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Summary: A story of how Athrun felt while being Cagalli's bodyguard and what he does before and after leaving her side in the second war. Will she win him back or let go? Sort of follows GSD storyline, changed it to my liking. AxCxL slight KxL DxM YxS SxS

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My Fate, My Love

Chapter 1- Boyfriend of Steel

Athrun stood there silently and quietly, arms behind his back looking straight in front of him. He looked so "pro", a specialised bodyguard. Looking cool with his stylish slick sunglasses, nobody suspected it was a pair of heroic green eyes behind it. He continued to stand there, a metre behind Cagalli who was sitting and conferencing with Chairman Durandal of PLANTs about the manufacturing new Gundam models here in Armoury One. The bluenette couldn't help but mesmerise the amazing scenery of the PLANTs colony before him. It has been half a year since he came back up to PLANTs, protecting and helping out Cagalli after the war seemed so appropriate at the time.

He smiled.

"It's good to be back."

It was then Cagalli raised her voice, getting heated up still questioning about the reason of manufacturing and testing new Gundam models in a ceasefire period. Athrun quickly dismissed his thoughts and snapped back to reality… or work. He had his girl, the Princess of Orb to protect. Not moving a muscle, his eyes stared at the amazing scenery of the PLANTs colony. At the corner of his eye he saw Chairman Durandal smile at him.

"Was he smiling at me just then?"

The Chairman instantly turned back discussing with Cagalli.

Seconds later he did it again and again, for the past 5 minutes.

"Ok, what the hell… is he gay or something?"

Athrun started feeling uneasy… well more like annoyed and pissed off. But who wouldn't be? There's a guy in his thirties or forties sitting there, smiling and glancing at you from time to time. It was NOT a pleasant experience. Athrun felt like he was being stalked.

BANG! Brr brr….

The explosions and vibration of the colony outside their glassed head office set aside his thoughts once again. He caught Cagalli as she was stumbling from the vibrations of the building. Athrun shielded the princess with his well built body, covered the frightened blonde's head with his left hand, afraid of any debris falling from above. The vibrations stopped and Cagalli looked up at Athrun with worried eyes, hands tightly clung onto Athrun's black jacket. He smiled at her, reassuring that they will be fine, Cagalli smiled back.

"What is going on here?" the Chairman demanded an answer from his Matrix agent-like bodyguards.

"Sir, we've been infiltrated! Gaia, Abyss and Chaos have been stolen!"


"Launch all available mobile suits and counter attack! Reclaim those three models by all means, if not, destroy them. We can't afford to leave them in the enemies' hands. Take us to the Minerva and launch immediately after we get there." the chairman ordered in a hastily demandingly…in a calm way (is that even possible?)

The chairman turned towards Cagalli and Athrun and smiled, just like he did a while ago. He's handling this situation quite well; he knows when to be angry and when to be kind, like right now.

"I am deeply sorry princess, but for your safety, well ours, we're going heading for our new ship Minerva, don't worry, it'll be safe there."

Cagalli could not believe it; it was happening again, more fighting, more deaths.

"What did I tell you, didn't I tell you this would happen? Strength is power, when it is stolen or used in the wrong ways; it leads to destruction and chaos! And Stop calling me PRINCESS!"

Athrun pulled Cagalli's arm as she lectured the Chairman, it was quiet a funny scene actually.

"Cagalli, we need to go."

"Stop pulling me Ath- Alex, I'm not done telling his ass off!"

The Chairman had a big smirk on his face after hearing the princess's word slip as he heads for Minerva. His Matrix agent-like bodyguards followed him, a pissed blonde and freaked out Athrun not far behind them.

"Is this deja vu? It feels so familiar, so much like the beginning of the last war, except I'm not the one stealing the Gundams this time."

Inside Minerva

"What's the situation, Captain?"

Captain Gladys spun her massive chair and suluted "Chairman, Shinn, Rey and Lunamaria are in pursuit of the three stolen Gundams while we pursuit the enemies' mothership, we located them outside the colony."

