Wings of an Angel

Disclaimer; This is a Harry Potter/X-men cross over set before Harry's final year at Hogwarts and just before 'The Last Stand.' I obviously don't own either of the above mentioned items. Oh, this will be Slash, sorry to all of you that don't like that, but it's a integral part of the story. It wont be graphic though so please don't worry or shirk the story because of that.

Chapter 1; Changes

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

Harry didn't groan when he woke, and that one unconscious decision changed his life from that point onwards. He looked around the ward but his view was obstructed by the white shroud that surrounded his bed, blocking off his view of the ward even though it's task was to hide him from view. He assessed his own health like he had learnt to over this summer ever since it had happened on his birthday.


Harry as always was waiting up for midnight on July the Thirty-first, waiting for the annual letters that he always received on his birthday. But he didn't know that this year he'd never get the opportunity to read any of those letters or open his presents. At the instant that he turned seventeen his mind went blank as he lost all control over his body. For the first time that summer he didn't dream of anything.

He woke late the next morning feeling absolutely exhausted and realising the time struggled out of bed. He walked over to his wardrobe to scrounge out some clothes for the day and stopped short as an image in the mirror on his wall caught his eye. For one he was no longer wearing the shirt he had fallen asleep in, well in fact that wasn't entirely true, part of his cuffs were still in tack on his wrists. He pulled them off and with a gasp noticed the flash of white behind him. He span round slightly and nearly fainted with shock at the sight. Two wings sat against the skin of his back.

He tried to get them to move but nothing happened. He frowned as he reached behind him to feel the feathers and realised that in actuality they had a slight silvery tinge to them. He was so amazed at the sight, even if he couldn't use them, that he didn't hear the footsteps coming up towards his room. He jumped in shock however when his door was opened so fast that it bounced off the wall, leaving a sizable chunk of the wall plaster missing.

"Boy!" His uncle yelled even as Harry jumped sideways. "Why aren't you." He paused as he caught sight of the wings on Harry's back. "What the hell are those?"

Harry couldn't think of anything to say and instead took a step backwards.

"Is that some freakishness from your freaky world?" Vernon was going purple. "No wait. You one of those Mutants the news keeps going on about. Those ones that attacked the American President."

Harry hadn't even thought that his new wings were anything other than magic, but now, as he looked at his furious Uncle in shock, it all made sense. He had read in the papers and even managed to watch the Muggle News reports about Mutants. His parents had never had wings in any of the photos so it cant have been hereditary. Being a mutant was the only explanation.

Harry felt the hit before he realised that Vernon had closed the gap while he had been having his epiphany and had smacked him across the face. Neither noticed but as Vernon pulled back his fist to deliver another punch, Harry's new wings twitched as if to try to span out.

"We've put up with your freakishness for too long. But this is too far." Vernon paused in his verbal diatribe to deliver such a heavy blow onto Harry's shoulder that his vision started to cloud with pain as he nearly blacked out. "The American's might be all lovey-dovey with those mutants now but I wont roll over that easily."

Harry woke up late in the evening after the beating he had received from his own Uncle.

End Flashback.

Harry had spent the last three weeks between practicing with his rapidly growing wings in the confines of his room, where they couldn't even open fully after only a few days, and recovering from the frequent beatings from Vernon. After that first twitch of his wings he slowly managed to command them but he realised soon after that he would have to build up the muscles in his back in order to flap them properly. He had only used his wings properly once and that was to glide from his rooms window when Voldermort and his Death Eaters had attacked. He'd been forced to run from the Death Eaters since Vernon had destroyed his beloved wand but when faced with Voldermort he had done the only thing he could think of, he'd punched the man in the face.

He smiled faintly at the memory that wasn't even a few hours old. His lifelong enemy had screamed bloody murder as soon as Harry's fist had connected and seeing the pale look on Voldermort's face, Harry had grabbed the mans face and felt the power flowing through his body which, not really knowing what was happening, he directed against Voldermort before just holding on for dear life, ignoring the injuries he was receiving from cutting curses from the few Death Eaters around.

Harry had blacked out after that. The only thing that he could think of now was that he had somehow turned Voldermort's own magic against him. That's what his instincts told him at any rate and he had learned to trust them. Harry sighed and let his head drop heavily into the pillow, but his peace didn't last long as the door to the wing opened.

"Hermione!" Ron's voice whispered fiercely. "He's a mutant know, we cant trust him."

Harry could have sworn his heart stopped in that instant. Was Ron channelling his Uncle Vernon or something?

"He's still Harry in some part." Harry knew Hermione meant well but her worlds pained him almost as much as Ron's had.

"You heard what he did to You-Know-Who!" Ron's voice raised in volume. "He turned a wizards' power against him."

"It was You-Know-Who!" Hermione protested. "Anyone would have done the same thing. Mutant or not, this is still his world."

"It's not though, Hermione." Ron argued. "He isn't even a Wizard anymore! Pomfrey says that when his mutant side came out his core magic was destroyed."

"But he's Harry. He used to be your best friend." Hermione stammered out.

