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Shouken Shounin

Chapter 1- The Bond


"It's a girl," said the nurse as she held a brand new baby girl.

The father took the child into his arms and said, "Her name will be Kohaku." Her father had a genial smile on his face. He kissed Kohaku on the forehead and gave her to her mother. She smiled and held Kohaku gently in her arms.

There was a cry from a baby in a different village. Another child had been born too.


"It's a boy," the nurse said as she handed the small child to his father.

A smile spread across his face and he said, "His name will be Haku."

He handed the child to the mother and she kissed Haku on the forehead. "Welcome, Haku," she said.

These children where no ordinary children, for in fact, something had happened to them when they were born. These children had been born at the same time right down to the milli second and even their umbilical cord was cut at the same time. It had a one in a billion chance of happening, but it did. Because of this, the children were bound together for the rest of their lives. The bond that was created made it so both of them could see through the others eyes, hear what was happening around the other and even feel what the other was feeling. If one felt pain so did the other. If one felt cold, hungry, sick, happy, sad, or even angry so did the other. This bond gave them great power. If one learned something the other did too. They could even use both of their jutsu's and Kekkei Genkai no matter which person it was and if they practiced and trained very hard they didn't have to use hand signs or they could use only one hand. But all this power came at a price for if one was to die the other would, too.

But for now they wouldn't need to worry because they were with their loving parents.


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