A/N: A story that crossovers of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHolic. So there will be 2 Sakura and (maybe 3 o.0) Syaoran and also Yuko and Watanuki in action with Fei Wang Reed and Xing Hou! XD

Chapter 1

'That bunch seems unstoppable! They seem to get the feathers of the hime one after another!' Fai Wang Reed said cursing Sakura and the others after watching them just successfully retrieve another feather.

'They seem to be a strong bunch,' Xing Hou said. 'Never giving up especially that boy Syaoran. Do you think he'll wake up?'

'I sure hope so and soon.'

'Well he has made sudden movements that affected Syaoran like the one that happened in the battle between Yasha and Ashura and also in Rekoruto country in the fight with the guardian of the Book of Memories. And that Kurogane always fighting beside him is keeping his fifth vow. That magician Fai D. Flourite has broken his promise.'

'Well I heard that there's this other world which has 2 people with the same name as the hime and Syaoran. The world is said to be modern say Tokyo, Japan.'

'Really? So many worlds but then they might have different attributes.'

'Their occupations are different but their characteristics are the same. So they would make perfect bait … that's because if either one of them is eliminated … then the other one will also be gone.'

'Then what if the witch comes along?'

'Then I'll crush her.'

- - - - - -

'Interesting …' Yuko said sneering at the large pan of water on the floor. 'Another dimension yet the same time: Two Tokyo and they are both modern. I wonder … Oh Watanuki-kun!'

'Yes!' Watanuki appeared sliding the door hard. Maru and Moro were clinging to his arms saying 'Play! Play!' and the black mokona on top of his head. Yuko sneered at him. Watanuki gave a confused look. Don't tell me she called me here for nothing …

'Bring me sake!' Yuko said happily.

Mokona jumped off Watanuki's head and joined Yuko. 'Yay! Sake! Go Watanuki-kun! Get sake!'

'I am not a servant to that little black puff ball!' Watanuki yelled.

'Ah well … then we'll die. Oh Mokona-chan … is this the end for us?' Yuko said. 'If Watanuki-kun won't get sake then we'll die.'

'Mokona is afraid to die,' Mokona said.

Yuko gave a smart look. '… not to mention that his wish will never come true! Ahahahah!'

'Fine! I'll get sake! I don't even know if it's going to be true or not.' Watanuki said and went to get sake.

'So Mokona-chan are you ready to give us an adventure?'

'Where is Yuko-san going?' Mokona asked.

'To modern day Japan.'

'But this is already modern day Japan.'

Yuko looked at the pan of water. 'But they said there's this modern day Japan with certain characters that we don't think exists in this modern day Japan. Two dimensions the same time.'

'I'll try.'

'Good. Now we just have to wait till the sake comes then we can go!'

'Is Watanuki-kun coming too?'

'Who wouldn't take Watanuki-kun? He's such a helpful slave!' Yuko pressed Mokona to her cheek.

'I am no slave! And I am not going to where ever you are going!' Watanuki said.

'Oh! Watanuki-kun's back! Now bring me the sake!'

'That's it! I'm buying you some kind of alcohol patch or something that will prevent you from drinking sake!'

'Awww … Isn't that mean? Ah well no wish come true!'

Watanuki clenched his fist. Yuko gave a smart look.

- - - - - -

'Tomoyo-chan!' Sakura called out.

Tomoyo turned around and saw Sakura running up to her. 'Sakura-chan!' Tomoyo waved.

'Yay! Syaoran-kun's coming back!'

'You have the bear he gave you. Oh … you, Sakura-chan, and Li-kun …' Tomoyo went to dream mode.

'Eheh … Tomoyo-chan …'

The two saw a plane land and they both knew it was Syaoran's plane.

'That must be Syaoran's plane!' Tomoyo said. 'It came at the time it's supposed to come!' They both went to the waiting area and couldn't wait for Syaoran to appear.

Moments later, Syaoran appeared.

'Syaoran-kun!' Sakura waved.

Syaoran waved. 'Sakura-chan.'

The two walked up to him. 'Welcome back.'

'I see you still have the bear I gave you,' Syaoran said.

Sakura knodded. 'I wouldn't lose it. If I did … I'll feel guilty.'

'Well let's hurry there then! Everyone's waiting for you Li-kun!' Tomoyo said.

'Where?' Syaoran asked.

