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Crescent Moon

Chapter 1 - That bastard...!

The warm crimson blood was still pooling down her cooled side, although the stream had already grown weaker. Her lips were slightly parted, their colour oddly pale and a thin line of the red liquid was already starting to dry in the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were open, gazing at the sky emotionless, blank... lifeless.

He stared down onto the dead woman, briefly wondering what had happened to her. Several yards to her side was a neat pile of ash and some pieces of burned bones. An arrow was sticking out of the pile. A demon must have attacked, he concluded, nodding coolly at the pile of ash and gazing the bow the woman still clutched in her tiny pale fists. He stared into the blank sapphire eyes. For a mortal she actually was rather pretty. What a waste.

Kagome came out of it little by little. She didn't know where she was, not in which position but it felt damn uncomfortable. Something was wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly in her place. It felt rather awkward. At last her vision cleared. She could now see the grass-covered ground pass under her quickly, adorned by a whoosh of sparkling, silver... hair?

"Not yet, my dear", she heard a male voice mutter somewhere very near. Then all went black again.

Sesshoumaru smirked as the woman fell limply back onto his shoulder.

'Yes', he decided satisfied. 'This one will do more than fine.'

Kagome blinked owlishly. Something was weighing her down making it rather hard to breathe. Two huge, eager golden eyes were staring at her.

'What the -'

The creature squealed.

"Yay, you are awake Onee-san!"

The little one flashed a huge smile revealing sharp canine fangs.

'Demon', Kagome hissed sharply in her mind.

She tensed immediately, suddenly feeling all the auras in the room.

'Worse. A room full of demons.'

She groaned.

"What is your name, Onee-san?" The little one asked, bouncing happily on her chest.

"Can't... breathe..." Kagome muttered weakly.

"Oh, sorry!" The little demon child jumped off her form.

Kagome sighed in relief. A little pale elfin face was brought abruptly very close to her own.

"Me wants to know your name, Onee-san!" The little one demanded.

Kagome closed her eyes. It just had to be a nightmare...

"Name, name!" the childish voice chanted.

"Kagome", she answered with another groan.

"Yay! Pretty Lady has a pretty name! Me's name is Shiori." The child chirped. She was wearing a white silk kimono.


"Where am I?" Kagome blurted out groggily.

"You are in the harem on the high Lord of the Western lands", a smug voice came from somewhere above. Kagome slowly rose up, trying her best to ignore the throbbing headache. The one who had spoken was a green eyed fox demoness with a flaming red hair.

She had somewhat disgusted look in those green orbs of her.

The words finally sank in.

"A harem?! SESSHOUMARU?!"

"Shut up, you ungrateful wench", the kitsune snapped. "Our Lord saved you life. Know your place, human bitch!" The demoness took a few steps forward, a cold anger burning in her eyes.

"Forgive her, Kanami. She is a new one and needs desperately some training..." A golden haired neko stepped forward, blocking the angered kitsune's way.

"Hmmph. You are right. I wouldn't want to dirty my hands in such filth." With an arrogant sweep she turned around and walked away.

"Kagome-san, please, would you like to have something to eat or drink?" The neko asked in a gentler tone.

"Uh, yes please."

"I'm Rei", the demoness said with flash of a reassuring smile.

"Nice to meet you, Rei", Kagome smiled back.

"Me wants to come with you!" The silver haired lively demon child said as she bounced up and down.

"You may come along, Shiori-chan."


As they entered to kitchen they saw a young human girl about thirteen years old, sitting at the table, clad in a multi-layered kimono and holding a tea-cup in her hands.

"Rin-nee-chan!" Shiori squealed excitedly and rushed to hug the young girl.

"Rin-chan?" Kagome blinked.

The girl raised her gaze and looked straight at the miko.

"Oh, you must be the new one", she smiled, "I'm Rin."

"Rin-hime is Sesshoumaru-sama's ward." Rei explained.

"And me is Sesshoumaru-sama's bastard pup", Shiori declared proudly.

"Shiori sweetheart", Rei said in a hushed tone. "That's not exactly a thing you should be proud of..."

Kagome couldn't help but to smile at the sweet little pup.

Rin looked at her sharply, and then gasped.


"Yeah, that's me."

"I didn't quite recognize you! Please sit down, Rei give her some tea."

The neko youkai quirked her eyebrow curiously, but asked nothing.

