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Summary: A story of how Athrun felt while being Cagalli's bodyguard and what he does before and after leaving her side in the second war. Will she win him back or let go? Sort of follows GSD storyline, changed it to my liking. AxCxL slight KxL DxM YxS SxS

Genre: Humour/Romance/Action/Adventure

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My Fate, My Love

Chapter 2- Long Missed Fun

Cagalli and Athrun decided to pay their mothers a visit, as well as Kira and Lucas. They lived a happy life at the beach orphanage in Orb. Lenore Zala moved there to join her friend Caridad Yamato and her husband Haruma Yamato after the Hawke sisters joined Zaft.

"Muuuummmm, I'm home! " Cagalli screamed, announcing her return.

"Cagalli, my dear, how was the trip?" Caridad asked caringly, giving her daughter a motherly hug.

Cagalli never had a mother before and when her father died, all she had was Kira and his adopted parents. She didn't mind, not one bit, she was just glad to have family to come home to. She treated Caridad as her real mother and Haruma an uncle of hers. Either way, they were family, that's what mattered.

"Hmm it was ok… I guess, we got attacked and Athrun was too busy having fun with his ex…" she said bitterly.

"Athrun! How dare you!" Lenore scolded her son.

"Hello mother, I missed you." Athrun said smiling, giving his mother a long awaited hug. It melts her heart every time, how could she stay angry at him?

"I missed you too honey," returning the hug. "ooO your ex? Do you mean Luna? Oh God how's the sweetheart?" Lenore asked excitedly.

"She's great, I saved her in the battlefield, and she's a red coat!" Athrun boasted "ooO Meyrin was there too!"

Cagalli glared at Athrun and Lenore, Caridad saw it and comforted her by pulling her head to her chest, patting the blonde's back, securing her with the don't-worry-about-it, everything will-be-alright-embrace.

She just noticed they alone, it was usually very noisy and rowdy with the kids running around being crazy and all. But still she was glad they weren't there, she didn't want to show her baby side to them, at least to Kira. Being Cagalli, she insisted she was the older twin.

"Where's Kira, Lacus and hyper-kids?" she asked her mother, knowing her uncle was at work. He had been helping her out as a Minister.

"Oh, they went out to the rock pool on the other side of the beach, they should be back soon. Come to think of it, they should be hungry, staying for lunch dear?"

"You bet I am!" Cagalli beamed. She doesn't get too many chances to have lunch with her family; she was always busy ruling Orb. But she manages to come around once a week to take a break.


"Aww, how's the little cupcake?"

"She was seasick apparently, but she looked fine when we last checked on her. Mother, you never told me about them joining Zaft."

"That's because you were too busy, like your father! I never had the chance to tell you!"

"I'm sorry mother" Athrun apologised sheepishly.

"It's ok honey, I understand."

A crowd of kids could be heard outside.

"Kira and lacus are back with the kids, you go greet them while we cook you some lunch"

"Sounds great mother" Athrun said beaming.

"Kira! Lacus!" the blonde hugged her twin brother. Athrun follwed suit with Lacus.

"Nice seeing you again, Cagalli, Athrun" Lacus greeted them, now exchanged hugs with Cagalli "You two took longer than expected."

"Yeah, we got held up…" Athrun replied.

"Hey it's princess Cagalli and Athrun!" one of the kids yelled, calling the rest of the kids over.

"Let's play catch the bodyguard!" another kid suggested.

"What? Again?" oh dear, this would be a long day for Athrun. All the kids were running about, swarming Athrun as he tried fighting his way around the crazed maniacs. The three young adults couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

While Athrun was playing with the kids, the other three laid down on the soft sand to relax. Lacus leaned her head on Kira's chest, listening to his heartbeat as Cagalli spoke.

"Kira, did you know about Athrun having a girlfriend?"

"Of course, she's blonde and she's lying right next to me."

Lacus giggle at his answer.

"No, I meant before me… stupid."

"Oh, no I didn't, why?"

Cagalli recounted the events on the Minerva calmly, well calm for Cagalli at least. Kira switched positions with Lacus, resting his head on her bouncy chest when Athrun surrendered to the kids.

"Ok, you've caught the bodyguard, now let's catch the princess! GO GO GO!" it was instant success, they climbed off the poor Coordinator. The kids were more than happy to chase the blonde. Cagalli squealed at the sight and started running for it.

