Title: Result of the Night

Parings: Kai x Rei, Bryan x Tala. May have implied Four-Love-Triangle.

Warning: This story is Yaoi, get that, boy on boy… don't like it? Well then, please politely, go away. No one had asked you to read, so don't you dare start flaming, because ohohoh, you will feel the wrath of Dranzer…

Disclaimer: I, sadly do not own Bey Blade. Takao Aoki does, so worship him.

Summary: After a drunken night, Rei wakes up next to Kai and soon realizes that his life would never be the same. And what is Tala and Byran hiding from them?

Note: This fic has Mpreg in it.

Good Morning

Kai stretched languidly on his bed, ruby-red eyes opened tiredly to the morning sun, his mind still not able to focus on the rather comfortable weight that resting itself warmly on his chest. Five am in the morning with a killer of a head-ache can really get the worst of you. Mumbling something as he then closed his eyes again, a hand coming to rest behind his head while the other laid itself down on his chest, breathing in deep, the boy mused as the morning sounded calm as he listened to the quiet tick-tock's of the alarm clock beside his bed.

Browns narrowed slightly when he realized something was not as its usual order. The sound of purring, like a content cat, could be heard. Now, this sound was not rare to Kai's ears. It belonged to a team-mate of his; Rei Kon, a blader, younger than him who usually slept in the bed nearby to his own. Every morning, Kai would wake up to the soft lull of the Chinese boy, but today however, it sounded much louder than it should have been. Possibly the effects from last night's drinking could be the cause.

Gods, did he ever regret drinking at Max's party; the blond was the last of them to finally turn eighteen, so naturally there had been a lot of alcohol all around, curtsy of one redheaded Russian who had hosted the party at his place. Owned a nice two story building, fancy that. Normally, Kai would have refused the drinks, but Tala was quite a convincer and the devil himself. After managing to blackmail Kai into a couple of hard bottles, his next victim had been Rei and of course, Tala has yet to find anyone he can't persuade. A faint smile drifted to the Pheonix's lips at a distant memory, Rei had certainly looked amusing in that Maids suit, comically humorous and strangely appealing at the same time.

A frown pressed over his features as he traced back the few thoughts that had just run over his head. Hang on; Kon wore a Maid's Costume?

On the other hand, why does Tala own a Maids costume? Letting the previous nights recollections continuing playing in his mind, a soft chuckled escaped him at the vague memory of Rei trying to reach behind to pull the zipper down to remove the ridiculous piece of clothing. But then, his breath was caught in his throat as his mind started to play out strange flashbacks.

He hadn't just simply just watched the Chinese boy suffer and retreated to his bed like he should have done, no, apparently in his drunken state of mind, he had done something entirely different.