Wings of an Angel

Chapter 12; Shattering the borders

Loki Research Facility

Harry looked down out of the helicopters window at the sprawling low level buildings in the militarised research facility that he owned. It made up almost thirty percent of Bennett Inc.'s research and development capacity. The Nevada desert spread out in all directions and only one road was visible stretching from the front gates across the dry sands towards civilisation beyond the hills.

The facility was made up of only six buildings but Harry knew that they didn't have anything but living quarters and administration within them. The research labs and storage depots were all at least five stories underground.

"We're setting her down now, Sir!" The co-pilot yelled back to him. Harry had forgone the usual habit of wearing the headphones in favour of being able to daydream and admire then passing scenery. Aleti sat at his side but Warren was off with his father to try to make some permanent repairs to their relationship and officially to combine Worthington Labs with Bennett Inc.'s fourth section; It's R&D division which Harry had gracefully allowed Warren's father to become a Director of. It was the best way to incorporate the two companies with the least of troubles.

Harry had been worried that his relationship with Warren would become tense with his taking over of Worthington Labs but luckily Warren had known it was the only way for his family business to survive. If Harry had sat on the side lines then Worthington Labs would have fallen into financial ruin after the attack on Alcatraz Island but Bennett Inc.'s take over had prevented Warren's family from going bankrupt and provided Warren and his father with a definite future, something that both men were grateful for.

"Now if only I was sure about my future." Harry didn't realise that he had said it aloud until Aleti questioned him on what he had said. "Nothing, Aleti." Harry shrugged it off just as the helicopter came to a halt on the Helipad with a soft thud.

A group of men stood at the edge of the pad waiting for them and Harry moved over to them with a confident stride. He was wearing his leather jacket and his Wings were hidden under the enchanted material. A research lab really wasn't the place for a wingspan.

"Mr. Bennett!" The eldest of the men, a man in his fifties, greeted him. "It's a honour to finally have your presence here."

"It's a pleasure to finally be here." Harry nodded to them all individually as he followed the hyperactive group into the nearest building.

"My name is Roger Grupert. Would you like a tour first or would you like to get straight to the highlight?" The older man asked in a rushed breath.

"I think a quick tour wouldn't be out of the question though I've read all about most of the project here." Harry told them. "Just a few projects will suffice. You can choose whichever you are more proud of."

They all looked relieved and Harry knew that they had been worried that some of the projects weren't at a stage where they were particularly impressive. Harry followed the men around for almost two hours studying different labs and their projects. From renewable energy sources to combining magic and technology. Harry saw everything they wanted to show him and he was very impressed with it all and didn't mind telling them as such every time they wanted his opinion.

He made sure that everyone from the highest scientist to the lowest paid janitor heard his approval of every point of the facility and the tone of the general staff rose throughout the day. There was never better than a pleased owner when it came to raising moral and productivity in places like this.

"This is the reason for your visit, Sir." Roger introduced as he came to a locked door with the normal tri-key and hand scanner security. This one however also had a retinal scanner built into it. "As you know it was only commissioned when you asked for it but we here at Loki are very impressed with the speed it has reached a productive stage."

"Do we have a working prototype?" Harry asked as they walked into the room. A half dozen scientists stopped their working and stood to listen to the newly entered group.

"Yes, Sir." Roger said. "I'll let Dr. Katvi explain better."

A rather short man with a limp made his way over with a stern face. "The projects finished and I've been saying it for two days now!" The man told Harry directly with a stern look at Roger. Harry repressed a chuckle. He liked men who didn't work to impress him, it showed that they were rightly confident of their own worth.

"We had to ensure that they worked in practical situations." Roger explained with a clipped tone.

"Thank you, Gentlemen." Harry spoke up to cut Dr. Katvi off from starting an argument. "How about you tell me about it, Doctor?"

"Mr. Bennett, what we have here is to large scale suppressors." Katvi told him as he limped over to two tables with two metal cuboids on them. Each device was four foot long and three foot high but only half a foot deep. They were both connected to numerous wires reaching away to several computer consoles. "Of course they are both off at the moment because you are here but they have both been running perfectly for fifty hours now."

"How do they work?" Harry asked as he moved towards them, knowing they were off made him slightly more confident.

"Both work in similar ways to the DNA you provided for us. Using yours and Maria's leeching ability we were able to create an electrical frequency similar to an Electro-magnetic Pulse that will prevent any magic from being able to manifest themselves but without effecting electricity based technologies." Dr. Katvi lectured as he moved to stand by the right hand device. "Jimmy's DNA was slightly harder to harness but we were able to mimic the mutant gene suppressing effect that he constantly has. In fact duplicating Worthington's work on a large scale without the drug was the easy part. Making it temporary was the time consuming part."

"So with these both running any mutant within range loses their abilities and nothing magical can work?" Harry asked. "That includes wards and spells?"

"Yes Sir." Katvi told him. "To both questions. No Wizard or Witch will be able to draw upon their core when within two hundred metres of the anti-magic device whilst mutants will lose their abilities within the same radius of the leeching device."

"What are they called?" Harry asked. "I'll need a formal name to report to the president and the public. I don't want a war like when Worthington did this."

