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Chapter 6

A huge droplet landed on a platform and burst open. There appeared the whole bunch! Quite a number. They were all in a pile on top of one another, Kurogane being at the bottom and Tomoyo sitting at the top with the white Mokona on her head and Cerberus, who seemed to have turned back to Kero sat on Tomoyo's lap. Tomoyo hopped off and everyone got up off each other and brushed themselves off. Syaoran (CC) looked all around amazed, so was Tomoyo and had her camera ready and filmed all around.

'This is an amazing place,' Syaoran (CC) said.

'Wow look at this place!' Tomoyo filmed the flying vehicles all flying around busy like in traffic and all futuristic buildings.

'We're back in Piffle World and once we meet her I think you'll have a surprise, Tomoyo-chan,' Syaoran (TC) said.

Tomoyo looked at Syaoran (TC) questioningly. 'Her?'

Someone came running, emerged from around the wall. It was Tomoyo, president of the Piffle Princess Company and as usual following her are her bodyguards. They reached the bunch and Tomoyo greeted them. 'Hello and welcome back.'

'It's good to see that everything around here are running well,' Syaoran (TC) said.

'Yes everything is running quite well,' Tomoyo noticed that they had more companions, one of them looking like Syaoran (TC). 'Nice to meet you all. I'm Tomoyo Daidouji, president of the Piffle Princess Company.'

All those from Tokyo (CC), introduced themselves. And when it came to the introductions with look-alikes it was a bit awkward.

'I'm Syaoran Li from Tokyo, another world and so are everyone else that you've newly met,' Syaoran (CC) said. 'I was surprised that there are versions of me in other worlds.'

Tomoyo (TC) nodded. 'It seems there's a copy of me too.'

'Hi, I'm also Tomoyo Daidouji,' Tomoyo (CC) said.

'Wow an exact copy of me,' Tomoyo (TC) said. She looked all around Tomoyo (CC). 'Dresses what I'd like to dress, do you design your own costumes?

'Why yes and I dress them to Sakura-chan, my friend and I tape it on my video camera,' Tomoyo (CC) said showing her video camera.

'You are like me! I see you've befriended her! Speaking of Sakura-chan where is she?'

'She was kidnapped and is now being held in captive,' Syaoran (TC) said.

Tomoyo (TC) was shocked. 'That's terrible! What happened?!'

'Long story.'

- - - - - -

All of them were now seated in a pretty red room that has a large window overlooking towards the city. Even the furniture was red. Everything that has happened was explained to Tomoyo (TC).

'So you didn't mean the Sakura-chan I know. You have a Sakura of your own,' Tomoyo said. 'It seems that we're all very connected, Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan especially. Though I can't say I've seen anything resembling a Crossover Petal.'

'Well there might be one around anyway,' Kurogane said. 'So we search more carefully. If that witch did the entire job for us we wouldn't have so much trouble in finding them!'

'And what would you give up for that?' Fai said. 'Your sword?'

'I already gave her the most important sword I once possessed. And yet it's in the risk of being sold to someone else!'

'Are you sure that sword was even the actual one?' Fai gave a smart look which at the same time emitted dark aura. Kurogane was curious. 'Well shall we start searching then? From the smallest crack to the widest open space.'

They all nodded.

'I'll have assistants to take you to places and also help you search,' Tomoyo (TC) said.

- - - - - -

Syaoran (CC) leaned against the end of the airship and looked at the city. 'Whoa …! This place is big and this ship is cool.'

'And at the front it just looks like this,' Tomoyo (CC) said pointing at Kero who sat on the table motionless like a stuffed toy. Both Tomoyos sat with each other at a table whilst everyone else were scattered around the ship minding their own business.

Tomoyo (TC) picked up Kero. 'He's cute.' Tomoyo squeezed him a little and Kero tried to keep his choke inside but couldn't keep it and choked. Tomoyo received a shock and dropped him on the table.

Kero lay choking on the table. 'Hey watch it lady!'

'I'm sorry … Wow you're alive.'

'Yes,' Tomoyo (CC) said. 'His name is Kero-chan. He is a guardian of a …' Tomoyo tried to find words to replace Clow Cards. '… legendary magical function. So is the other one called Yue. He is the winged one. That is his true form he has a normal human form so he was able to dwell among normal civilians. Kero-chan here is the same. His true form is a winged lion.'