As the females had seated themselves onto the soft cushions, chatting brightly while sipping their tea, their peace was disturbed.

Sesshoumaru, the formidable Taiyoukai, the Lord of the Western lands stumbled into the room rather ungraciously, yawning widely, eyes half mast.

Kagome blinked and could but stare.

That was Sesshoumaru? No way...

"Good morning, Sesshoumaru-sama", Shiori chirped.

Sesshoumaru's response was a groan.

Rei bowed her head in respect as Rin cleared loudly her throat.

"What?" The demon lord barked out gruffly glaring at the young ningen woman.

Rin tapped lightly her forehead, meaningfully.

"Shit", Sesshoumaru cursed bitterly.

Kagome didn't know which shocked her more, the fact that Sesshoumaru just swore or the thing she saw now, the same thing that Rin had noted in the minute Sesshoumaru had walked in: The crescent moon on his forehead was backwards.

"Wait, that thing is a fake?" Kagome cried out, confused.

Sesshoumaru shot her a deadly glare. The glaring however eased as he realised at who he was glaring at.

"Why, good morning, my dear" He purred, sitting down next to Kagome. He wrapped his arm loosely around her shoulders.

"Why did you bring me here, Sesshoumaru", Kagome asked sharply.

"Lord Sesshoumaru", he scolded softly. "Now, what is your name, my dear?"

"You don't know me?" Kagome actually felt a bit hurt at the realisation.

"Uhh... Sesshoumaru-sama", Rin spoke out, "She is Kagome, The Shikon no Tama's guardian, the miko who followed Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha", Sesshoumaru frowned. Then his expression brightened. "Well, she is my bitch now", he declared happily.

Kagome paled and trembled slightly, eyes blazing in anger. She was just about to open her mouth and tell what exactly did she think about this whole ordeal - but before she had the chance, Sesshoumaru arose pulling her up with him.

"And now you will accompany me on a walk in the gardens."

It was not an invitation, it was an order.

"Uhm, Sesshoumaru-sama? Maybe you should get your forehead fixed first", Rin suggested.

"Oh, yes, right... I will be back soon. Dear, you stay here."

When the demon lord had exited, Kagome turned to Rin.

"Was that really Sesshoumaru?"

"Uh - of course", the young girl answered a bit puzzled.

"Oh... It's just that... Usually he's a bit more, errr, composed."

"Well, obviously you haven't seen him in the morning. It takes hours for him to wake up."

"Ahh... Why's the crescent moon painted? I always thought that it would be something like a magical, permanent marking..."

"Well, yeah, it should be", Rin said sheepishly.

"But you see, when Inu no Taisho died, he left quite a mess behind."

"A mess?"

"Yes, twenty or so bastard pups and one legitimate heir."

"What the moon has to do with this?"

"The moon marks the heir of the west", Rei explained.

"I don't see a problem", Kagome admitted, her brows furrowed.

"The problem itself is fairly simple. Sesshoumaru-sama is not the legitimate heir."

"Wait - Sesshoumaru is a bastard?!"

...Well to admit the truth, deep down inside Kagome had always known it - that jerk!

"Uh, yeah... Though you'd better not to say that to him..."

The shoji-door opened a bit later and Sesshoumaru walked into the kitchen, every inch of him screaming "here's the royal Western Taiyoukai".

"Come along then, dear", he called to Kagome.

The miko smiled at the other females and then got up and walked to him.

Sesshoumaru casually wrapped his arm around her petite waist and walked her out into the sunshine.

They walked in a comfortable silence down the stoned path.

"Sesshoumaru... Why did you bring me here?"

"Why, if you want to know, I'll gladly show you - but it that case we'd have to go to my bedroom," he answered suggestively.

"Erm... Let's just walk."

"As you wish, my dear."

They continued, heading into the shade of the blooming cherry trees.

Sesshoumaru sat himself down onto the grass-covered ground, tugging at Kagome's hand. The miko lost her balance and fell into Sesshoumaru's lap - How convenient.

The woman was taking this rather well, much to his surprise.

'Oh, what the hell', Kagome thought to herself.

'You haven't seen Inuyasha since he married Kikyo two years ago...And Sesshoumaru might not be the legitimate heir, but he has the power now. And he's not that bad - in fact, he's damn hot. Might as well enjoy this as long as his attachment lasts... Besides, I have nothing better to do. And he saved my life, all right.'

Silence reigned over the pair, why to fill it with a voice if there was nothing worth of saying in their minds?