Katvi nodded with satisfaction. "The Anti-Magic device was called the RAMP or Radial Anti-Magic Pulse and the Anti-mutant device was named the MGSW or Mutant Gene Suppression Wave."

"Good work people. Doctor Katvi I want to know exactly when you feel that these can reliably be replicated and when we can install them in our facilities." Harry told him.

"Yes Sir." Dcotr Katvi told him with a nod. Harry was surprised that he had been called Sir by the rather abrupt man. "If you'll come into my office we'll discuss the spin-off from this project."

Harry nodded and followed them man into a windowless office completely full of clutter. "I'm the only one that worked on these so nobody else really knows of their effect." Doctor Katvi informed him passed to bracers to him. They were obviously designed to fit over the top of somebody's forearm with straps to hold it to them. Again there were two of them.

"I tested these with the DNA samples you supplied and as far as I know they will work for Jimmy and Maria with little effort." Katvi looked at him without expression. "Your DNA however didn't react as hoped. "Your magic will simply replicate the leeching effect of your mutant powers and you would still lose your wings whenever you wore it."

Harry sighed, he'd known that Jimmy and Maria would be happy to have their abilities blocked but he'd known that to lose his leeching abilities would mean the loss of his wings and if he did that then he'd lose the muscles there too. With Maria and Jimmy they could simply deactivate the bracers to regain control but Harry would end up having to go through his exercises every time he turned it off and that really wasn't an option. "Do they have a radius?"

Katvi shook his head. "They work by passing a static pulse into whatever they touch. It will only effect the first person they touch so contact with them isn't a problem and they can be switched on and off easily enough. They'll need recharging every seventy-two hours for three hours but any normal electrical output can do that."

"Is there spare batteries?" Harry asked as he picked up the to bracers inside velvet lined boxes.

"Under the lining." Katvi told him with a nod, "I really am sorry I couldn't do anything for you. I'm trying to isolate the two gene sequences from your DNA but it could take a lifetime and even if I found a way to simply block your leeching ability without taking your wings then your magic would just fill the role."

"That's ok, Doctor, don't waste your time on fruitless endeavours. Your expertise is far better used elsewhere. Besides Aleti wouldn't be happy if I blocked my main defence." Harry smiled down at the man as he placed both boxes into the inside of his jacket. "I want two of each of the RAMP and MGSW sent to Head Office as soon as possible and then I want something rigged up here as soon as possible. I'm putting you directly in charge of that since you know how they will effect the labs the best out of everyone else here."

"Sure thing." Katvi told him. "Tell your friends that I was glad to help out."

"I will do." Harry nodded and quickly made his leave. It was still a half hour before he managed to get back to the Helicopter and on his way to the airfield but it was a morning well spent.


Xavier's School for Gifted Children

Harry slid out of the BMW and flapped his wings a few times to get the kinks out of them from sitting in the car for too long before he pulled them in and pulled his leather jacket over the top. He wandered up the steps and into the school with a smile on his face. This place reminded him of Hogwarts before the bad memories had overcome the good. Even with the bad memories though Harry still felt love for the school itself even if he wasn't too sure about the occupants.

One of his missions after smoothing things over in the mundane and mutant worlds was the branch over into the Magical one. Things didn't normally work out that well though and he knew he'd have to do something about the Magical World soon.

"Harry!" Ororo greeted him at the door. "The Professor said you were on the way."

"Did he really?" Harry chuckled. "He's not someone I'll be able to surprise then?"

Ororo smiled at him before leading him inside and up to the Professors office where he found Logan and Hank McCoy sitting with a man that he didn't recognise. "You must be Professor Charles Xavier then?" Harry asked with a smile.

The man stood from behind the desk rather unsteadily and cross the room with an outstretched hand. Harry smiled at him sadly before shoving his naked hands behind his back. The man hesitated before lowering his hands. "I'm sorry, I forgot about your powers. I've had a lot to take in over the last few days. I'm Charles Xavier."

"It's an honour to finally meet you, Professor. I'm Harry Bennett. I apologise for my rudeness but I overlooked the need to greet somebody and left my gloves in the plane." Harry shook his head slightly to clear it before realising what he was feeling. "You are giving me a headache, Professor Xavier." He told the man simply.

"I do apologise, I'm simply too used to using them without people complaining." The telepath told him.

"It's ok, I can sense peoples abilities because of my leeching in the same way that I imagine Maria can but the close proximity of your abilities is tempting my own into draining them." Harry gave him a smile to show that he didn't really mind. "I'll ask you not to pry unnecessarily though. I have secrets that I would prefer to keep."

"That I can understand but I'm afraid I have already been told the gist of the Wizarding World and myself and my teachers have already agreed that we should be concerned about our future when it comes to them." The man told him with a sad smile.

"I agree, I'm already taking measures and for my company the war has already begun. They have already tried to break into my Head Office twice without success but they wont be able to use magic to accomplish that for long." Harry smiled a true smile. "Which brings me to the reason for my visit."

"And that would be?" Logan growled out.

"Logan!" Ororo gasped at his rude tone.

