Meg had heard him, but it was years ago. She thought on that voice as she walked towards the shore. The shore of his lair, he had always been a comforting voice to her, not the menace everyone spoke of. After she and mama had moved into the opera house, he had first come to her. She could remember that time like yesterday, it was right after father had died. Mama told her to be brave, she tried, she really did, but what mama didn't know was that sometimes, at night, she would go down to the small chapel under the opera and light a candle and just cry until no more tears would come. That was when she heard him; he came to her, there, in her weakest moments. He comforted her, but she never saw him. Then Christine came. Meg saw a part of herself in the young girl and showed her the chapel. The first few weeks Christine did little more than go down to the chapel. Meg found herself longing to go light a candle for her own father. She prayed that her father forgave her for not coming and God for her impatiens. One day she went down, but when she heard Christine she started to head back up. Except, she heard it. Someone else was in there with Christine. The voice sounded oddly familiar. Then it struck her, it was his voice! Meg was heart-broken. Over the next few years, she often heard of someone Christine would call her Angel of Music and another who the opera hands called The Phantom of the Opera. She was smart enough to realize that they where one in the same. The person who had comforted her through her hard times was now dropping backgrounds on bad singers. Also the one who had broken her small heart, still she would never betray him, no mater how disappointed she was.

But that had all changed. He wasn't the same person, or had he been trying to win her over, only to find it easier to convince Christine. It really didn't mater. After mama told her to not follow she tried to keep the rest of the mob form following, to no avail. She followed them down, but soon found she had been so lost in thought that she had taken a wrong turn and was now ahead of them. Another turn and she was knee deep in water, but on the other side was a shore with what looked to be a living quarters on it. When she had stepped up onto the shore she ran to a back room. There sitting o a night stand, as a white half mask. Picking it up in her thin hand, she felt tears in her eyes. Quickly she blinked them away. Turning towards the mob, she couldn't find the words to stop them. She looked at the mask in her hands and whispered a small apology. Then she saw there was something else on the night stand, a small box. She wondered why she hadn't seen it before. It was a good sized box, with a monkey seated on the top. Maybe she couldn't stop them from doing anything else, but they would not get their hands on these. She would hide these, and then bring them back later.

When she returned to the surface, she saw her mother talking to a middle-aged man. Meg hung back, not wishing to disturb her mother. When the man had walked away, Meg hurried over to her. After a scolding form her mama, Meg inquired as to who the man was.

"Meg" she said with a sigh, "as you can see, we won't be living here anymore. That man offered me a job at another opera house, and I accepted. We will be leaving in one week."

But neither of them knew that someone was listening.