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Chapter 2- It begins again

"What!?" Eric had been standing not too very far from the pair when the insolent boy told Meg that he would be staying. No, he would not allow this. He watches as Meg turned to leave, but Renardo followed her. This boy did not understand how to take a hint. Eric had watched as the boy tried to impress Meg with his knowledge about France as they drove. Meg had not been listening but he kept rattling on and on. Then she tried to get away from him as fast as she could. Wandering around the opera, they got a tour of the place she and Maman would be staying now. Then he followed her as she retraced her steps. Then that's accursed brat had to show up again and tell her that he would be staying. Eric missed the look of fear and anger in Meg's eyes, too busy mentally cursing the boy to hell, but he did hear her reply.

"That is very generous of him. Where will you be staying?"

Eric did not miss the forced politeness in her voice. Any man should know that she was merely humoring him and had no desire to be in his company, and any man, any respectable man, would answer her question and make a hasty farewell. Not this boy though, oh no, he was going to go as far as he could.

"With the wranglers in the dormitories M. Lacrots says that since I have some experience with horses and have nothing back home I can work with their trainers and in the stables. I've always had a way with animals," he added smugly.

"They flock to their own kind," Eric mumbled to himself growing more and more annoyed with the boy as time went.

"That's very nice Renardo, but if you don't mind, I really need to be going." Meg turned to leave as Eric watched Renardo's hand fly out to grab hers. The Phantom almost jumped from his hiding place and slapped the boy. Was he so dense that he couldn't see that Meg didn't want him around? He watched as Meg turned to face him.

"I… I was hoping to show you around."

"That's very kind Misure, but perhaps another time, I really must be going." She turned again to leave and reached to grab her again but Eric pushed a heavy rope off the ledge next to him and it thudded o the floor just missing the fool of a boy. Eric cursed under his breath as the boy only jumped away and was not hit by it. He was already damned to hell, what was one more word or one more death. He watched as Meg, who was used to things of this matter, continued away unfazed. Renardo walked in the other direction back to the dorms sulking. He was turning out to be more trouble then Eric wanted to deal with.

Back in her room Meg sat on the bed and thought about Renardo. He was so persistent and annoying. Just like that stupid Raoul, she had watched from the sidelines as her best friend's love bloomed. "More like exploded," she mumbled to herself. Christine had known Raoul as a child but she hadn't even stopped to find if that boy was in the man before she had gone running to him. But then again, Meg wondered if she would do the same in Christine's place. The little blond shook her golden hair to clear her head of the notion. She had only had girls for friends growing up so there would be no man to come back to her. Her thoughts strayed for a second to the Phantom but she quickly dismissed it since she had only ever glimpsed him outside her dreams. Christine had always been impulsive. The second an idea formed in her head she went after it. The same with love, any boy who came to her with pretty words or a dashing smile she let her heart run away with her. More than once Meg had sat with the heartbroken brunet offering a sympathetic shoulder, secretly envious of her luck and wanting to say I told you so all at the same time. She had always wanted one of the striking young men to look her way, but with her mother there were never any advances towards her. How she had reveled in those nights when the Phantom would speak to her in secret. While she danced she could feel him watching her and beamed with pride. It had ended too soon though, Christine had come and he had eyes only for her.

Meg thought back to the days before Christine had come to the Opera. She had very few memories of her father. He had died when she was only a three. Her maman had been a dancer at the Opera before she had met Misure Giry, her father. Mem Giry had been the most beautiful dancer of all and had captured his attention from the first act. He had come back every night to see her and made it his business to find out who she was. Shortly after his first meeting with her the two fell in love and were married and Antoinette left the Opera to be a mother. At least that's what her mother had told her. Meg had heard whispers that there was a scandal with her mother's marriage, also that the Phantom had become very nasty around the same time. Antoinette had only been 18 at the time, and Charles Giry was 20. When her mother left the Opera to live with Giry and had Meg things could not have been happier. The whole family was happy and a more beautiful baby was not found in all of Paris. Both mother and child were healthy and father was doing well in business. Then when Meg was two, tragedy struck. Her father collapsed at work and could not get up. A fever came upon him not a week later and he was bed ridden. Meg prayed and begged to God day after day for her father to get better and go play with her, her only birthday wish was for her father to come out and celebrate with her. God heard her prayer and on her third birthday, as she was eating breakfast, she and her mother heard footsteps on the stairs and her father walked into the room. Though he was very pale and sickly looking, he was dressed in his finest and standing on his feet with no support. Little Meg jumped from her seat and ran to her father with her mother close on her heals. As the family embraced Meg thanked God for granting her wish and promised to never forget this birthday. The three had the most wonderful day that any of them could remember and that night went to the Opera for the first time in months. Ever since her father had become ill they had been confined to the house.

Her father remained well for a week and they did all they could together. Then her father fell ill again, worse than it had ever been. Meg stayed by his side night and day praying again for her father to get better. He would whisper to her that he had gotten better once, he would do it again. But after a month of a sever fever, Charles Giry died. Meg wept for days and would not eat for a week before her mother finally forced her to. After that she and her mother went back to the opera to live and Madam Giry took a job as a ballet teacher. Meg began lessons and danced every day for her father, but missed him terribly.

