Texas Style Haunting

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Dean watched the doctor administer CPR to Sam, pausing to check the pulse rate and breathes every so often, when the paramedics arrived and with the use of the defibrillator, they finally got Sam's heart restarted. An oxygen mask over his face and with heart monitor pads placed carefully around his damaged chest eased his distress slightly as they carefully lifted him onto the stretcher. Once they had him settled, one of the paramedics helped the doctor work around Sam's knee while the other one went to check on Dean.

'Please just make sure that my brother is alright.' Dean pushed the older man away with his good arm and tried to get closer to Sam, 'I just need to make sure.'

'I'll make a deal with ya, you let me put that shoulder in a sling and bandage you up a bit and I'll let you ride in the bus with your brother.' The paramedic said standing firmly between the two brothers.

'Okay, sure whatever,' Dean kept his stare fixed on Sam's pale face, 'but no drugs, I don't want anything that can knock me out.'

'Whatever you say tough guy,' the Paramedic grinned and managed to steer Dean back over to one of the cots, 'okay let's see what we have here, damn that is one nasty looking shoulder, you sure you don't want any pain relief?'

'Just do what you gotta do...Kevin is it?' Dean squinted at the man's name tag and then returned his steady gaze towards Sam.

'Yeah and you are?'

'Dean, that's Sam,' he replied automatically, 'can't let him die on me Kevin, can't let him die.'

'Chris is a great paramedic he really is in good hands, same with the doc too, so now can we fix you up?'


'Wanna tell me what happened to you guys?' Kevin asked as he finished bandaging Dean's shoulder and carefully placed the sling around his elbow and arm to stabilise it. 'Both of you look like you've been runover by a dozen trains.'

'Feels like that.' Dean muttered as he glanced up and saw the look in the sheriff's eyes, 'just wrong place at the wrong time Kevin, that's all.'

'Hmm yeah well both of you are lucky to be still breathing I can tell ya that for sure,' Kevin helped Dean up and guided him over to the ambulance where the doctor and Kevin's partner Chris had just finished loading Sam into. 'Watch the step there Dean...you okay kid you don't look so good.'

Dean opened his mouth to reply when he felt himself spiralling away, as the blackness took hold and he collapsed, toppling backwards onto Kevin. 'Damn it kid,' the paramedic swore under his breath as he lowered him onto the other stretcher, 'Chris get me another mask and ...' Kevin looked up and grinned when he saw his junior partner standing there with everything they needed to work on the older brother.

'Chris girl you gotta stop that.'

'Stop what?' Chris laughed batting her eyelashes innocently, 'I have no idea what you mean.'

'Ha...damn it Chris we're gonna have to intubate him his airways are closing up,' Kevin said as Sam's strangled attempts at breathing interrupted their light banter.

'Whoever worked over these two kids did a freaking great job on them,' Chris said as she finished up with Dean's IV and oxygen mask and turned to help her partner as he managed to slip the tube into Sam's throat.

'You bag him Chris, I'll drive.' Kevin said as he slammed the doors shut and ran for the driver's side door.

'I'll meet you there,' the doctor called over to Kevin from his car, 'St Catherine's hospital.'

'See ya there doc.' Kevin acknowledged the elderly man and then with sirens blasting he raced through the streets to the hospital.


Dean sat up in his bed, his shoulder throbbed dully, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart. He kept thinking of Sam's whispered idea of getting rid of their unwelcome tormentor, cut out the brand, cut out the pastor.

He glanced over at Sam, at least they were in the same room although both were embarrassingly handcuffed to their beds and had the sheriff's deputies posted outside. 'Great, guarded by possessed keystone cops.' Dean ground out. Sam lay quietly staring at the ceiling, his blown knee in a traction sling with a drainage tube running from it kept him immobile and moody.

Even Dean only received one-worded answers from his younger brother, or snapped sarcasm if pushed too far. Annoying the shit out of Dean coz he is the one with the ghost hiding in him, not Sam he was just the sacrifice.