'So what is this legendary magical function?' Tomoyo (TC) asked.

'It's called Clow Cards. They are several different elemental cards that Sakura is able to summon. Syaoran-kun is capable of summoning a few as well. They were made by Clow Reed. Sakura with the help of Syaoran has been collecting these cards. I've been making all her costumes and film the action that takes place.'

'I'd like to see them some day. I'm sure your Sakura is just as adorable as the one I know.'

'I'd like to see her someday too.'

'So can your Syaoran cast any of those cards?'

'A couple. Syaoran-kun!' Tomoyo (CC) called and both Syaorans came over. oo; 'Eheh … the Syaoran-kun that I know.'

'Oh sorry,' Syaoran (TC) said.

'That's fine you can stay and watch if you want.'


'Syaoran-kun, Tomoyo-chan wants to see you summon a Clow Card.'

Syaoran (CC) nodded, took a couple of steps backward and took out the Time card and summoned it. Everything except who was on board and the airship itself became still. Everyone went to the edge of the ship and looked all around. Everything was still. All air vehicles were frozen in mid-air like levitating sculptures. All driven vehicles were frozen as well as all civilians.

Syaoran (CC) noticed a person walking down below and found it weird. 'Hey someone's walking. It doesn't seem to be affected to Time.' Everyone looked down and saw someone with a large clump of black hair and assumingly a largely red hair clip. She was walking along the road.

'Let's go check it out,' Syaoran (TC) said. The ship landed somewhere distant from the person, but not too distant and started following her after. They had a full view of her now. She was wearing a dress that was black with red patterns. A sharp pain struck Syaoran's (TC) right eye but Syaoran kept it in by closing his eyelid and clenching his teeth. Only Kurogane noticed but didn't say a thing. They followed the person and she led them to an immensely large park full of sakura trees. 'Maybe she's looking for the petals too. We have to make sure. Mokona, can you get through to Yuko for us?'

Mokona nodded and from the orb of her head a projection showed up. Yuko was then being showed. 'Well hello there. Miss me already that you're calling me?' Yuko said.

'No-one in the world would miss you,' Kurogane mumbled.

Yuko sneered at Kurogane. 'That sword of yours is going for auction.'

'I know you'll never do that.'

'Oh I can have a clear away.'

'I don't think you'll go cheap.'

'Why thank you! Didn't know Kurogane-san can say such nice things. The softer side is always where it hits the most in stronger people.'

'Anyway we'd like to confirm something,' Syaoran (TC) said. 'Do you know someone with immensely amounts of hair with something red on it and dresses black with red patterns?'

'Ah I see … So she's there …'

'You know her?'

'Of course! Legion against legion she's part of your enemies.'

'Really … is she strong?'

'I don't know she hasn't shown any skills of sorcery or armed combat.'

'Well still we need to be careful. Well thank you.'

'See you around.' And Mokona turned off the projector.

The park was surrounded by a high wall and only the front gates seemed to be the only way out. They all came closer hiding behind the wall just peering over towards the woman. Then several goons appeared out of nowhere and went to her. She gave some sort of instruction and the goons all scattered and went shuffling through the sakura trees and started looking for something. A few goons though stayed with her.

'That's a lot of service,' Fai said.

'A few stayed with her,' Kurogane said. He noticed Tomoyo (CC) videocam-ing all this. 'How can you video at a time like this?'

'I've always had,' Tomoyo (CC) said. 'I've done it many times before.'

'That's a good idea …' Tomoyo (TC) said. 'I should've done the same.'

'You may stop hiding now. There's no need,' the woman suddenly said.

'She's referring to us,' Fai said. 'Oh what do we do?'

'Right,' Kurogane said. 'All those who can fly can go and hunt for the goons searching. The rest should be able to do a direct attack in different directions.' They all nodded and Kero turned into Keroberos.

'So that's his true form …' Tomoyo (TC) said in curious wonder.

'Right,' Kurogane said. 'One … two … three … go!'

Kurogane, both Syaorans, Fai and the guards that accompanied along all charged to the woman and goons with her all of them breaking off after surrounding them. Yue and Keroberos flew over and went to those goons that were searching.

'Fools,' the woman said.

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