I LOOOOOOVE HUNGRY HEART! I mean, I NeVr reD the mango but its sooooo Goood!1! I LYKe, lLuV KYOSUKE! THEY R TOTLLY ALSOME! AND LYKE, HE IS NOT GAY! CoZ if He was He wouldn't be HITTING on ME! PpL Hu Du YaOii PaiRinGs R LOSRS! PLZ R&R, K! If U hav nothin nice 2 say, SHOVE OFF! I Rite Whateva I feel Lyke! No y? Coz I'm a Gurl Hu Shops Hottopic! Yah, Im Goth So Dun Fk W/ ME! I LUV ANimE! InuYOSHA is DA BEZZT! I WaTCH EVERYTHING That Iz DuBbed On TV! I A,M, JapaNeeze! CanT U TeL? LoOK: Kawaii! Baka! I No Japaneeze W0RDZ! I Am LykE HALF Japaneeze! I NevR New Mi Dad, But He Could Lyke, TOTALLY B Japaneeze! So DaT Wuld Make Mii HALF JAPANEEZE1 Mii Dad Left Mee WHen I wuz 6. He iz a Asswhole! But Pleez Don't Ask Me About Him! My Japaneeze Name iz Kuroshouminakashi Kuroshouminakashu! InCase U DidNt No, SinSe Ur Not Japaneeze LyKe Mee, LaSt Names Go FIRST in Japan. So Mii Friends CaLL Me Kuroshouminakashu. But My Niknam is Kuro-CHAN! Mi FriendS R Tofu-CHAN, Curry-CHAN, Pocky-CHAN, Ramen-CHAN, Sushi-CHAN and Mitsubishi-CHAN! They R Teh Bezt! They Say I'm the BEST riter! Well NEWAYZ, Here's Mii Storii1! Itz called HUNGRY HEART: If You're Hungry, Eat Your Heart! R&R!1!

Summary for Chapter One: You're favorite charcters from Hungry Heart and other animes battle it off with the evil Teriyaki-SAN! ALSO my friends and me will be in it! Well, we fight the evil forces that Teriyaki-SAN sends to destroy the world but we'll stop him! …In chapter one.

Hi, my name is Kuroshouminakashi Kuroshouminakashu, but my friends just call me Kuro-CHAN! I live in Tokyo. Oh, for you non-japaneeze people, Tokyo is in Japan. I've been all over Japan! I've been to Kyoto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, AND Wasabi!

I go to this awesome skool for peeps with magical powers! Awesome, right! My power is that I can attack anyone who fights me! Now I'll tells you about my friends!

My bestest friend is named Sushi-CHAN! Sushi-CHAN is either Chinese or Japaneeze. I'm not reely shore. I'm Japaneeze though. My other bestest friend is Tofu-CHAN! Tofu is not asion. Then our friends are Curry-CHAN, Pocky-CHAN, Ramen-CHAN and Mitsubishi-CHAN! Sushi-CHAN's power is that she can play music through her ears. Pocky-CHAN can jump REALLY high on trampolines. Mitsubishi-CHAN can teleport any object that is smaller than her hand. Curry-CHAN's power is that she can make it foggy. Tofu-CHAN can fortell the past. We don't know what Ramen-CHAN's power is yet.

"OMG Can I like have two dollars!" Tofu-CHAN asks.

"No!" I whined.

Then all of a sooden, Kyosuke-KUN comes out. Oh my god I love him!

(A/N: I totally am dumping my boyfriend cause he aren't like Kyosuke! 333333333333)

"Kyosuke!" I squealed as I jumped on him.

"Hai Kuro-CHAN!" He waved.

Then Emily, Michael, Joseph, Sally, Earl, Freddy and Caroline came. They aren't GREAT friends of mine since they're from America, but their okay.

"Konnychywa!" Phillipe-KUN said.

Then this big black hole came that sucked us all in!

We landed in this strange place called Hiroshima!

To B Continud…

OMG I'm sorry I left you off on a cliffhanger…ha, IM NOT SORRI! Teeehee1 I xpect lots of reviews!