The Message Said

Summery; In which, Sirius accidentally sends a message meant for James, to Remus. The problem with this? The message holds Sirus' confession of love for Remus. Now, he is on a mission to retrieve the message before Remus reads it.

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Chapter 1:

Did I Say Love? I Meant Indifference.

'I think you should tell him.' James' slanted writing read, as it popped up on Sirius' notebook pages.

Sirius moaned in annoyance, 'We are not talking about this again.' He wrote back, whispering James' name quietly as he finished.

As the text disappeared from Sirius' page, he reflected again on how wonderful an invention the enchanted quills they had were. They had invented them in third year, with the help of all the Marauders, creating a quill which; when you write something on your page of paper, you simply whisper the name of the person you want it sent to, and the message disappears only to reappear on the paper in front of them at the time (or the last piece of parchment they used) and they can read the message. They had used the quills ever since as a brilliant way to sneak messages to each other during classes, after getting caught passing notes one too many times.

As James looked down on his page, in the right corner of the parchment, the last message from Sirius disappeared and the new message reappeared. James snickered.

'Oh yes, we are talking about this again! You have to tell him.' James wrote, whispering Sirius' name.

Sirius grunted, bemused, from his position two seats away from James, with Remus in the middle of them, and Peter on James' left, as was their usual seats in History of Magic.

'I do not have to tell him, he never even has to know.' Sirius scrawled onto the page, looking every bit as though he were taking notes, as was the beauty of the enchanted quills.

He heard James scoff a few seconds later as the message reappeared on his notebook.

'Rubbish. Stop being a prat and tell him! It's not like he would reject you or anything.' The new text read.

Sirius stared at the last message for a few minutes. For that was exactly what he was afraid of; rejection. Sirius was not rejected often, but if he was to be rejected by this person, he was not sure he could handle it.

Sirius turned his head and looked at Remus, who sat next to him and was probably the only one actually taking notes on the class.

Sirius had always admired Remus for his unique beauty. Although many would say that boys could never be called 'beautiful', there was simply no other word to describe Remus. With his longish auburn hair, that just fell into his eyes (and in the most adorable way); his pallad, cream coloured skin; and his startling amber and gold-flecked eyes. To Sirius, Remus was the most beautiful creature alive.

But he could never hope to tell Remus that.

'How do you know?' Sirius wrote back, whispering "James.".

James was the only one that knew of Sirius' more-than-platonic love for Remus, as he had told him in the summer of last year, when he was staying at James' house. James had been supportive ever since, remembering how he had felt before Lily had fallen in love with him, he understood Sirius' pain.

'I just know.' James wrote back simply, saying "Sirius." louder this time, both to the parchment and to get Sirius' attention.

Sirius looked up from his page and his eyes' met James', who had a very serious look on his face, imploring him. Sirius sighed.

'I just can't James.' He wrote back, whispering his name to get the conversation back to the silence of the pages, then continued before James could argue, 'I'm afraid he won't feel the same.'

James was almost reeling with frustration, 'What's the worst that can happen anyway?' He wrote, 'Even if he doesn't feel the same, which I'm sure he does, he would never be horrible about it towards you! Especially because its you! He cares about you, Padfoot.'

Sirius was also getting defensive by now, 'He could get angry! Or tell me we can't be friends anymore! What if he's disgusted by me?' Sirius wrote sadly.

James frowned. They both knew that Remus wasn't like that.

'You Git, the most he would ever say is; "Oh, I'm sorry, Pads. I don't like you that way, but lets still be friends." And then you'd be exactly where you are now! Except then you would know you had at least tried!' James wrote back in a furious flourish, trying to convince his friend with logic. This time Sirius heard James whisper his name in an erratic breath, obviously angry at him.

'Goddamn it Prongs!' Sirius wrote, then followed by; 'No, I will not tell Moony that I love him!'

"Sirius?" Remus asked Sirius, interrupting him.

"Yes, Remus?" Sirius asked as he looked up from his book, his anger immediately dispersing as he gazed into Remus' soothing amber orbs.

"I-" Remus started, but was cut off by the teacher announcing;

"Class dismissed!"

Peter jumped up, "Lunch time!" He yelled with excitement, to the laughter of many classmates.

"Never mind." Remus relinquished shyly, and slipped out of the class ahead of him.

Sirius shrugged and turned back to his parchment, only to see the text was gone. Had he already whispered James' name? He didn't remember doing that...

Then, with a dread that hit his heart like a racing broomstick, remembered the one name he had said, and whose notebook his message must be written in.


'Oh shit.' He thought.

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