"He was never the person we knew. He was always a mutant. His magic was just covering it up but now that his mutation has come out on top he might as well be just a squib!" Ron spat. There was a long pause and Harry held his breath.

"I suppose you're right." Hermione whispered almost too quietly to hear but it still felt like a stab straight through his heart. He needed to get out of here and soon. He rolled out of the bed, glad to see that nobody had bothered to remove the jeans that he had been wearing that yesterday evening. He hadn't worn a shirt since his birthday and they had obviously not bothered to try to get one over his three-quarters grown wings.

Unfortunately he managed to knock a tray off of the bedside table with his wings making Hermione squeak in surprise. Ron slammed open the curtain just as Harry straightened up.

"What are you doing awake?" Ron demanded, "You're supposed to be in a spelled sleep!"

"Why, Ron?" Harry snarled, "Concerned for my well being?"

"Don't be sarcastic with me you mutant." Harry tried not to blanch at his tone so he did the only thing he could think of, he turned to the side and tried to leave. "You're not going anywhere till the Aurors come and get you!" Ron snarled as he stepped in his way.

"I just killed Voldermort and you're going to have me arrested for being a mutant?" Harry stammered out in disbelief, and turned squarely on Hermione. "And you're just going to stand there and let this crap go on. You, who petitioned House Elf treatment when they didn't want it?" To his amazement Hermione just glared at him.

Harry didn't need this, he tried to get passed Ron but Ron just got in his way again, keeping him away and still by heavily pushing against Harry's bare chest with the palm of his hand. Harry's eyes went wide as Ron paled and tried to pull his hand back, but it was too late as the connection had already been made. Harry felt Ron's magic swirling beneath his skin and he realised with a shock that it was leeching across from Ron's hand and into Harry's chest.

Harry ripped Ron's hand away from him and ran passed him as Ron slumped against the bed. He didn't even turn when a spell streaked passed him from Hermione's wand. He pushed through the balcony doors and with a brief look at Hermione's furious and disgusted look, a look that he would always remember, he jumped off of the ledge and disappeared into the night.

Harry's untrained wing muscles couldn't carry him any further than a few miles but even that far amazed him, though the pain of knotted muscles in his back was enough that when he finally succumbed to the pain and landed he almost instantly fell asleep, his wings curled around him protectively.

Three days later

It had been a hard task to travel all the way south to London but with a combination of flying practice and landing on trains he had done it and worked up the muscles in his wings.

He collapsed violently in the middle of Diagon Alley in the dull light that only occurred during a summer morning before the sun had broken over the horizon. There was nobody about as he had hoped so he made his way to his destination; Gringotts.

A day-old newspaper smacked lightly into his leg and he grabbed the loosened front page as he walked.

'Boy-who-lived escapes custody still.

Harry Potter, 17, mutant, still eludes searches by Aurors and well-renowned Order of the Phoenix members. Harry Potter who lost his heritage as a wizard when the truth of his condition became apparent on his 17th birthday, has proven that mutants are a plague on the Wizarding world. The fact that Harry Potter now no longer appears on magical sensors proves that the mutant population is a threat to our Wizarding lives.

Us at the Daily Prophet agree whole-heartedly with Ministry officials in that Albus Dumbledore, may he rest in peace, was wrong to trust such a creature with our future. We would also like to warn all of our readers that if they see Harry Potter that they should not approach him but to call the Ministry and Aurors as soon as possible. His mutant ability to drain the power from a person, as he did to Ronald Weasley during his escape, or turn that power against someone, like he did to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, are both a real threat and we beg you to be careful that this loose cannon does not become a threat to you or your family.

Muggle authorities have been warned of Harry Potter's duplicity and if you cannot inform the magical authorities. . .'

Harry threw the paper aside with disgust, the Wizarding world could do without him now and he especially couldn't be around them if they wanted his head on a pike to parade around in front of the populace. He needed to get out and that was why he was now walking up stone steps to the entrance of Gringotts.

He paused at the locked door trying to decide whether to knock and risk the wrath of the goblins or wait till they opened and risked the wrath of the Wizards. He sighed as he rested his head on the cooling steel doors and was shocked when they creaked open slowly. A small hand reached out and grabbed the side of his jeans and dragged him in before the door was closed again.

"Mr. Potter, you shouldn't stand around in plain sight like that." The Goblin guard admonished him. "We've been looking out for you for the last three days."

"What?" Harry asked in surprise. "Why are you helping me?"

"We've been looking after the gold of the Wizarding World for thousands of years Mr. Potter." Said an older looking Goblin who had come up behind whilst he was questioning the guard who no slunk back to his place next to the door. "We know how they think and how they will always want someone to blame. Once you disappear they will undoubtedly look for you. We want to help you with that."

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"I am Griznar, the Potter Family account manager. My family has always watched over you financial situation. And also looked after your legal problems." Griznar told him.

"My legal problems?" Harry asked confused.

"Indeed, did you know that the Ministry of Magic has been on at us to release your vaults and processions into their control ever since you killed Voldermort and this isn't the first time they have tried either." Griznar smirked.

"When did they try before?"

"When you were placed with the Dursley's against your parents will they tried to seize control of your assets." The goblin told Harry as they strolled across the vast, yet empty, chamber and down a small corridor.