"Oh no you don't!" smiling mischievously, Athrun tackled her, thumping on the sand as they landed. The kids were celebrating their success of capturing the princess, circling around the couple, jumping and yelling random stuff as they did the victory dance.

"I thought the bodyguard was supposed to PROTECT the princess."

"Not on this beach he's not" Athrun smirked as he tickled the blonde, who giggled as she struggles out of his evil punishment.

"Yay, go Athrun!" the kids cheered.

"They kids are crazier when they're with Athrun and Cagalli." Lacus said smiling, closing her eyes. They changed back to their original position; Kira knew he was getting heavy for his sweet songstress even though she never complained.


Kira also closed his eyes as the pink haired songstress hummed one of her sweet songs. It was like a lullaby, so peaceful and sleepy. She stopped humming when she looked up to see her man sleeping soundly; she put her arm across the brunette's stomach and took a nap.

"RING RING! PHONE CALL, PHONE CALL" (yeah I got it from pokemon…lol)

The whole world around Cagilli stopped; even Kira and Lacus looked up.

"Hello…. Yes…. Yes… WHAT? Yes… I understand… I'll be there in 10 minutes." She put away her phone, telling everyone about the dreadful news.

An enormous asteroid thrice the size of Junius 7 was heading for Earth at high speed. It would collide with Earth in four days, JUST missing PLANTs and Junius 7. The whole world panicked. The Earth Alliance has requested help from PLANTs to attempt destroying or at least decreasing its size of the asteroid Armageddon. (They named the astroid Armageddon). PLANTs accepted to improve their relations.

All remaining nuclear warheads were used; Zaft used Strapeed (the long network looking thing used to wipe out the nukes heading for PLANTs in GSD after Junius 7 fell). The highly concentrated positron beam blaster was drained after two shots. Their efforts had spit the astroid into three bits; one vaporised thanks to Strapeed. The impact from the nukes and Strapeed set another chunk into the opposite direction. The last chunk, half the size of Junius 7 was due to hit Earth on the last day of hope. All hopes laid upon Strapeed's third shot at the little Armageddon. However it was still recharging. Five hours til impact, the Strapeed was ready to fire. When it did, Strapeed busted into flames due to overheating. All hope was lost, Chairman Durandal ordered Minerva to continuing to shoot the Armageddon with Tannhäuser, the positron blaster cannon. Kira self- destructed his Freedom like Athrun did to GENESIS. Consequently, Armageddon broke into many tiny bits, scattered across the world. It was a pretty sight, but painful too.

Earth was in chaos. The impact of the Armageddon was horrendous. Tsunamis and flood drowned cities. Millions died. Everyone cried for their loved ones and blamed it all on, yep, you guessed it… PLANTs. Blue Cosmos framed PLANTs exploding Strapeed intentionally to let Armageddon perform its genocide. Both Earth and PLANTs were outraged. Earth believed Blue Cosmos 'explanation' of the incident. While PLANTs was just amazed how they believed such bullshit which they of course denied. Obviously, the people of Earth didn't buy it. Orb desperately tried to keep both sides at peace.

"Athrun, why didn't you tell me that you were leaving earlier?"

Cagalli was not happy, she had just found out about Athrun leaving for PLANTs for an appointment with the Chairman. She didn't want him to leave so suddenly, she needed him.

"You were too busy, and I just can't stand standing in the background when I can do something about it in PLANTs. I don't belong here; I can't do a thing here."

He took out a black jewellery box and opened it. He took the stunning sapphire necklace and put it on for her as she stared in astonishment at the blue beauty. A hint of red was evident on both lovers, Athrun half looked away as he performed such a task.

"I know about your engagement with .. that guy, I just wanted to give you something to remember me by."

"Fucking pedophile…the fag is twice her age!" Athrun can be quite nasty when it comes to his thoughts, a part not shown to public.

Cagalli was as red as a tomato. She was speechless. She felt so special, yet so sad. Her man of her life was giving her a good-bye gift. Athrun melt her heart once more as he kissed her passionately. This time it was a slow kiss, taking all the time in the world, trying to take as long as they could. Everything surrounded them blurred away as it spun in slow motion; their lips tasted each other gently and peacefully. Moments later, their lips parted slowly. Athrun licked his lips after the overwhelming kiss, causing Cagalli to blush even madder.

"When would you be back?"

Athrun looked away. "I … I honestly don't know."

Cagalli bowed her head in sadness. "Keep in touch"


"I love you" Cagalli clasped his black jacket, burying her head on his solid chest.

