Please Read: The tree I refer to in this fanfiction is not some random tree I'm putting in the story because it sounds emo! The tree I'm talking about is the Six Feet Under trademark tree! Does that make more sense now? Good! Good! Alright, I'm done with that. I wanted to make a short ode to Six Feet Under, because it's my favorite show in the whole world. I know I can't write for shit, but I have fun doing it so I forgive myself.

This fanfiction takes place in the final moments of the show. Don't read unless you've watched the finale, okay? Well, nothing is spoiled as far as the true ending of the show (the montage at the end), but it still gives a few things away. You've been warned.

Disclaimer: Six Feet Under belongs to Alan Ball. I don't claim to own it, although I do claim Claire as my official fuck buddy. Yeah!

A single tree stood on a green filled hill, watching every driver that took no notice and drove off into the daily races of work and school. It was an amazing tree, but somehow forgotten as it stood, branches extending and roots digging into the ground. Perfect in all its loneliness. It was located on the edge of California in a deserted area next to the road that lead into another state.

Just further down that road, in the opposite direction leading back to California, there was a blue car making it's way ahead. Just moments before, Claire Fisher had stood to take one final snapshot of the life she would be leaving behind. Her family in Los Angles and the funeral home she had lived in her whole life. Fisher and Sons, recently became Fisher and Diaz, much to Federico's happiness. She could hear her late brother Nathaniel whispering into her ear, a last breath of sorrow:

"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

As her car made its way down the road, down the streets, she couldn't feel her hands anymore. They were completely numb from regret. She had no idea where she was going and what she would do when she got there. Would her family miss her when she leaves them behind? She could still see them waving from the front porch, still smiling, fake smiles but true hearts. The image of Nathaniel running behind her car, running … running with her … away from everything. Claire brushed the hair out of her eyes and sped up her car to escape the image of her older brother. He's dead. He's dead. He's fucking dead, Claire. Why was that so hard to face? She couldn't understand why letting go was so difficult when leaving something behind was not.

As she drove herself past the road, past the horizon, she spotted that lonely forgotten tree that stood on the green hill, making a silent nod to it. She saw it as a sign of hope, something to hold onto. The tree wasn't watching her in the same way it watched the others. She hadn't passed it by, she had seen it and felt it. No one else ever did. This one will drive off and become something special, it knew. Trees to road, to ocean to sky, Claire kept driving, passing the tree that, in her mind, symbolized what she had lost. Her brother … her father. It's branches would keep growing until nothing could touch it, not even her. Until the sky could hold it close and it's bark could feel the light from the heavens. But no matter how much it grew into that light, it's roots and its beginning would always remain six feet under.

I'm Sorry, I'm Lost