The Reincarnated Celestial Warrior

During the ancient times, there was a huge event, probably the biggest happening that occurred since the creation of the world itself. But this incident was never recorded in any human civilization. The reason: It was a war, a fierce battle between the magical forces of good and evil. The battle eventually came to end, but not the war, and it continued till this very day……

Summary: The magical conflict between good and evil seem never ending, though now they do not battle each other in the open, fortunately for the mortals. But when a powerful Celestial warrior who sacrificed himself in the war during the ancient times was reincarnated into the mortal world, it breaks the tension between both sides. The Celestials have long awaited his return, but the creatures of the Underworld want to turn him over to their side, or get rid of him if they can't 'recruit' him. As 'the ones chosen for the job' arrived at the mortal world to find this warrior, they faced a trouble that they never dreamed that they will face. They fell in love. But there's one single thing that both sides have in common. They have a rule, a rule that goes: "You must never, ever fall in love"…… Pairings: LXK, AxC, SxS, MxM, YxS, DxM and perhaps more.

Notice: You readers noticed that I put LxK instead of KxL? I know they both mean KiraLacus or LacusKira, but the reason why I put 'L' first before 'K' is because in this story, Lacus will be having more action than Kira. Yes, there will be action scenes, but not mecha battles, more like magical battles like the fights from the 'Charmed' series or the 'Final Fantasy X and X2' games. To KxL fans, rest assured that they are the main couples of this story and I hereby declare that Lacus will still maintain her sweet personality despite being involved in fights. (Well, to those who played 'Final Fantasy X' or watched the 'Charmed' series, does fighting makes Yuna, Rikku, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige tomboys? No, right? Same thing applied here for Lacus Clyne)

Author's Note: This story is inspired by the 'Charmed' series, the 'Final-Fantasy' game series and folklores of several cultures. In this story, there are three main races: 1. Celestials. This race consists of celestial beings such as deities, gods, goddess, holy creatures, angels (the Whitelighter kind)…… 2. Underworldlings. This race consists of the 'creatures of the Underworld', like demons, evil ghosts/spirits, zombies, monsters, Darklighters…… 3. Mortals. In this story, there are two types of mortals, one who know magic, and one who don't. Those who know magic are divided into two categories: those who practice white magic, and those who were involved in the Dark Arts.

Chapter 1

At the Celestial Realm……

"I wonder what's happening that causes the Elders to call for a meeting that involved the entire Realm," Meyrin asked her sister.

"I have no idea. Let's hope it's not something bad. And I think we should speed up. If we're late, the Elders are going to take their time nagging us," Lunamaria replied. The two sisters then make the clouds that they are standing on flew faster.

When they reached the Crystal Fortress, the venue for the meeting, many Celestials were already there. They noticed that the older generations had a very serious look on their faces.

"Something has happened. The stars had shown strange readings, something had stirred in the mortal world that involves us," an old woman said.

"We know, and I think the Underworldlings had sensed it too," another said.

As Lunamaria and Meyrin searched for their friends, they saw Lacus and Fllay arriving from the other side of the fortress. Lacus was riding on her phoenix while Fllay was sitting on her giant crane. As soon as they got down, Fllay sent her crane to return while Lacus's phoenix shrunk itself from its normal size to the size of an owl and perched on Lacus's shoulders.

"Hi Lacus. Hi Fllay," Lunamaria and Meyrin greeted their friends.

"Hi Luna. You and Meyrin just arrived?" Lacus asked.

"Yep. Have you seen any of the boys?"

"Athrun, Shinn and Sai will come later after they finished their patrol duty," Fllay replied.

As the girls talked and waited, more Celestials were arriving. Some flew in with their own magic or wings, some teleported themselves, while some came by their magical pets or flying clouds like how the four girls did.

"Phew. Luckily we arrived just in time," Sai said as he, Athrun and Shinn arrived on their clouds. The meeting was just about to start.

A gong was struck. Everyone silenced as a group of old Celestials appeared from nowhere. All of them were dressed in identical white robes and white hoods. These Celestials are the 'Elders', the ones in charge of the Celestial Realm and powerful masters of white magic. (In other words, they're the bosses)

One of the Elders stood forward. "He has returned. His reincarnation has finally show traces of his and our roots," the old man said. A murmur started among the older generations as soon as those words were spoken. The younger generations however, seem confused with all this excitement.

