Texas Style Haunting


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Author's note:

I have been doing some research on urban legends, wanting to do a story based on one and not just the demon, though I do enjoy a good evil demon I wanted to do something different. I came across the legend based on Fuller's Park in Athens Texas. First up I do apologise to anyone who may live in Athens, Texas, as I have never been there, in fact I have never been outside Australia. I am basing this story on what I have read in doing the research so if anyone knows it and can give me more info I would greatly appreciate it.

Basically, from what I have read it is a wildlife park in Athens where there are the graves of a mysterious preacher and his wife it is reported to be haunted around the area of their graves, temperature drops and all. Apparently, in the middle of summer the chains surrounding the graves are icy cold. Also, there are reports of monkeys kept there in a private zoo once and were let go apparently by the preacher the animals subsequently went mad and according to one version killed the preacher. A series of tunnels under the town where the entrances when marked on a map form a pentagram. It is also supposed to be popular with cultists and Satanists for their rituals.

So anyway that is the basis I am adding my own spin to it for the boys to do a good old fashioned ghost hunt. And on that note, here is the first chapter ... enjoy and if you feel so inclined ... review it please.


The stalled car glinted in the moonlight, two young women sat terrified in the front seat, the auto club said that they were coming but they were still not there after an hour of waiting. The wind picked up rustling through the tall pine trees, sending the scent of pine permeating throughout the night air.

'We have to get going Anne.'

'I know Sally but where? Do you want to go back into the park?'

'No, no not the park please Anne, I couldn't not again.'

'Please calm down Sally there is nothing to worry about.'

'Then what is? Oh my God Anne!' Sally screamed as she saw the misshapen shadows surrounding the car, and then the one human shaped one standing at the driver's side door. 'Get out Anne, get out now.' Sally opened her door and tried to run away from the car.

Screams of pain and horror echoed through the air, carrying across the large wooden bridge and then silence reigned once again. The scent of pine filling the air.


Sam stifled another yawn and glanced over at Dean who still slept fitfully, a small smile playing on his lips as he murmured in his sleep. Dreaming about something nice, Sam guessed. After such a rough patch the brothers found themselves in it was nice to be out on the open road and a job waiting for them.

Humming to himself, he watched the road and tapped his fingers in time to the music as the country side flashed by.

It was six months since their Dad had died, both Sam and Dean recovered well from their own injuries but their hearts were still in desperate need of healing, their fractured souls barely held together but they kept going, doing what they knew, what they felt comfortable with, continuing the hunt.

The rolling hills of East Texas came into view Sam reached over and gave Dean's cheek a soft tap, 'Dude come on wakey, wakey.'

'Wha-what?' Dean jumped open and stared around blearily.

'Wake up sleeping beauty.' Sam grinned, 'we're about an hour out of Athens.'

'Texas already?' Dean sat up and scrubbed at his eyes with the heels of his hands, 'how long have I been sleeping?'

'Ah about eight or so hours I guess, not sure haven't really paid attention.' Sam laughed at the sleepy look on Dean's face, 'it must have been some kind of dream Dude.'

'Yeah it was, why didn't you wake me?'

'You needed to sleep.'

'So you do Dude, when was the last time you had a good night's sleep?'

'Not sure, but I'm fine Dean honestly and I'm not the one who had a big crack in my skull.'

'You are not gonna let me get over that are you?'

'Nope, I just wonder why you haven't had anymore sense knocked into you that's all.'

'That is so low Dude.'

'Hey don't distract the driver!' Sam grinned cheekily; it was good to see Dean starting to smile again.

'So why are we going to Athens again?'

'Okay there have been reports of rituals in Fuller's park, and reports of two murders and another three people missing. All in their early twenties, single and loners apparently. Legend has it that the park is haunted by a preacher Mr Fuller and his wife who are buried in the centre of the park.'

'Ah okay so we got cults, ghosts, murders, and missing people sounds like our kind of gig.'

'Yeah that's what I thought, oh and another thing I found on the web, was that there is a series of tunnels under the town, with entrances at different buildings culminating at the courthouse, map it out and it makes a pentagram.'

'Well that's the deal breaker isn't it.' Dean grinned, 'how much longer?'

'Umm should be just about in Athens, I have the directions to the park written down but maybe we get settled and do some more research before we go to the park.'

'No problemo Geek boy, you do the library thing you do so well and I'll scope out the locals.'

'Dean ...'

'What?' Dean glanced at him with an air of innocence. 'Just gonna check out to see if anyone knows the missing people.'