'Tomoeda School right?'

The three turned around and saw a mysterious looking lady that looked like a witch and another guy holding what it looked like a black puff ball.

'Who are you?' Sakura asked.

'I am from modern day Japan,' the lady said.

'But this is modern day Japan,' Syaoran said.

'I'm from modern day Japan in a different dimension. You must be Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan is …' She looked at Sakura. 'You! Kawaii!'

Everyone seems to say that … Sakura thought.

'Well see you around and always be aware of what's going to happen. Fate is unpredictable and Syaoran-kun … keep Sakura-chan by you. Who knows what's going to happen to her.'

'What's going to happen!' Syaoran said.

'Let's go slave.'

'I am not your slave!' the guy said. The puff ball floated and opened its mouth. Some kind of light came out and shrouded the two. 'Remember keep her by you always,' the lady said. And when they were both fully shrouded by light it shrank to ball size and Mokona put it in its mouth. Then Mokona disappeared.

'What just happened now?' Tomoyo asked.

'I don't know but … I've got a feeling that I really have to stay by Sakura-chan's side,' Syaoran said.

- - - - - -

Syaoran looked at Sakura happily playing with Fai and Mokona under the cherry blossom trees. Syaoran sighed then smiled …

'You like Sakura-chan don't you?' Kurogane asked.

Syaoran blushed. 'I . . .!'

'Just remember that she's a dear one to you already. Protect her always.'

'Hai. Do you consider us dear ones though?'

'Why ask?'

'You're protecting us with all you've got. It's your fifth vow right?'

Kurogane closed his eyes then knodded.

'Puu! Kuropun likes us!' It was Mokona who was suddenly sitting on Kurogane's shoulder.

'Why you!' Kurogane started chasing after Mokona.

'Looks like the two get along pretty well,' Fai said.

'Does Kurogane really like us?' Sakura asked. Syaoran smiled. Sakura knew what he meant and smiled as well.

Suddenly the surroundings grew dark, into a deep red. 'What's going on?' Kurogane said.

'It might be them,' Syaoran said. Syaoran and Kurogane got ready.

'Syaoran-kun!' Sakura was starting to disappear into a portal.

'Hime! Grab my hand.' Syaoran reached and managed to get hold of Sakura's hand. He started to pull her out. Kurogane even helped. The portal was too strong though and the two were getting dragged.

'Use your magic!' Kurogane said.

'This magic is very strong and way excelled over my magic,' Fai said. 'I believe that only one person may stand up to this power … the Space-Time Witch.'

'Hey puff ball! Call her!'

'Ok!' Mokona tried projecting a screen but it faded. 'I can't call her and … I'm starting to not feel so good.'

'The magic is too strong for Mokona,' Fai said. 'And there's a magic barrier set upon him to prevent calling her.'

'Just great!' Kurogane and Syoran tried harder.

'Hime!' All that was left of Sakura was her hand and the two were trying to not make it disappear.

'We have to let go,' Kurogane said.

'But hime …!' Syaroan said.

'You, where do you think this portal might head to?'

'I have no idea,' Fai said. 'But I sense the portal is only for Sakura-chan. The two of you will be repelled.'

'I can't hold much longer …' Syaoran couldn't hold anymore and let go. 'Sakura-chan!'

'Syaoran-kun!' The portal slowly disappeared and everything went back to normal.

'Hime …' Syaoran fell to his knees. 'Hime!'

- - - - - -

The surroundings grew dark, into a deep red. They stepped out of Tomoyo's limousine to see what was going on.

'What's going on?' Tomoyo wandered.

'Syaoran-kun!' Sakura was grabbed by this soldier like creature. 'Help!'

'Sakura-chan!' Syaoran transformed his sword and used Time. Everything went still except the creature. 'Dammit it won't work!'


Syaoran couldn't get up because of magic use. He tried reaching to Sakura and Sakura tried reaching. When both hands were about to grab each other Sakura was pulled away into a portal which disappeared afterwards. 'Syaoran-kun!'


- - - - -

'It has started,' Fai Wang Reed said.

- - - - -

'The battle has started,' Yuko said.

A/N: Well that's end of chapter 1! Tune in for next time! Everything starts!
Everyone at Tomoeda School is worried about why they aren't there yet and Syaoran tries asking help from the witch via Mokona but Mokona is still not well. What will Yuko do?