Kagome was leaning against Sesshoumaru's chest in a comfortable position as he ran his talons through her raven black hair.

Her eyes drooped. She had nearly fallen asleep when his sharp growl rumbled loudly just next to her ear.

"What?" Kagome asked with a frown.

"Her," he barked out in disgust.

Kagome raised her head and saw a tall demoness wearing a beautiful kimono walking towards them.

"Who is she?"

"That bitch is my wife," he muttered bitterly.


"It was my mother's idea. I don't want to talk about it."

And then the dog demoness's shadow swallowed them.

"Well, well, well... My dear lord and his newest whore."

They say that the first impressions do not count. Well, they also say that every rule has its exceptions.

Kagome put on the fakest smile she could muster.

"It's truly a pleasure to meet you, my lady," Kagome said as she extended her hand.

"I'm Kagome."

"Yoruko-sama," she answered briefly, actually replying to the open gesture, though arrogantly.

The moment her hand touched Kagome's she jerked it away with an involuntary gasp, as if she had got an electric jolt of some kind.

Yoruko glared icy daggers at Kagome, then turned swiftly around and stomped - arrogantly - away.

"What did you do to her?" Sesshoumaru asked mildly curious after the lady was out of the hearing range.

"I gave her a little welcoming present," Kagome said, turning on his lap so that Sesshoumaru was able to see her smirk.

He raised his eyebrow in question.

"I zipped her with my miko-powers," Kagome answered proudly. "No one who calls me a whore goes unpunished", she muttered heatedly.

"Spirit," Sesshoumaru whispered, nuzzling the side of Kagome's neck affection ally. "That's the reason why I brought you here in the first place. Even thought you were dead, you had brought your enemy down before you. That proved that you are just what I need, a feisty little one."

Sesshoumaru's tongue parted out to lick Kagome's neck.

Her eyes fluttered closed. From that moment on she was doomed: Two years spent without any friendlier gesture from men than a handshake - who would want a romantic relationship with a priestess?

She did not care even if the person holding her in his arms and kissing her had been Naraku himself as long as he did not stop.

Sesshoumaru chuckled against her skin, feeling her relax and enjoy his touch. He gently nibbled her earlobe.

"Do you like me better than my younger half-breed brother," he whispered seductively into her ear.

Kagome laughed a curt, bitter laugh.

"You need to ask? He chose a dead woman over me, a walking clay doll which has a part of my soul inside. Besides, he never treated me this tenderly."

"I'm ashamed to admit that I'm related to him," Sesshoumaru replied, bringing his hands to Kagome's shoulders, starting to give her a gentle massage.

Kagome let out the air she had not known she had been holding in and relaxed completely against Sesshoumaru, her eyes lazily closing again.

It went on for a sometime. Then he turned her around, so that she was facing him. Kagome wrapped her legs around Sesshoumaru's waist. They stared into each others' eyes. All kinds of used-to-be-concealed emotions were now openly showing in his eyes. The years had changed them both. Rin probably had taught him to loosen up, to be more soft and humane. And she had grown to be more serious, less emotion-based, and just simply matured. Luckily, all the changes - well, most of them - had been good ones.

Sesshoumaru cupped her cheek and ran his thumb over the satin skin. Kagome closed her eyes and leaned into his tender caress. And then she felt his soft lips brushing against hers for the briefest moment.

'Too brief', she decided.

As he gently pulled back she abruptly tangled her fingers into his silver locks and slammed her lips onto his. The sudden eagerness took Sesshoumaru by surprise and Kagome took full advantage of that, dipping her tongue in to explore his mouth.

It brushed playfully the tips of his canine fangs before his tongue sprang into life, forcing Kagome's tongue back into her mouth before tasting every inch of her sweetness.

Reluctantly he broke the kiss - but he didn't want her to faint from the lack of oxygen.

"What if -gulp- we'd go to -gulp- somewhere else to continue?" Kagome panted, trying desperately to get some air into her poor lungs.

"My, what an excellent idea my honey," He replied huskily. "Hold on tight."

And with that he rose up. Kagome held on tight, all right, her tights pressing against his sides and her hands wrapped around his neck. He walked as casually as always ignoring completely her light weight. As they stepped back into the shade of building, the kissing resumed, and they soon produced a nice tongue-lock. They passed several gawking servants, one Jaken who got a violent coughing-fit, a few giggling girls who actually happened to be Rin and Shiori and one very pissed off Lady of the Western lands.