'According to reports the last two to go missing were sisters, Anne and Sally Douglass, Anne was twenty and Sally twenty-three. Their car was found abandoned on the park side of the bridge, all of the windows smashed and blood stains led away from the car but then nothing.'

'Sounds nasty.' Dean commented, 'okay there's a motel just ahead, yep they have vacancies.'

Twenty minutes later the brothers finished hauling their equipment and bags into the ground floor room and settled in enough for the next few days. The room small but tidy and spotlessly clean, a small nook at one end had a bar fridge, kettle, microwave oven, toaster and a coffee maker. Just in front of there, a small table with two chairs nestled in front of a large window. The bathroom again spotlessly clean smelt of pine cleaner. The shower over the bath had a clear plastic curtain enclosing it and the bath itself was an old-fashioned claw-footed deep bath, the vanity had a good supply of travel sized toiletries. Two white towels neatly folded on the edge of the vanity, and another two hung from hooks on the wall. For the price it was a well kept and nicely furnished motel.

'Now this is what I like.' Dean sighed as he sank down on the soft bed, 'Dude we fluked this one.'

'Yeah that's true.' Sam said standing at the window he stared out at the pine forest and hills in the distance.

'Hey earth to Sam, what's up Dude?'

'Dunno, just feel like ... someone is watching us.'

'Sammy come on no paranoia this time, just an easy haunting, salt and burn that's it.'

'Yeah you're right, so what do you want to do now?'

'Food, could go a nice big thick juicy burger and fries ... maybe some pie afterwards – what?'

'Dean your stomach must be made of cast-iron.'

'Hardy-ha-ha Sammy boy, come on it's feeding time at the zoo.' Dean grinned and raced Sam to the car, 'nope my baby I drive.'

'Whatever Dude, although maybe you should see someone about that.'

'About what?'

'Your unhealthy love affair with your car.' Sam laughed as he folded himself into the passenger seat.

'Don't listen to him baby.' Dean said soothingly stroking the steering wheel.

'You are so twisted.' Sam laughed even harder.

Slowly they drove down the main street and found a park just outside a small diner, 'looks good.' Dean said pulling in, he watched a couple of young woman walk passed the car, 'yep looks really good.'

'Dean what about feeding time?'

'Huh? Oh yeah come one whatcha hanging around here for?' Dean jumped out of the car and strolled into the café.

'Hey there, I'm Wendy and I'm your waitress.' A pretty redhead smiled at Dean as he sauntered up to the counter, 'ya'll sitting in to eat?'

'Yep sure am Wendy.'

'There's a booth just over there, here's your menus and I'll be right there to take your orders.'

'Thanks Wendy oh could I get two coffees first up please.'

'I'll bring em over.' Wendy smiled but when she saw Sam come in and join Dean, her smile faltered as she stared up at his blue-green eyes. 'Hey welcome to Athens.'

'Hey.' Sam mumbled back and then followed Dean over to the booth, 'that was weird.'

'Dude you are so gonna have to work on your approach to the ladies.' Dean chuckled, his gaze still fixed on Wendy as she worked behind the counter. 'Got us coffee coming.'

'Thanks, Dean ... do you get a weird vibe here?' Sam asked a frown creasing his forehead.

'Nope not really, what? Don't tell me your shining is starting to shine again?'

'Dunno just I got a strange feeling that's all.' Sam looked up as Wendy put their coffees down in front of them, 'thanks.'

'Ready to order?' Wendy smiled brightly at Dean and ignored Sam, 'I can recommend the cheeseburger deluxe.'

'Sounds good to me.' Dean grinned, 'Sammy?'

'Yeah whatever.' Sam said sounding distracted.

'Two deluxe cheeseburgers thanks Wendy.'

'Coming right up Darlin' anything else?'

'Two side salads and fries as well, thanks.'

Wendy bounced off leaving the brothers alone, 'Dude that was downright weird.' Dean said as soon as she was out of earshot.

'It's okay I guess Dean.' Sam said though the good humour was gone from his voice.

'No, it's not, it was plain rude I'm gonna...'

'No don't please Dean it's not that bigga deal.'

'What's up Sam you've been quiet ever since we came into town.'

'I ah I dunno Dean, it's like this thing is sitting on my shoulder but I can't see it, feel it or move it, it's just there.'

'Something to do with your spidey sense?'

'Could be ... though I haven't had a vision or anything.'

'True, so we do what we came to do and get outta here, sounds like a plan to me.' Dean said as he watched Wendy come over with their food, 'heads up she's back.' He whispered.