'Sacrifice huh?' Dean pushed his covers off and swung his feet over the edge of the bed, 'hmmm what does it take to be a sacrificial offering these days?' he mused aloud his voice changing slightly, 'perfect innocence? Or perhaps it is naivety? Damn it maybe just coz you're too weak to do anything about it.'

'What are you on about Dean?' Sam snapped turning his head he saw the different look to Dean's eyes and his demeanour, 'what have you done with my brother?'

'Oh he's here with me, I just needed a breather.' The Pastor grinned maniacally, 'so how's things going Samuel? How's the knee?'


'Ah I see, so you will be able to take a little trip with me then.'

'Uh we do have an armed guard on our door or did you forget that?'

'That's for you boys, but me? I can just stroll straight out of here and no one will think twice about it.'

'What are you?' Sam asked his green eyes darkening with pent-up anger, 'you were a man of God, how can you do this now?'

'God? God? What did he ever do for me ... I have spent my life trying to please him and what did he give me? A shrew of a wife, a parish of deadbeats and crazy monkeys.'

'What happened to your faith?'

'Faith dear boy, can only last for so long before you start to think of what else there is out there. That is when I met him, at least he doesn't renege on promises.'

'Who's him?'

'The Dark God, the one who rules the shadows, the nether regions and realms that you visit in your nightmares. He has taken me to his bosom and has me with granted eternal life.'

'So why the sacrifice? Why possess Dean if you are gonna get it all anyway?'

'Because the deal will be sealed tonight at the zenith of the dark moon, your brother's body will be mine permanently and he will no longer exist.'

'No!' Sam struggled to pull his leg out of the traction, 'I'm not going to let you have Dean no!'

'And how are you going to stop me dear boy? Gonna hop all over my grave?' he asked callously, 'no you will proved the sustenance and the sacrificial offering this evening, your grief for your brother's life will be intoxicating.'

'You're not gonna touch me,' Sam panted out as he dropped his numbed leg to the floor and scrambled out of the bed, 'I won't let that happen.'

'And what are you going to do about it?' the Pastor said coldly, tiring of the cat and mouse argument. 'Time is wasting Samuel it is time.'

'No!' Sam cried out emphatically, 'I know what I can do though.' His fingers wet with sweat and blood from his reopened wounds made them slippery but he finally managed to open the drawer of the bedside cabinet, grabbing the bible, his pocket knife and a small flask of water Sam collapsed to the floor as his good leg gave way propping himself up against the wall he started. Dipping the sharp knife's blade into the water Sam gripped the bible in one hand and the pocket knife in the other. 'This is for you Dean.' He muttered as he drove the knife's blade into his stomach at the top of the brand, the blessed water bubbling on contact with the hot burnt skin. Chanting in Latin and grasping the book, Sam vaguely acknowledged his own actions as he cut into the brand, releasing the foul fluids as the blade moved.

The pastor howled in fury as he watched Sam cutting into his brand, the food supply ruined, he could already feel the hold he had over Dean sliding away from him.

Dean dropped to his knees at Sam's side as the Pastor fought to retain control but as the knife blade sliced through the last part of the brand, the pastor lost the last of his control; and was forced out of Dean's body. As soon as the spectre gathered itself Dean slid lifelessly to the floor, screeching in fury it went to attack the two vulnerable boys when a wind picked up in the room, making Sam chant louder to hear himself above it. Screeching noises filled the room, hurting his ears, he could feel blood dripping from both of them as well as his nose.

Black shadows came away from the walls and grovelled at the feet of the pastor, all keening, and wailing at his demise. The wife of the pastor appeared and crouched down near Sam, she smiled and brushed a cold kiss on his forehead before turning to her husband, screaming no repeatedly Sam watched as she dragged him towards the centre of the room, made a cross sign over him and then they all vanished.

'Sam?' Dean whispered groping for his brother's hand, 'Sammy dude you still with me?'

'Dean?' Sam tried to sit up but the pain was too intense and he fell back against the wall, 'how you doing?'