'It's only been an hour or so, and they are already at it?! In the middle of the day? That does it! That bitch is going down!'

"I wonder where our Lord is," the young big-breasted but brainless wolf-demon bitch said as she lazily was lying on the futon in the lord's harem's quarters.

"Well, he hardly ever comes here anymore," one dragon demoness replied in a bored tone.

Kanami, the red-headed kitsune growled.

"Considering he hasn't thrown us out, he couldn't have got bored of us."

"Me knows where Sesshoumaru-daddy is!" Shiori chirped excitedly.

"Oh, do you now, pup?"

"Yeah! He is in his bedroom with Kagome-onee-san!"

"What? With that new wench?!"

"Yup," Shiori replied with a bright smile.

"That does it!" Kanami growled. "That bitch is going down."

"Are you quite sure of what did you see?" The dragoness asked sceptically.

"Well, Sesshoumaru-daddy was walking while Kagome-onee-chan was in his lap and they were heading towards Sesshoumaru-daddy's bedroom and theirs lips were together and they didn't quite see around them - it was like they were in their own world, and -"

"Enough," Kanami bellowed.

"It's not fair," the wolf demoness complained. "He hasn't been here for ages and then he finds a new toy and is all over her..."

"I can't believe he chose a human over all of us who could satisfy our master with so much more skill..." The dragon's voice faded.

Most of the harem was busy at pouting when their peace was disturbed.

"Tell me all you know about the new bitch," the furious Lady Yoruko commanded.

Considering the fact that the high lady never lowered herself to take even one step into the harem's quarters, this was something peculiar.

"Well, we don't know that much either, my lady," Kanami said. "We only know that she had died and our lord revived her with Tensaiga. And that she's a filthy human and is currently entertaining our lord."

"Why did I even except that you lousy whores would have gained any information that would be useful?" Yoruko mumbled to herself.

"Sesshoumaru-daddy said that Kagome-chan is his bitch now, Lady-sama," Shiori piped in helpfully.

Yoruko glanced at the pup very briefly, disgust openly showing on her face.

"Yes, a bitch she is all right," she snorted.

"And you useless half-wits did not even sense that the new toy is a miko. Disgusting."

With the tick air of arrogance she seemed always to carry around her, she turned around and walked gracefully away.

"We haven't met since we killed Naraku three years ago..."

"Why, what a sharp observation, my honey."

"Don't make fun of me," Kagome scolded with a frown.

"Oh, is my bitch feeling rebellious today?" He teased as he playfully tugged her earlobe with his teeth.

"Sesshoumaru! I was trying to start a serious conversation!" She pouted.

Truth to be told, Kagome felt a tad bit uneasy. Seeing Sesshoumaru being playful was just something... unexpected.

They were lying on a soft comfortable futon in Sesshoumaru's bedroom. Kagome had covered her naked form with a satin sheet. Sesshoumaru had pulled her as close to him as possible, it seemed to be a new hobby of his. Keeping her as close as possible for all of times. His sharp talons he had once used trying to kill her were now idly tangling themselves in her raven hair.

"Sorry," he whispered curtly. "Let's be boring and serious then."

"Are you sure that you're Sesshoumaru and not something else, like his long lost identical twin-brother or something?"

"This Sesshoumaru has no twin-brother," he said a bit stiffly.

"Not what I meant," Kagome sighed.

"Then express more clearly what you are trying to say."

"You're not acting at all like you used to be."

"I've changed."

"Yeah but I never would have believed that you could actually be playful."

He frowned.

"Well, you have a point, honey. Probably my peculiar way of acting is your fault."

"My fault? Maybe you just turn playful after getting laid."

He chuckled.

"My, my, honey... If you want to do that again you should have just asked."


"You are craving for a chance to test that new theory of yours, aren't you, my bitch," Sesshoumaru whispered seductively into Kagome's ear. The woman responded with a huff.

"No, I'm still trying to make a conversation. But you keep distracting me with hints and stuff. Horny baka-youkai."

"Blame it on yourself, honey. Your scent is intoxicating."

"Fine," she sighed, giving up. "Let's not have a conversation then."

"You have a bad habit, honey. It seems that you tend to be a tad bit dramatic."

"Whatever," she muttered.

"I don't know about you, but I'm hungry."

Kagome's growling stomach answered for her.