"Lunamaria… could it be her?"

Athrun's eyes widened when he heard the name Lunamaria. The captain took noticed it after glancing at the young blonde next to him.

"My apologies, Representative Athha, Captain Gladys, Commander of Minerva, and you must be…"

"Athrun Zala, isn't that right Alex-kun?" The Chairman cutting in whilst answering her question with certainly.

Athrun's eyes widened again, this time wider twice the size he did a few seconds ago. Cagalli had a headache but what she just heard took her by surprise. Cagalli sat up straight, repositioned herself and looked at Athrun as she waited for his answer. She couldn't believe his cover was blown, but how?

Athrun just sighed, knowing it was PLANTs territory, and he was considered a war legend, a traitor or late Chairman Patrick Zala's son. Either way, most likely, everyone knew of him, what he did and what he looks like.

"Excuse me, Chairman, Captain, Princess Cagalli is not feeling very well, I shall accompany her to her room, please excuse us."

With that, Athrun took Cagalli by the hand, pulled her out of the bridge of the ship. The doors close and the Chairman couldn't help but smirk.

Athrun tucked Cagalli in bed; she looked so pretty and innocent in her slumber, turning on her side, sucking on her thumb, her loose blonde hair swayed freely as she turned. She looked like a baby angel to Athrun's eyes, caressing her cheek and playing with her hair.

"I'll be right back." He whispered before leaning forward, kissing the sleeping beauty on her forehead. He was rewarded with a smile from Cagalli's lips.

There he was sitting there; doing nothing, while a fierce battle going on outside the very walls of the room he is enclosed in. Athrun felt weird. He was frustrated yet he didn't know why. He decided to take a walk around the ship, to know the place better during their stay. The battle was going to be a long one, he could feel it.

He followed a corridor, got lost and found himself in the hangar. Everyone was busy. The mechanics and engineers were busily doing repairs on the damaged Zakus while the medics brought the injured pilots to the infirmary.

"Repairs on Kayce's Zaku are complete!"

"Do we have any other pilots? Pilot Caines is injured!"

Then a visual popped up on the telecom next to Athrun, coincidently.

Alex-kun, would you mind giving us a hand by piloting that spare Zaku please? We really need your help and skills in this situation Alex, no Athrun Zala.

Athrun looked away from the telecom, feeling forced and pressured but then again, he had nothing else to do on this ship. He just put his sleeping beauty to bed, and it looked like they really needed their help.

"Very well, I accept your offer."

"I'm glad you did and I greatly appreciate it. Be careful and show them what you're made of."

The Chairman bowed slightly and thanked him sincerely.

"Athrun Zala, Zaku Custom, launching!"

Athrun immediately dropped his Zaku down onto the ferocious battlefield. The new Gundam models, were outnumbering Impulse and a red costume Zaku Warrior.

"So that's the other new model, huh? Kinda reminds me of Kira's Strike."

Impulse was trying to take a swing at Chaos but had to dodge Abyss's beams from above, he barely made it. Gaia was charging straight for him in cat form, running with her sabre beamed wings on its sides ready to slash its target. Athrun saw this and knocked Gaia back with its shield. Surprising everyone, Abyss released his six beam rays from its shoulder shields; causing Athrun and Impulse back off from Gaia. Chaos came from above trying to crush them with its feet, but was interrupted by the red Zaku's rocket shooting.

"Thanks Luna"

"No worries Shi- AHHh"


"Luna? As in Lunamaria Hawke?"

Impulse blindly dashed towards Gaia who just thumped the Red Zaku with its head. In the background, Abyss was preparing his mass beam rays. Athrun took out his Beam Axe from the top of his shield, threw it past Impulse and almost hit Abyss, who scarcely got away. Chaos used this opportunity to take out Athrun's beam cannon in the process

"What's with this Zaku guy? He's good"

The red Zaku was not severely damaged; no fire, no nothing. It just got knocked back, nothing major. However, it laid there not moving, no sign of recovery. Athrun got worried. Now weapon -less, he headed towards the red Zaku.

