The Message Said

Summery: In which, Sirius accidentally sends a message meant for James to Remus, the problem with this? The message tells of his love for Remus. Now, he is on a mission to retrieve the message before Remus reads it.

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A/N: -Emerald sniffs- It's sad, I know, but this is the end! -Emerald blows her nose with a tissue- Ah, but the story did so well... I'm really glad so many of you enjoyed this story! I really loved writing it.

So, here we are, an eplilogue for you all! Just a but of an ending, to show you a but of what happens after it all... and Lily's a major fangirl :)

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"A- a- achoo!" Sirius sneezed loudly, wiping his nose with a tissue, before laying back down and settling next to the warm body currently sharing his bed. "I feel all droopy."

Remus groaned in agreement, and turned himself over so he could see Sirius, who looked at him bleakly, and offered him the tissue box.

Remus shook his head and laughed lightly, "Serves us right for staying out in the rain all day."

Sirius rolled his eyes, but grinned and pulled Remus closer to him, letting his hand trail down to his hip.

Sirius barked a laugh then, as he thought of something, "Remember the look on McGonagall's face when she found us last night?"

Remus felt squeamish as the thought, but laughed as well. After McGonagall had found them under the oak tree, soaked to the bone from the rain and holding into each other intimately, she had assumed they had gotten away from the castle to spend time alone together, and had given them 'the talk' when they returned to the castle.

"I've never been more embarrassed in my life," Remus laughed, "After getting the talk from McGonagall!"

"Yeah," Sirius agreed, "Old Minnie did go a bit overboard… and when she tried to tell us about a blowjob!"

They both laughed heartily then, the disturbing and hilarious memory forever burned into their minds, before they started coughing and settled down.

"You look smexy." Sirius said playfully, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Remus snorted, which turned quickly into a sneeze of his own, before he raised a delicate eyebrow and replied; "I'm sick, my nose is dribbling, and I sound like I have a speech impediment."

Sirius just smiled back, "Yeah, but you're cute when you're sick..."

Remus blushed, but smiled and smacked Sirius' arm, feigning a scolding look.

Sirius countered by kissing Remus' cheek a little sloppily, gaining confidence as he kissed down to Remus' neck.

Remus gasped softly as he felt Sirius' tongue travel over the pulse in his neck.

Sirius smirked, and slipped his hand deftly under Remus' shirt.

Remus moaned then, louder than he had intended, before he brought his fingers through Sirius' black mane of hair, and pulled his head up so their lips met.

Sirius moved their lips together leisurely, letting his hand come to rest on the side of Remus' face, as he was about to slip his tongue through Remus' soft lips -

"Hey, Siri, I-" James called out as he opened the door to their dormroom, instantly coming to a halt when he saw what they were doing.

Much to Remus and Sirius' embarrassment, Lily stood next to him, starring with her mouth undaintily hanging open.

Remus and Sirius seised their 'activities', their lips coming apart with a soft 'pop'. Remus blushed madly, while Sirius just grinned sheepishly.

"Damnit you guys!" James exclaimed in fake annoyance, his relieved smile betraying his act, "Can't you guys keep your hands off each other even when you're sick? You've scarred Lily!"

Lily continued to stare rudely, eyes bulging.

"Er..." Remus supplied intelligently.

"THAT WAS HOT!" Lily suddenly cried, flailing her arms in emphasis.

All three boys stared at her in shock.

"What?!" James yelled, a little embarrassed at his girlfriend's blatant appraisal. "Lily!"

"What?" She asked, unashamed, "It is!"

Sirius grinned proudly, "Thanks, Tiger-Lily!"

"Don't call me that."




Lily was quiet for a moment, looking thoughtful, before she smiled. "Sure, why not?"

"Hoorah!" Remus cried.

They all looked at him questioningly, and he just blushed deeper. "I was nervous..."

Sirius kissed his cheek comfortingly, and Remus smiled a little, looking away from him in embarrassment.

"Aw..." Lily sighed; smiling like any fangirl would in this situation. "If only I had a camera..."

James sighed with exasperation, before holding out a camera for her.

Lily squealed and hugged James quickly in appreciation (with James grinning from the attention), before she started snapping shots rapidly at Remus and Sirius, coming over to the bed to get right in their faces.

"Come on, boys! Do something!" She coaxed.

Remus glared at her, and muttered something akin to "Pervert..."

"All right! That's enough!" James yelled, coming over and grabbing Lily by the waist, starting to drag her out of the room, "Let's leave these guys alone now, their sick after all!"

"Oh, come on! They don't mind! Do you boys?" She called, as she was promptly extracted from the dorm, James giving them a 'Hurry up and get well' look before closing the door.

Sirius turned and grinned at Remus, "Looks like mother and father approve." He joked.

Remus laughed, before giving Sirius a mischievous look, pushing him off of him for a moment, leaning over to grab the curtains.

"What are you doing?" Sirius asked with a curious smile on his face.

"Oh... nothing..." Remus said innocently as he pulled the curtains closed.

Peter sat down in the common room, sitting next to James and Lily on the couch in front of the fireplace, as he heard a strange groan coming from upstairs.

"What was that?" He asked fearfully, looking towards his friends.

Lily giggled before James elbowed her to be quiet, and turned comfortingly to the fourth Marauder, "I'm sure it's nothing Pete." He replied.

"I hope it's not more poltergeists floating around the dorms!" He said with horror.

"Oh yes," Lily muttered, grinning, "I'm sure that must be it."

James laughed with her then, and Peter starred at them in confusion.

"Everyone's gone mad..." Peter said, which just caused James and Lily to laugh louder.

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