"Great," Sesshoumaru smirked. "You will join me at the dinner table."

"And... What about Yoruko-sama?"

"Hmh, the bitch will probably dine with us, unless she decides to draw into her own room because of 'a migren' or some other excuse for pouting."

Kagome felt a sickening wave of nervousness somewhere in the back of her throat but she didn't speak about her worries out loud. Although the relationship between Sesshoumaru and his wife didn't seem to be a very warm one, Kagome still doubted the dog demoness would enjoy seeing his husband be all over some "filthy human miko".

Why me? Kagome thought to herself again. She'd very much like to find out the answer to that question. Why was Sesshoumaru acting like this? She doubted that no matter how much he had changed, he still would not be quite this open... and well, different. Normal.

"All right, up we go. Let's go to have a dinner, shall we."

"Uh, Sesshoumaru, you may go there like that, but I would like to dress myself first."

"You know, honey, you're more beautiful like that."

"Thank you, but I'll still dress myself."

After they had both got dressed, Sesshoumaru led Kagome into the spacious dining room. He waited until she had seated herself on the luxurious cushion and then sat down next to her. The shoji-door opened and Yoruko marched in, dressed in the colourful multilayered kimono that seemingly was different than the one she had worn earlier that day.

"Good evening, my lord," she greeted with a very curt and stiff bow, completely ignoring Kagome.

Sesshoumaru didn't even bother to look at her.

Kagome swallowed and wondered whether she was the only one who felt tense in the oppressive atmosphere of the room. Like a thunderstorm was about to start. Kagome silently prayed that she would not be hit by a lightning.

"Did my lord find his afternoon entertaining," the lady of the Western lands asked acidly.

"My afternoon was better than in ages," Sesshoumaru replied, turning back to stroke Kagome's hair.

The servants entered the room, carrying trays full of food. Kagome's mouth watered, she had spent the last two years travelling all around Japan. While you were on the road, the food was not as well cooked and a lot simpler. Kagome didn't even have time to think what all she wanted to taste - Sesshoumaru grabbed her bowl and started to fill it. He set the bowl in front of her, there was now pretty much everything. Yoruko looked the whole ordeal, a cold disgust plastered on her face.

"Thank you," Kagome smiled to Sesshoumaru and picked up her chopsticks. Sesshoumaru stole them from her very hand.

"Hey," Kagome protested but soon shut her mouth as Sesshoumaru stuffed it up with food.

Yoruko tried her best not to drop her eyes. She had seen him being attached to some of his concubines before, but this... He was feeding her!

"You know, Sesshoumaru," Kagome said, allowing her irritation show in her voice, "I can quite well eat by myself, thank you very much."

"I'm sure you can," Sesshoumaru replied, and then offered her a new chopstick-full of rise and sauce. It seemed it was either that he would feed her, or then she'd get no food at all. Fine. She'd play along.

Yoruko watched the pair, not believing what she witnessed. The bitch had actually talked to Sesshoumaru with such a familiarity, not even calling him a lord. And he let it slip! Just like that! Now this was getting dangerous. If he allowed her so much freedom... That human bitch had bewitched Sesshoumaru somehow, such behaviour was not his usual behaviour. If his affection towards her would last, maybe he would eventually want to take that bitch his mate. And what would happen to her then? It was then when Yoruko decided to remind the human filth of her place - every single time she'd spot her alone in the corridors of the estate, she's show her who was the bitch and who was the lady.

"I have to wonder, my lord. You have a whole harem full of healthy, skilful demon whores. Instead you shove them all aside, just for one pitiful ningen. Since when has my lord Sesshoumaru lowered himself in such a pathetic way as to accept a human slut in to his bed?"

Kagome actually gagged, nearly choking on the water she had been drinking. Was Yoruko always so straightforward, so outrageously rude? Mattaku, that woman had been blessed with such of an attractive attitude.

"Oh, Kagome is far from pitiful, my lady Yoruko," Sesshoumaru said in a casual tone. "Besides it doesn't matter how badly you will insult her, I still would rather bed her than you."

It was Yoruko's time to gag.

"Come along, honey," Sesshoumaru said, rising abruptly, pulling Kagome up as well.

"The air in this room is a bit too foul. We can continue our dinner elsewhere, with just the two of us."

As Yoruko watched how his lord dragged his newest bitch by her hand out of the room along with him, she decided, that something indeed had to be done.