"Hey Impulse pilot, cover me while I take a look at the red Zaku, ok?"

Shinn Asuka was too busy admiring Athrun's skills, he just stood there looking like an idiot.

"Impulse, what out!" Athrun threw his shield which luckily blocked the beam heading for Impulse's head.

"Oi, Impulse, wake up, or you're gonna get yourself killed! I can't save you every single time you know."

"Sorry" Shinn snapped back to reality, feeling a bit humiliated.

"Athrun…. Is that you?" there was a soft weak voice coming from the red Zaku Warrior.

Shinn's eyes widened in shock. "Athrun?... Athrun Zala? Well, that explains everything."

Athrun opened his cockpit and was blown onto the red Zaku's cockpit. The Zaku behind him was history. Impulse shot at Gaia, giving Athrun some time to do… well whatever he was doing. The red Zaku's cockpit opened up, revealing a familiar red head, smiling weakly.

"Oh my god, it IS you Luna!"

"Hey Athrun… what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same"

She seems a bit dozed off. Athrun climbed on, lifted her up bridal style, got in, sat down and rested Luna on top of him.

"Go ahead and rest, I'll take it from here… err sorry for hijacking your suit Luna."

Luna giggled, "Go for it, my head hurts, I'm taking a nap….. Don't... Get … me killed." She trailed off to sleep, her head resting under Athrun's chin.

"Oi! quit the chatter; I can't hold them off any longer!"

Impulse was getting gangbanged again, Shinn was sweating badly; he was getting exhausted. He didn't care, he just swung his massive Excalibur around, spinning madly, and nobody dared to go near him. So they started shooting him, it was harder than expected.

"Man, screw this, Auel, Stellar, let's leave this idiot spinning, let's go back before our power runs out."

With that, the three flew away, up high, in the sky.

Athrun fused the two assault rifles and the Tomahawk making a high-energy long-range beam cannon. He aimed… and aimed. He had to shoot quickly, or they'll get out of ranged.

"Err, Luna, stop moving, I can't aim!" Luna was getting herself in a comfortable position for her nap, totally unaware the crucial situation they were in.

"God damnit.."

Analysing the situation, Gaia being the last to leave, having no shield protection and the smallest booster compared to Abyss and Chaos, he locked onto Gaia.

A thick pink energy beam zoomed across the sky, caught Gaia's booster. Fire and smoke could be it, it was a direct hit! Gaia lost its flighting ability and began to descend.


Chaos dropped back, attempting to catch the smoking Gaia but was interrupted by a white BLAZE Zaku Phantom's shooting.

Shinn yelled for a equipment changed, a black silhouette attached to Impulse, who starting catching up to the BLAZE phantom. He was fast, real fast, Athrun was amazed with its change of equipment ability, not to mention its adept speed. Shinn was pissed off now, before he got fairly scared as it was three on one, but now the tables have turned. Rey was now shooting at them and Athrun took Gaia out. It was a fair 2v2, or even better a 3v2 if Athrun decides to join in the chase.

Luna was getting heavy; his legs were starting to get numb. Athrun sighed as he flew towards the falling Gaia. He couldn't fight properly with a certain redhead sitting on top of him, her head occasionally getting in his way. It was not the perfect condition to fight with. Their main objective was to capture or destroy the stolen Gundams and that's what he did, well at least one of them. Under such circumstances, it was good enough. The others have gotten so far away, they looked like a mosquito in the sky, it was too late to chase.

Catching Gaia, he headed for Minerva. He looked at Luna, sweetly sleeping as she tugged closer to Athrun. He sighed.

"Still the same old Luna ay, still a baby." He chuckled to himself.

"Shut up Athrun." She said softly, keeping the same sweet smile, her eyes still closed.