'Fine, peachy keen in fact.' Dean ground out, 'feel like I have just gone ten rounds with the world's super, super heavy weight.'

'Mm me too, Dean I – I'm sorry.'

'What for?'

'I should have tried to do something to make him...'

'Sam you damn near gutted yourself so don't you apologise, do you hear me?' Dean snapped as he pulled himself up to a sitting position, 'Sam do you fucking hear me?'

'Yeah I fucking hear ya.' Sam shot back, 'I am so tired though Dean, so tired.'

'I know buddy but we're gonna have to get a few of those cute little nursies to help us get back in bed.'

'What about...the sheriff and...and...' Sam's eyes flickered and closed, a soft sigh of air escaped from his lungs as he slumped forward again.

'Fuck,' Dean swore under his breath, after two attempts he managed to snag the so-called panic button and screamed for help.


Sam stared at the crutches with disgust and heaved a big sigh, another six weeks on them, six weeks is a long time after spending three weeks flat on his back in hospital. Unable to sit up let alone to get up and walk. 'Three surgeries, two blood transfusions and one infection, and a partridge in a pear tree,' he muttered to himself as he waited for Dean, this time trapped in the hospital kept him lower than he even thought possible and now he was trapped again by two wooden and absurd looking pieces of medical apparatus.

'So Hoppy you ready to bust this joint?' Dean asked as he strode into the hospital room beaming happily, 'look at you, sitting there with your new legs...err I mean stilts...uh was it crutches?'

'Very funny Dean, keep it up and you might be wearing one.'

'So I got your wheels right here for you...'

'I am not leaving in that thing.' Sam hissed staring at the wheelchair with undisguised contempt.

'Well let me put it to you like it was put to me, he...meaning you Sammy, he will be released from hospital and must be in a wheelchair until he is off hospital property, end quote.'

Sam glared up at Dean wanting to vent his anger on someone or something thing, 'I got their stupid crutches why do they want me to, to ride in that?'

'Because they don't want you to fall over and have to be readmitted, I mean let's face it Sammy, you're not the model patient, slicing your own stomach open like that...lucky you had me or they would have to lock you up with the other crazies.'

Sam levered himself up and made the few awkward steps to the wheelchair and dropped down in it, refusing to give in to Dean's barbs and attempts at humour Sam slunk down in the wheelchair and waited for his brother to escort him from the hospital.


After driving for an hour in silence Sam finally took a breath and turned his head to look at Dean, 'so what happened to the sheriff and his deputies?'

'No one knows, apparently all there was left of them were little piles of ashes, the sheriff, the doc, the deputies and two shopkeepers, bang down just like that.'

'Wow, that's what makes an urban legend isn't it?' Sam smirked showing his deep dimples.

'Yeah I guess it does Sammy, but I tell ya what we're not going to go back and check it out.'

'Nope I think we both deserve a vacation after this one.'

'You said vacation!' Dean exclaimed slamming the brakes on, the car skidded to a stop kicking up the loose gravel.

'Dean what the fuck are you doing?'

'What? Taking your temperature...you must have a fever back for talking about a vacation.'

'Damn it Dean I thought that you were in pain or something.' Sam snapped swiping at Dean's hand, 'and where has it been anyway?'

'Wouldn't you like to know?' Dean grinned hitching up one eyebrow. 'so we good?'

'Always bro.' Sam smiled, resting his hand on his healing stomach. 'Let's get out of here I don't want to see anymore monkeys for a while either.'

'So there on the list next to flying and clowns then?' Dean laughed as he pumped up the volume and revved the motor.

'Dean remember you're driving one-handed for a while,' scolded Sam but he couldn't stay mad for too long, Dean's good mood was infectious.

'You better believe it buddy boy.' Dean waggled his eyebrows again at Sam and then with one hand started to thump the steering wheel in time to the Money by Pink Floyd with his good hand.

Soft scratching and chattering sounds came from the boot of the car, but with the music so loud and the engine purring like a very large cat neither of the occupants could hear them.