Closing Scene

Michael: Gayle, you've got a personal call on comm one. I'm outta here. Good night.

Gayle: Thanks. You too, Mike. See you tomorrow.

This is Gayle.

Caller #4: How did it go?

Gayle: Better than we expected.

Caller #4: He asked her out then?

Gayle: As a matter of fact, he did. And let me say that the call from Master Yoda was a stroke of genius.

Caller #4: That was all him! I had nothing to do with it!

Gayle: You know, if I told anyone that you were a hopeless romantic at heart, they wouldn't believe me.

Caller #4: Then I guess it will have to remain our little secret.

Gayle: I'm afraid that my secrecy comes at a price.

Caller #4: I figured as much. Your place tonight?

Gayle: I'll meet you there in an hour. And Mace? This time, don't forget the whipped cream.

End Transmission

A/N: Yee-Haw! That was fun! I think I need to stay angst-free for a while. In fact, the next fic I'm working on is a Dormé/Sola/Obidala comedy actually inspired by a recent news story. I'll try and post the first chapter of it tomorrow.

Thanks for the R&Rs! See you next time! (And don't forget the whipped cream!)