"I love you too" embracing his princess for the last time in… god who knows how long, he brought her chin up and wiped her tears.

Closing their eyes, they shared their last kiss before Cagalli broke down in tears again on her knees, clenching on the sapphire necklace tightly as her blue haired man climbed onto the shuttle with his stylish briefcase. Athrun looked at the blonde in tears through the window as his shuttle lifted off as the fragile figure below became smaller and smaller.

"Why are we here? Aren't we heading for PLANTs?" The shuttle did not leave Earth's atmosphere; in fact, it did not even leave Orb territory. Here it was on the shuttle port of Orb.

"We're waiting for Lieutenant Elsman, sir, he'll be escorting you up to PLANTs" the pilot responded. "He'll be here in a moment."

"I see, thank you."

"Dearka, hurry your ass up!"


"BOO!" a tanned blonde slipped his hands over the eyes of a certain golden brunette at a local café in Orb. "Guess who!"

Miriallia Haww removed the alien hands off her eyes and turned around. She didn't need to do that, there was only one person left in this world who would still act in this way, Dearka Elsman. He was a bit of a flirt, can be humorous at times, also sweet, but Milly was not in the mood for it.

"Dearka? Yeah, thought so, what are you doing here?"

Dearka frowned "You don't seem very happy seeing me."

"Sorry, I'm just… anxious. Another war is about to break out, I can't stop worrying about it. All the pain as suffering we went through, it's going to happen again Dearka!"

Dearka took the seat in front of her; he saw pictures of people protesting and racist violent attacks on Coordinators throughout the world rested on the circular table. He put his hands on her shoulders gently. "Yeah, I blame it alllll on Blue Cosmos and the naïve Naturals believing them." His comment did not help the situation. He looked at Milly in the eyes sincerely and held her delicate hands.

"It's ok, calm down, nothing would happen to you or our friends, I'll be there protecting you. I'm in FAITH now, remember? I can sort of do whatever I want now."

Dearka has been excused of defecting Zaft, not only that he is considered a war hero in his efforts of stopping the nukes hitting PLANTs and stopping GENESIS from firing the second shot. The survivors of the Le Creuset Team, himself, Yzak and Athrun were given FAITH rank for their war efforts. Athrun did not receive his as they did not know his whereabouts after the war, until now. So every now and then the tanned blonde would drop by Orb to see how Athrun and Milly are going, well mainly Milly, Athrun was always second on his list. It was definitely more than a long distance friendship between Milly and Dearka, but not enough to call a long distance relationship.

Milly smiled and cuddled Dearka softly. "Thank you Dearka, for being there for me."

"Anything for you, Milly, anything for you…." He returned the hug, it melt his heart every time. Enjoying the time of his life, spending with Milly, his nosy eyes spotted the time on his watch.

"SHIT! I was supposed to pick Athrun up an hour ago!" he broke the hug, pecked Milly on the cheek and bailed like his ass was on fire.

Milly blushed and giggled, touching her cheek, circling the place Dearka's lips pressed onto her face.

Lord Djbril rose from his seat after showing snapshots and footages around the world expressing their hate for PLANTs and Coordinators. Racist comments were thrown; bloody violence was shown. Millions protested, holding banners and signs blaming their loss on PLANTs.

"Gentlemen, our people wants a war, I say we give them one."

The old men started yapping their mouths, most agreeing with the LOGOS, or Blue Cosmos Leader.

The Admiral sighed "I guess it cannot be helped. I hereby the Earth Alliance declare war on PLANTs on this very day."

Many applauded, some chanted "For a greener Earth". Some were disappointed and disgustedly outraged. It was inevitable. They were outnumbered by Blue Cosmos and the majority of the planet, it cannot be stopped. It has only been around six months since the last war. Ceasefire period was now over. History is repeating itself.

"Go ahead and attack as planned."

"Cleanse the world! For a greener Earth! For a greener Earth!" everyone chanted. Lord Djbril sneered with satisfaction and excitement.


War has broken out, will our heroes survive this one? Can they handle the pain and suffering for the second time?

Preview- Chapter 3 - Back on Track

"These guys again?" Yzak said in annoyance.

"No, they have been modified; don't let your guard down."

"I'm a Commander now, don't you DARE order ME around, you damn civilian!" Yzak boiled with rage.

Dearka smiled, "Just like the old days, huh, Athrun?"

..."What, you guys want to shower with me or something?"

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