"As expected from the legend, Athrun Zala, your achievements in that battle was outstanding. Our red coats may have died out there, but you saved them and showed them how it was done. You're an inspiration for all pilots." The Chairman congratulating his efforts.

"Please, I was just giving them a hand."

"You recaptured Gaia, I thank you deeply."

"I also lost you a Zaku" Athrun giving a laughed.

"Kayce is still pretty ticked off about that you know? There's no point being a red coat if she didn't have a suit."

"No… she seemed happy when I told her she would get a better suit."


"Hey, how are you feeling? Sorry for losing your Zaku"

"You should be, I mean, would you appreciate it if someone took your suit and LEFT it lying to die on the battlefield?"

"No I wouldn't, I had no other choice, I had to save Luna. I'm really sorry for it, but don't worry I'll get the Chairman to replace it with a BLAZE custom."

"Really? ooO thank you!"

"It's the least I can do, hey, I gotta go now, be careful out there and take care."

"Bye… so that's Athrun Zala eh." She whispers.

"Where am I going to find her a BLAZE custom at this current time? Geez Zala you sure like making it hard for me."

"Anyway, there seems to be a very unstable pilot onboard the Gaia; I'm starting to wonder what the Atlantic Federation do to their pilots."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see when you give her a visit."

"She's a girl? There seems to be a lot more female pilots these days."

"Do you have a problem with that, Athrun?" Luna asked cracking her knuckles.

"I was a pilot too, Athrun, or did you forget already?" Cagalli reminded him, raising her fist.

Athrun laughed nervously and waved his hand in defence, "It's a good thing" laughing even more nervously "it was practically all guys in my piloting days, was getting to too much testosterone on the ship."

"Well, I'm glad you appreciate our presence" Cagalli lowered her fist and Luna gave him the you-got lucky-look.

"Ahem, how about you get some rest while we arrange you and the princess a shuttle to return to Orb." The Chairman suggested, trying to save the poor boy.

"I'd like that" he started to leave, Cagalli and Luna ready to follow him.

Athrun turned his head, "Oh yeah, what happened to the other two Gundams? And their mothership?"

Captain Gladys filled him in. "Shinn and Rey had a fierce fight with the two, just when Shinn had the upper hand, a purple custom Wingdam gave them a hand. We assume he is an Elite or a Commander, his skills weren't ordinary; you could tell he was holding back too. A while later they retreated to their mothership, being a small ship, we lost them, probably heading for Earth".

"I see, thank you."

"No no, thank you!"

Athrun bowed slightly and continued head out of the bridge.

"Sorry Lady Cagalli, I'm going to borrow your bodyguard for a while, we have a LOT of catching up to do."

With that Luna took Athrun's hand and dragged him along the hallway before jumping onto him, giving him a big big hug and whispered "I haven't seen you in so long! I missed you."

"What the fudge? Did I hear right?" Cagalli thought, yep, she needed to act… right now!

"EXCUSE ME? Just who in the hell are YOU to talk to Athrun like that? And stop HUGGING HIM!" Cagalli snapped.

"Lunamaria Hawke, red coat pilot of ZAFT, Why? Oh, I'm his ex AND one of his best friends." Luna answered casually.

Cagalli's blood was boiling; Athrun swore he saw steam coming from her head.

"I thought Kira was your best friend, Athrun." She glared at the two.

"Cagalli, calm down" Athrun said, trying to set some distance with Luna. "She's one of my Academy friends, you know… AFTER Kira and I parted and before I joined Zaft. Speaking of which, when did you join Zaft? And what the hell? You're a red coat Luna?"

"Hey, what's that suppose to mean?" again, cracking her knuckles. "I joined Zaft one year after you did. Like you, I wanted to fight for PLANTs, for mum… and dad" tears started to formulate in Luna's purple eyes.

Athrun knew what she meant, her parents died on Junius 7, the Bloody Valentine. Unlike Athrun's mum Lenore Zala, they didn't leave for Athrun's 14th Birthday Party, leaving her little sister Meyrin and herself in the care of Athrun's mother ever since the incident. Patrick Zala suffered the same fate as the elder Hawkes, another reason Athrun joined Zaft.