One of the Elders noticed the confusion. Master Wattfeld, would you please let the young ones know what are we talking about?" the old lady spoke to a one-eyed man. He was one of the high-ranking personnel of the Realm, and one of his duties was to take care of the younger Celestial soldiers.

Wattfeld cleared his throat. "As you all know, during the ancient times, there was a war between our kind and the Underworldlings in the mortal world. During this war, many of both sides were killed. However, we Celestial had an ability that the Underworldlings don't. Our sacrificed warriors have a chance to be reincarnated into the mortal world, and when they reached a certain age, their magic will return to them and it means that he or she is ready to join us once more,"

Shinn, who was getting impatient, raised his hands and asked, "Sir, I don't mean to sound rude, but we already know about this. We also know that whenever the Elders sensed that someone had regained their powers, a team of trained celestials will be sent to the mortal world to guide the person until he has fully mastered his abilities and ready to re-join us. So what's so special about this reincarnation? As far as I know, reincarnations of our brave warriors happen almost everyday,"

"Young one, do you know who and how the 'Last War' was stopped? And do you know the other purpose of sending guides to the reincarnated ones?" one of the Elder asked Shinn. Shinn shook his head.

Wattfeld continued. "During this war, the magical energies that surround and control the mortal world were severely disturbed, causing strange and dangerous happenings that nearly wiped out the entire mortal population. Just when the mortal world seemed doomed for sure, one noble warrior sacrificed himself to perform the 'Final Spell', a mysterious charm that was neither white magic nor black magic. The 'Final Spell' restored the mortal world and trapped the Underworldlings' leader in an unknown universe, thus bringing victory to our side. And as I said earlier, those who were sacrificed during the war will be reincarnated. However, once their powers surfaced, they will be sensed by our enemies too, the Underworldlings, who will stop at nothing to corrupt them and turn them against us. Some Underworldlings even killed those whom they can't corrupt. That's why we sent someone to guide and to protect them," Wattfeld explained.

"So, what does this got to do with our meeting?" Athrun asked.

"This meeting's main purpose is to tell you that our noble warrior from the 'Last War' had finally shown signs of his abilities, and we'll be selecting a group of elites from all of you to guide and bring him back,"

Deep down in the Underworld……

"So you are saying that the reincarnation of the one responsible for our race's humiliation in the ancient times had shown signs of his powers?" a demon boy with green hair asked an adult demon, who was wearing a mask.

"Yes, and I do believe that all of you know what should be done," the masked demon replied.

"Lord Crueset, I am ready to take part in this task of bringing him to our side or killing him. My Dark Magic is very eager to devour any Celestials who dare to stand in our way," another demon boy said.

"Patience Shani. The time will come for you to destroy everything you want, but now, only a few of you will go up to the mortal world to try to influence him," the demon addressed as 'Lord Crueset' said. Then he turned to another group of demons.

"Yzak, Dearka, Meer, Sting, Auel and Stellar, you six will be given this important task. Do whatever it takes to make sure that the Celestials will never see him return to them. I'll not tolerate any failures, do you understand?"

"Yes sir. We won't let you down. We'll bring him to our side and hopefully, be able to use him to free our long imprisoned leader," the silver-haired demon boy named Yzak said seriously.

"Good. Now, this is how your target looks like," Crueset gave each of them a small scroll. "Now, get ready and I'll sent you up to the mortal world. Some of our followers who stay there will meet you as soon as you reached the mortal world, and they will brief you with the information that you needed to know while staying up there."

As the selected demons went back to the place they lived to get ready, like changing into clothes that mortals nowadays wear, the pink-haired demon girl called Meer looked at the scroll and grinned to herself. "Hmm, he's quite good-looking, with his brown hair and amethyst eyes. Ha! This going to be one easy job. I bet I can easily seduce him like how I did with some of the other ex-Celestials," the female demon thought to herself as she flipped her long, pink hair while looking at her reflection in her mirror. She didn't know that things won't go as smooth as she planned.

Author's Note: Due to some special circumstances, I have managed to find some time between my revisions to post the first chapter of my new story which I came up with while day-dreaming……hehe…… You might not really understand what's happening here, but I assure you that I'll explain most of the subjects that need explaining in the second or third chapter. To those who like Stellar, Yzak and Dearka, I just want to tell you that although they are the villains in this chapter, in the future the three of them and Meer will defect and join the good side, despite being demons.

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