When she was five she first heard her angel speak to her. She had gone down into the chapel to light a candle and pray for her father when she heard a voice singing softly to her. Then she felt warm arms wrap around her. At first she was afraid, but the voice sang softly and comfortingly to her and her fears subsided. When she had finished crying she felt the presence leaver her and asked in a timid voice, "who are you?" It answered simply, "the angel of music," and disappeared. The next morning she ran to her mother and told her what had happened. At first Antoinette looked afraid and told Meg that she must have been dreaming and sent her off to practice. She went down to the chapel again that night and heard the voice singing to her again. She closed her eyes and spoke to it. "Maman says that I am just dreaming."

"Do you believe that?"

"No, I think that you are real. But why would she tell me otherwise?"

"Because I might be dangerous. Do you think I am dangerous little Meg?"

"No, I think you are good."

"Then to you I am good, others may not think so. Decide for yourself little angel." The voice faded away but when she opened her eyes there was a rose laying on the floor in front of her. She picked it up and decided to not tell her maman that she had heard the voice again. It would be her little secret.

Every night she would go down and listen to her angel sing to her and once or twice fell asleep in the chapel only to awaken in her bed with a rose on her pillow beside her head.

Meg lay down on her new bed with a sigh. That had been so long ago, now everything had changed. She was in a new place, far away from her phantom angel. Not only that, but he had abandoned her, he had near broken her heart. She vowed to find a new angel here, one who would protect her, and only her, someone to keep Renardo away, and to love her and maman. She would forget about the Angel of music or whoever he was. With those thoughts she changed for bed and went to sleep.

Eric had watched Meg after she walked away from the insolent brat. She seemed distressed and figured that it was because of the boy. He left her alone to prepare for bed, needing to find a place for himself to sleep. His mind was wrapped up in his own past with the Giry family. He had been merely 6 when Antoinette, at the time 17, had rescued him from the circus. To him, she was an angel from God. He had watched as the man in the audience had courted her very shortly and then as his friends stomach curiously grew. At first she had been able to conceal it with large skirts but soon it became too large. When he had first confronted her with it she had lovingly placed a hand upon it and spoken softly. "Nothing escapes you does it Eric?" It had always been curios to him why Ann, as he called her, had called him by his name. She had saved him from those who had never called him anything but bad things and it was strange being called by his name and not Monster, or Demon child. "You see Eric," she continued, "there is another life inside of me. Soon it will come into the world, just as you and I did. I will be in charge of taking care of this little person. I only pray that I will do a good job."

Shortly after there meeting Ann had come back to him and told him that she would be leaving with Charles to have the child and be his wife. Eric had watched her leave with a heavy heart and had cried himself to sleep for nights. He had listened for the next few years to the people of the Opera when they talked about Antoinette Giry. The child was a little girl named Meg, she was a blond haired blue eyed child sent strait from God. Or so people said. To Eric, this Meg was a little demon sent from the devil to steal his Friend from him. Both the girl and her father where of the Devil himself. Yet any time he would go into one of his rages, he would see Ann's face, so happy and almost glowing with joy, and it would make him even more upset. He wanted her to be that happy because of him, not some other man.

Eric listened as he heard of the child growing and then that the father had become ill. He took joy in the fact that things were not well for the messenger from Hell. Though there were times that he felt bad about it. He was happy that his only friend's joy was in pain. He was happy that his only friend was in pain. No, he would tell himself, he was happy that his only friend might become free. One thing bothered him. The little demon was still very well. It even had the gall to pray to God for it's father to get well. As time went he heard the larger demon's health continued to wane. Then, all at once, it was better, and for the little one's birthday too. He cursed that day and wished for death, he damned the two demons to hell a million times over. He raved in a mad rage till he passed out in his underground caverns. When he awoke he cried. Cried for his friend, cried that he was such a monster for wanting the death of her love, cried for the little girl whose father he had wished death on as well as herself. He cried for himself, for the mother who scorned and sold him, he cried for all the nights he was a captive to a cruel master in the gypsy circus. He cried and cried till he again fell asleep at the organ which he had recently taught himself to play.

When he awoke again Eric felt normal again. His cool hatred of the girl demon and her father had returned after his moment of insane pity last night. Up in the opera house the ballet rats were speaking in hushed tones about Ann. It seemed that the good day had only been the calm before the storm. Ann's husband was even worse and not expected to live out the night. Eric listened intently to the conversation in the next room. So the demon would be gone soon. That was good news for him.

Then next morning brought the sad news of death. Sad that is, to everyone except Eric. To him, this was a day for celebration, for, not only was the accursed demon dead but also his friend would be coming home. The opera had offered her a job as a ballet instructor. Soon she would be back where she belonged, and the little demon could be taken care of.

Within the week Ann was back in the opera and teaching ballet. Eric was also working, on a way to eliminate his new enemy. Little Meg often ran around the opera on her own. Her mother was sure that no harm would come to her child. Little did she know that Eric was constantly watching waiting for a chance.

His chance came late one night when everyone was sleeping. Meg had gone down to the chapel alone. Silently, Eric crept into the rafters above her head and watched. The child lit a candle and began to pray for God to watch over her father in heaven. She didn't even get half way through the prayer before her little legs shook and gave out under her and the small shoulders shook with grief and sobs. A wave of pity again swept over Eric as he watched her. He descended a rope to land softly behind her. He had never been so close to her, the child was purely angelic. Her hair lay in soft golden waves down her small back, some day her hair would probably be as long as Ann's was. "Meg," he had said softly, he no longer wished to harm her, at least, not right now. She turned to him with tears in her little bright blue eyes. His heart melted and he knew that he would protect this little angel from heaven.