"Is it true that they cant track me anymore?"

"Without your magic all of the spells cant 'see' you. Not only that but your mutant powers wont let any tracking spell work either." Griznar smiled a toothy smile. "Trust me, we've been trying to find you for days."

"Why did you need to find me so badly?"

"You see, the Potter family is a very old family. Far older than the Wizarding world realises. One of your ancestors helped to found Gringotts in the first place." Griznar informed Harry making his mouth drop open before it snapped closed with a snap. "Part of your estate is quite a few shares in this bank. So it was in our best interest to help you out."

"Did the Ministry know this?" Harry asked.

"Unfortunately that is one of the family secrets that they do know."

"Is that why they wanted my assets?" Harry asked as it clicked into place. "To get shares in Gringotts."

"Yes, that and the money they would gain."

"How much are we talking about here?" Harry asked.

"As I said before the Potters are a very old family. I'd have to consult a few of the other Account members to get an exact value and it would take a few weeks but at the moment the vaults hold in the region of six billion pounds sterling."

"You've got to be joking!" Harry's wings twitched at the shock.

"I'm not joking, Mr. Potter." Griznar smirked in that strange way that goblins had.

"You don't pay interest on that do you?"

"Fortunately for Gringotts we do not." Griznar told him, "When the account was first opened interest wasn't an issue. At the moment the vaults gain a percentage of Gringotts profit which is automatically put in the vault."

"What percentage?" Harry asked, though he knew he wouldn't have a clue about the figures he had to admit he was intrigued.

"One percent of the profit." Griznar admitted.

"That much? That must be an astronomical amount." Harry gasped.

"Not compared to the value of your other estates." Griznar told him, "How about we get down to the reason you are here?"

"I was just going to get out as much money as I could or transferred into a Muggle account so that I could leave the Wizarding world." Harry informed his account manager.

"Well, the Potters already have quite a few Muggle bank accounts, I can get you the access information for them before you leave. That should take care of all of your money troubles. We can easily hold off your legal problems with the Ministries for you." Griznar told Harry as he poured Harry a drink of Butterbeer, "I'll get a list of Muggle contacts for you for the more important companies that you own that will help you get around."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked before he realised what was implied in that statement, "You mean I own companies?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter. Your family owns several companies. Including train lines, estate agents, private schools, private hospitals, airlines. Almost every niche of the economical world." Griznar smirked again. "I'll give you a list of contacts in as many of these as I think useful to your disappearing attempt."

"What about secrecy?" Harry asked, finding the catch. "The Muggle world are looking for me as well aren't they?"

"Your business transactions in the Muggle World still use the old family name of Bennett, you can leave the Potter name behind you and legally take that name. The Potters have always been able to keep the existence of that name a secret. The Ministry wouldn't have a clue."

They chatted about the specifics for a few hours until Diagon officially opened at eight and Harry decided he needed to leave.

"What about the items in the vaults?" Harry asked. "That's an easy one. You own a storage company in both England and America, if you go to your storage locker in either then you will be magical transported to a secret room just behind that portrait. The portrait will inform me of you presence immediately." Griznar informed him, "For the meantime I took the liberty of sending one of our human assistants to a clothing store yesterday to find a full length trench coat that you can use to hide your wings."

Harry thanked the goblin as he accepted the leather coat. Griznar continued. "Our spell masters have enchanted it to restrain your wings when it is worn and if you squeeze this button on the cuff it will shrink down so you can put it in your pocket. Don't worry about shrinking it whilst your wearing it, it will just take itself off and land in you hand."

"I really don't know how to thank you." Harry smiled, "How am I going to get out of here now?" Harry asked thinking about the number of wizards that must be in the street with only a few days till Hogwarts opened again.

"I don't think that will be a problem. Nobody will expect you to walk straight through Diagon Alley, and besides I don't think anyone will recognise you unless they know you well." Griznar told him.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"I doubt you've had a chance to look at yourself lately but you've gone through a few changes. Your loss of magic has dulled you eye colour to a forest green, your hair is tinged silver, probably to match your wings and more importantly your scar has vanished. Something that the Daily Prophet hasn't reported to anyone." Griznar smirked again as he showed Harry, now cloaked in the restricting trench coat, out of his office and into the main chamber. "Just avoid using your family name and don't talk to anyone other than those on the list when you use your contacts."

"Thank you for this Griznar," Harry smiled. "I hope to see you soon."

Griznar offered his hand and Harry without thinking about it took it, instantly regretting it as Griznar went pale. Harry released the hand. "Oh God, Griznar, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry, Mr. Bennett, you're not used to it yet. Don't worry, it was just draining, not painful. I'll be fine in a few minutes." Griznar yawned slightly, "How do you feel?"

"I don't feel any different really." Harry paused. "I think that I could have used your magic while I was touching you."

"I don't doubt it," Griznar quieted his voice. "That is what you did to Voldermort after all."

Harry left soon after making sure that his Account Manager would be ok. He sighed as he left the room, does that mean he could never touch another person again. Would he always just suck out their power. Would that happen with Muggles as well. Would he always be alone?

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