inner Naruto cried till he got an idea. Poking his head out, and scaring the heck of the secretary he said in a seroius tone "Summon Itachi and Kisame to my office."

Waiting around,

still waiting …

'Where the hell are they?'

Three minutes later two poofs.

Grinning like a mad man he smiled and took a single pice of paper and placed it on the desk. Lowering his hand near his kunai belt he took an odd shape kunai and placed his arms behind him.

"Itachi, Kisame you two have an A-class mission, here's your report, and before you ask you're not allowed to refuse it and good luck." With that he threw a kunai and

in a yellow flash he hurried out.

Taking out the mission report both read it and, ...

well here's Kisame's reaction to it,


Mission Report

Level - A class

Objective - Both must complete today's stack of paperwork for community service and no you may not back out or you'll be stuck with the Academy student's helping out with the E-rank missions for three years. Oh yes I have that power since you elected me Kage, now get to work maggots!
If not completed must do 20 E-rank mission and then more community service.

Back with Naruto

"You know Kit that's an abuse of power."

'Then you do it.'

"Thinking it over, good job kit!" 'Not even I would face it'

'Thanks now where's that ramen stand?'

Three months Later…

"Why have you summon us Naruto-sama?"

In front of Naruto were all the kage and Sannin , and some jounin level ninja

They were,

Itachi, Kisame (bound to the chair with chakra draining ropes.) Gaara, Temrai, Kankoru, Yugito, Umi, Jun, Ranmaru, Tayuya, Kimimaro, Kisomaru, Ukon and Sakon, Jirobi, the old Atasuki (Names please I forgot) , Raiga Kurosuki (he was next to Kisame just in case he got loose, needless to say he is still holding a grudge), some of the other village clan leaders Hitroshia Neon and Panda Yuki who were the fourth's teammates.

'Here goes' "Thanks to one of our spies we have learned about Orochimaru's future plans. I am to go undercover as Naruto Uzuamki, to Konoha." Everyone face was in shock. "The genin exams are taking place in three days, I be on one of the rookie teams, Orochimaru is after one of the genins body for his own purpose. Playing as a dobe I'll be placed with the rookie of the year in other words Itachi's little brother. This is declared a double class mission and you are to tell the villagers this I want no mistakes if they are kept on the dark my mission might be compromised I trust the villagers to keep it a secret. Our genins will be also participating the next chuunin exams as an introduction to the Elements me and my team will be participating as well, I'll make sure of that. The genins participating are to be informed as well. The Anbu going with the Kage will be Itachi, Kisomaru and Sasori. I'll be sending reports every month. This mission will last 6 months to 11 at the latest."

All of them were still to stunned to talk, but all agreed later on though some of them were difficult.

With that the villagers were informed (the village has just started to be known, so there are no travelers there since there was a specialized jutsu that every Sannin and higher level shinobi put their power in to created a shield around the whole village to allow no one in. The only way in was the front gate) The villagers understood this to be a high quality mission, and were honored that they had been told. (Usually alll the villages keep all the big mission hiding form the villagers, and in this village everyone is or were shinobi) They all agreed that if anyone could fool the Leaf it would be their Leader.

Naruto left that night, bidding farewell to Kimimaro, Tayuya and Itachi. While walking out he heard something that sounded like "GOOD LUCK MIDGET AND DON"T GET STEPPED ON!" well you can guess who said that.

Two days later.

Naruto stood on top of a mountain that was in front of Konoha. Observing he saw the monument of the four Hokage's. He stared at the villagers. He was back, in his mind he sighed, it was time again for his façade to come back. Looking at the village

"We meet again Konoha."


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