"WHAT?!" Both boys flung their heads in the direction of the Chinese boy. "You think I'm what?!"

"No, no, no. It's not something to get all puffed about." Mariah quickly said in her most sweetest voice that she could muster as she patted the older boy on the head like a mother would do to her child as Rei stared blankly at the end of the bed with a horrified look graced over his features before slowly looking up at the female Neko-Jin.

"It's not?" He asked, his voice small and unsure.

Biting on her bottom lip, a sign that she was rather unsure of what to reply with as Mariah glanced up at the other two males present in the room before nodding her head slowly back at the Chinese boy who stared back at her with a long moment of understanding silence. Well, she had hoped that it was a look of acceptance.

"You've got to be fucking joking me!" Screeched Rei as he jumped up from the covers to stand upon the bed as the two Russians looked in alarm at the usually quiet and passive young man who was trying to dislodge his arm away from the pink haired girl. "Let go, let me go!"

"Lie back down Rei, you still have a fever!" She argued back as she managed to wrench the boy back to at least sit down upon the mattress once more and was soon trying to force the other to lie back against the headboard as Rei kicked his legs like a stubborn child in tantrum. "Rei!" She shouted as she accurately slapped Rei over the bottom.

"Mariah!" Rei spluttered back with a look of pure disbelieve. "I'm not a child!"

"You're hardly acting like an adult for me to believe you. What? What do you want me to say?" She sighed as she placed her hands on her hips, giving up with her patient.

"Please tell me that this is simply of one your jokes. Because, obviously you're joking… right? I mean, it's just not possible, please tell me you're joking?" His voice was clearly on the edge of becoming hysterical, especially when he yelled out for confirmation. "Right?!"

Inching closer, the two Russians decided to make their presence known again. "Kon, what's going-"

Turning around, Rei cut into Tala's inquiry with his own, "Could you guys leaves us? I want to talk to Mariah alone, please?"

A little apprehended at first, it was Tala first who nodded before grabbing Kai's hand to head for the door who frowned in disagreement at first but then in silent response followed and closed the door after them and Rei caught the look upon Kai's face guiltily as it held a lot of worry in it. Licking her lips, Mariah sat herself on the edge of Rei's bed and reached out to push back some of the Chinese boys hair out of his eyes. "Look Rei, I know it's hard to take it in all at once now, but there's no way around it, you are with a kitten."

"How are you supposed to know just like that? How can you just look at me and determine that I'm with a kit? Do you smell it in me, because I don't and further more, I am of male gender! Males do not produce offspring, females do." Rei said tiredly, twisted his head away so that Mariah would drop her hand from his hair as he brought his own hair to rub at the bridge of his nose, feeling an impending migraine growing. "Cut the crap, what is it that's really that's going on with my body, do I have some kind of disease that only the Neko Tribe can contract?" Shaking her head, the female Neko-Jin held an odd sympathetic look upon her face that Rei twitched fiercely in response to. "You really aren't joking with me?" Shaking her head again, she tried to reach out once more to run her hand through his hair. "So, I'm really pregnant?"

"The reason you can't smell your kitten, Rei, is because it grew inside you so subtly that you became so used to its scent that you simply never noticed it." She smiled softly as Rei again pushed away her hand.

"No, I don't believe you. I would have noticed my scent change. I-"

"Then explain all the other symptoms that you've been apparently having." She retorted as Rei growled under his breath in annoyance. "You can't hide it Rei, you must have speculated something of the sorts as well."

"But it just isn't possible!"

"It is Rei, for our kind, it is." Opening his mouth to say something back, he then closed it again slowly when he realized that he had nothing else to say as he slumped back against the headboard. "Rei?"

"I had always thought that, when the elders told us that day that male Neko-Jin's could produce, I thought they were just trying to scare us." Rei muttered as he glanced up at the pink haired girl as she moved to sit closer. "Scare us and discourage us from being attracted to another male."

"That was the idea actually. Homosexually is very frowned upon, Rei, it-" Mariah paused as she gave Rei a funny look. "Wait, are you telling me that you are attracted to other males, Rei?"

Turning away, he avoided the females eyes as he heard her sigh to herself. "Rei, I'm not as judgmental as our Tribe, you know that. I will accept anything you tell me and still love you."

"Even if I'm attracted to Kai?" Rei whispered as he bit his lip when Mariah didn't answer at first.

"So, Kai was the one who bred you?" Mariah asked, her voice suddenly testy.

Turning back to face her, he frowned as he shifted to sit up properly again. "He was under the influence of alcohol, Mariah." He explained slowly as he watched her eyes slit with anger. "We both were."

"He will pay for what he has done!" She spat out, moving from the bed, her nails elongated to sharp claws in an instant. "He will regret having touched you and he-"

"I don't blame him for what has happened. Even so, I'm even praising the Gods for letting it happen." He said with crook of a smile upon his lips as the female Neko-Jin turned around with a shocked and confused look on her face. "I've forgiven him, Mariah. That moment has brought us even closer to each other than anything else could have."

"W-what?" Was all the pink haired girl could muster as she sat back upon the bed again, fangs and sharp nails retracting slowly. "I thought, Lee and I thought that Kai had hurt you, that he had taken you with force, we-" She bit her tongue shut as she tried to collect her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, she tried again. "The reason we came to Sydney was because we speculated that Kai had done the unthinkable to you and now you are with burdened with his unwanted offspring."

Blinking, Rei licked his bottom lip as he drew in a breath himself. "Well, it may have seemed that way in the beginning, we weren't in our right minds during the night, you know? But, neither of us regret what has been done."

"So what is your relationship with him now?"


"Courting?" Mariah asked back with a hint of sarcasm noted in her voice. "Courting?! That is to be done before he's meant to be allowed to breed with you!"

"I didn't know I could be with kittens!" Rei shouted back as Mariah cried out in frustration. "I should be the one who's getting angry, how am I supposed to explain any of this to Kai?"

Falling back onto the mattress with an aggrivated sigh, Mariah then blew away a lock of hair that fell into her eyes before looking back up at Rei. "What happens if he doesn't accept it, Rei?"

"He has too…." The Chinese boy mumbled more to himself with nothing but pure determination and hope.

"But what if he doesn't? What will you do then, you can't go home, our village will just chase you out if they realized you bore a kitten." Mariah said as she sat up on the bed. "You're parents will not take you in, as much as you know that they love their only son, you and I both know that when it comes to rules and traditions, they will not turn a blind eye."

"Then I'll just have to hope to the Gods that Kai does not turn me away."

And just like that, reality crashed down upon him. He was with child, with a kitten, his kitten… with Kai. Kai, who wasn't even his to call a lover. He wanted to wake up, he wanted Mariah, Kai, Tala and Lee to jump into the room at any moment and laugh whilst pointing at him and saying what a hilarious joke they had all just pulled on him. He wanted this to be a trick of his mind. But it wasn't… it was reality and it was happening.

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