Athrun hugged her, trying to relieve the grief and pain.

"Sorry, I'm ok now." She let go of Athrun, wiping her tears.

"Oh, I can't believe they use the Gundam VR simulator for Military Training, it was the exact same machine Athrun!" she was back to her happy self again.

"Oh yeah, they did too, no wonder you're a red coat, you were pretty good on the simulator."

"Yeah, thanks to your private training hehe" she giggles.

Clenched fists, boiling head, Cagalli was about to blow. "What private training?" she asked, trying not to sound pissed.

"We went into the same cockpit once, since there was only one left, so yeah Athrun showed me how to kick some ass" she smirked.

"Can you believe it was Yzak who challenged us? He was a good player, we couldn't kill each other, we ran out of time."

"Yeah he was great, and that's how I learnt how to dodge, aim and all"

"Wait a minute, isn't there only one seat in the cockpit? Cagalli asked very curiously. She got the idea it was like the Skygrasper simulator on the Archangel, and could fight other players on another simulator. It was like the arcade network.

"Yeah there was only one seat, I was sitting on top of him, like today, ahh good times, good times" she sighs.

Cagalli once again in envious rage, yelled "WHAT!"

"Cagalli, calm down, control your temper in public; remember? Besides we were dating back then." Athrun explains.

The blonde realised her identity, her title, her reputation and that Athrun was only her bodyguard, there was no reason for her to express her rage. But you can't blame the girl, here we have a happy reunion of her man and his ex, having a blast of a time mesmerising and retelling their intimate activities while they dated.

She calmed herself and polite announced her leave.

"Ahem, please excuse me, I shall take my leave." Her shoulder pushes Athrun as she walks pass.

"Geez, what's with her?"

Should I tell her?

"Oh yeah! Have you seen Meyrin yet? She's in our room sick, that poor thing, not used to being on a ship."

"Meyrin's here as well?"

"Yeah, what you'd think I would leave her behind? Let's go see how she is."

Just like that Athrun was being dragged to the Hawke sisters' room.


"THAT BASTARD! Having fun reuniting with your EX huh? Treating like I WASN'T there AT ALL! ATHRUN ZALA, YOU BASTARD!"

At times like this, you do NOT want to be near the mighty Cagalli. She was hitting anything in sight with her pillow. There were stuff everywhere, pillows, sheets, stationaries, clothes, everything scattered.

Still panting, "Oh well, we get off this ship in a bit, don't have to see that bitch again, that's the bright side of it…"

With that, she dozed herself off to sleep.

"Athrun ni-san! Oh my god, what are you doing here?" Meyrin asked excitedly and gave the man a hug.

"Hey Meyrin, how's my baby sister? I thought you were meant to be sick." He replied returning the hug and sat on her bed.

Athrun always had a soft spot for the Hawke sisters; they met in Elementary Academy and went to High School together. Their parents were good friends, well to Lenore anyway. You could say they were childhood friends, they were really close. Athrun treats Meyrin as his own little sister. Luna was like an unspoken girlfriend after they broke up the year Athrun left High School to join Zaft. (Meaning they still acted like a couple, but weren't) The girls feel the same way as Athrun, there has always been an understanding of how their relationship worked with one another.

"Not a baby anymore ni-san, I mean I was never a baby, damnit!" Meyrin cursed herself, Athrun laughed at the sight. "And I feel better now, and even better since you're here, and why are you here again? You never answered me question." She said innocently.

"He's Orb's princess's precious bodyguard Meyrin, I didn't know an Orb Representative can be so….. fiery."

"Ha-ha, yeah, she's hot-headed alright…."

"Why are you her bodyguard anyway?"

"I don't know, we love each other, went through a lot together during the war. I wanted to protect her after the war ended and she needed my help in ruling Orb, so yeah, here I am."

"ooO really? Aww that's so sweet of you!" the Hawke sisters said dreamingly in unison.

Meyrin spoke up, "Why do you hide your love for each other and hang in the background as her 'bodyguard?'".

"Because her people won't allow it" Athrun said sadly as he looked down on the floor.

"Why not? Isn't Orb neutral about the whole Natural and Coordinator thing?"

"She's engaged to some creep called Yunna" this sentence added more sadness in Athrun's speech.

Luna could not believe what she was hearing. "What? What happened to my Athrun? Why have you sunk so low! Geez Athrun, you re just going to give up like that?"

"I can't do anything about it; I'm just her bodyguard, besides it's what her nation wants. It's a political marriage. Only Lord Uzumi can stop it, but he died in the war." Athrun was in brink of tears now, unable to face the harsh truth of life. He clenched his fist and slammed it on Meyrin"s bed.

"Aww, it's all good, come here" they had a three way hug, Luna was stroking his blue hair.


"And you said I was baby… geez" Meyrin muttered.

Athrun broke the hug….his head was still down.

"WRAAAA!" He went into SEED mode, pupils disappeared and was roaring like King Kong.

The girls flinched.

"ATHRUN! Holy crap! What the hell is wrong with you! Are you ok?" Meyrin started to get terrified, she never liked it when Athrun raged, it was so…. Raging.


Luna's hand mark glowing red on Athrun's left cheek, his SEED eyes were gone, his eyes widened, mouth opened.

"That's better, just calm down ok?" Luna mediated with the lost Athrun.

"Ok… sorry… and thank you."

"Anytime…" Luna beamed at him.

The ride back to Orb was silent; Cagalli rested her head on Athrun as he held her. It seems that Cagalli had forgotten about the whole Luna scene but in her heart, she was just glad it was over. Now she was having her moments with Athrun, alone. She felt warm and safe in his arms, she couldn't help but smile. Athrun's face continued to sting, he was fidgeting more than usual, Cagalli noticed it. So she looked up with worried eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing"

She saw the slap mark, eyes widened in surprise.

"What happened? I didn't actually do that did I?"

During her sweet sweet slumber back on the Minerva, she had a dream, a very good one too. She was still pissed and decided let out some of her anger… on Athrun. She got out of her room, walked to the hallway where Athrun and Luna were before, slapped him before giving him a peck on the glowing cheek she just struck. With a giant evil smirk, she walked off, leaving a dumbstruck Athrun and Luna. They were speechless, speechless indeed.

The thought of the dream made Cagalli giggle, Athrun shrugged and answered her.

"No, it wasn't you, Luna did it." Cagalli's face frowned when she heard that name. "I was raging and she helped me snap out of it."

"Oh, why were you raging?"

"The fact that we love each other but can't be together without keeping it a secret" Athrun left out the Yunna bit, He didn't want to upset Cagalli even more. For now, that was more than enough to release.

It broke her heart hearing those painful words, they were so true, yet she could do nothing about it. She caressed the slapped cheek.

"I'm sorry for it but there's nothing I can do about it" she admitted

"I know! And that's what is pissing me off!"

"I'm so sorry" she continued to caress his cheek, she smiled. "Want me to kiss it better?"

Too late, whatever the answer was, she gave him a peck on the cheek, before pressing her lips onto his. Such warm tender lips, she savoured it, she could tell he was too. The kiss became rough, they wanted more and more, heart beats accelerated, hormone adrenaline kicked in but had to cut it short to get the air they needed. They parted slowly, a string of saliva stretched between their lips. They both giggled at the sight. Both panting, Cagalli put her head back onto Athrun's shoulder like she did on any flight.

"I love you Athrun."

"I love you too, Cagalli"

"I can't wait til we get home" he whispers into her ears.

"Hah, in your dreams Zala, I'm already tired."

"Good, double the fun."

He held her and enjoyed the rest of the flight home silently; a smile could be seen on both lips.


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