"I don't like all of this political politeness, just get to the point!" Logan grumbled out though he gave the Professor a respectful nod in apology.

"Fair enough." Harry interrupted any further admonishment from the weather manipulator. "My scientists have successfully built and tested two pieces of technology. One nullifies any Magic in a given area whilst the other does the same to mutant abilities. Very much like Jimmy does around him."

They all looked at him with concerned looks so he continued. "The effect is identical to Jimmy's abilities. As soon as the mutant leaves the area they regain their abilities and I intend to only use them where necessary. For instance anti-magical devices in my facilities, in the Whitehouse, in my Office and in this school and Anti-mutant devices in my facilities and the Whitehouse."

"Why not in your offices?" Hank asked him.

"Warren and I are different to you." Harry told them. "When faced with the Anti-mutant device you will lose your fur and strength, your mind reading abilities, your ability to heal or your control over the weather but we would lose our wings. We had to train and build our muscles and learn to fly with them. If we lost the wings we would have to start again with months of training."

"Oh." Hank muttered.

"I'm actually glad you are here Doctor McCoy. I figure that you would be the best person to help me discuss this with the White House and also to be with me when we introduce this to the Mutant world." Harry told them blue furred man.

"How can you be sure this wont just be a replay of when Worthington announced his drug?" Ororo asked.

It was the Professor that spoke up. "Mr. Bennett and Hank would be announcing it from the position of two mutants looking to better this world. The mutants would most likely back them. I've heard the thoughts of the population and support for Bennett Inc. is rapidly growing among both humans and mutants."

"That's good to hear." Harry chuckled. "Now I have another more personal and much happier reason for being here. I've been looking forward to this for weeks. Can I please be taken to Jimmy and Maria?"

"Sure, Harry. Follow me." Ororo told him.

"They are both out in the gardens." The Professor told him with a chuckle, he'd obviously found out from a glimpse into his mind what the surprise was.

Ororo led Harry out into the bright winter sun and even though it was chilly it was still warm enough to enjoy the light. Harry shrugged off his jacket and let his wings flap slightly before he folded them in to his back and gestured for Ororo to lead the way as he hung the jacket over his arm so that he could still get to the boxes without showing anyone the jackets more magical abilities.

"Harry!" Maria leapt up from the ground and jumped into a hug with Harry that shocked him. He gave Bobby and Ronnie a smile and was glad that Bobby wasn't glaring at him like he had when Maria had discovered that she could touch Harry when they had been in Bennett Aeronautics' office building. Harry returned the hug to placate her before pulling back.

"Hi everyone." Harry greeted. "Where's Jimmy?"

"Over there playing near the lake." Ronnie told him from his place on the grass.

"It's ok, Harry. You stay here and catch up and I'll go get him." Ororo assured him before striding confidently away through the children in the direction of the lake.

"What are you doing here?" Bobby asked him not unkindly.

"Just thought I would pay everyone a visit since it's been almost two weeks since I was last here." Harry shrugged leaving out his real reason. He chatted to the three of them for a time and eventually Ororo came back with a happy Jimmy in tow. Harry was glad to see that the boy had slightly tanned skin and spiky hair growing. His pale look in the lab hadn't done the by justice. Harry let Jimmy hug him knowing that his leeching ability didn't work on Jimmy's nullifying ability and Harry's magic blocked Jimmy's.

"Right down to the real reason I'm here!" Harry grinned at an annoyed Bobby who had evidently seen through Harry's excuse. "I have a gift for Jimmy and Maria. Sorry boys, I didn't get anything for either of you." Harry directed the last bit to Bobby and Ronnie who didn't seem to care in the least.

"What is it?" Jimmy asked him hyperactively.

"You." Harry told the young boy with a smile. Jimmy frowned up at him. "Actually its an artificial version of you."

"You managed it then?" Bobby asked with a shocked look on his face.

"In all fairness I didn't." Harry told him. "But having over five thousand of the worlds best scientists and doctors working for you does have its advantages."

"What are you two talking about?" Maria asked with a light glare.

"As you might be aware, Maria, you cant touch anyone because you drain their life and abilities, much as I do." Harry lectured to the girl who nodded to him morosely. "And you, Jimmy, have the unfortunate habit of taking away other's abilities which I think gets rather annoying."

"But your immune to both of us." Jimmy put in as if trying to speed up the explanation.

"That's because Maria's ability recognises that it is pointless to drain mine and another part of me protects me from Jimmy's." Harry told everyone.

"What other part of you?" Ronnie asked as he stood up from the ground to join the others.

"We're getting off topic." Harry dodged the question expertly. "Now, I give you the answer to your problems, and everyone else's." Harry added the last bit in an aside as he looked directly at Bobby.

He pulled the two boxes from inside his folded jacket and presented them to Jimmy and Maria. "What was it that Worthington said? 'I give you the answer to mutation.' And this one wont start a war. This is how it should have been done all along and would have if Jimmy had been taken in by Bennett Inc."

"What are they?" Jimmy asked as he pulled the silver bracer out of the velvet lined box. Harry stepped up to him and gently passed the almost empty box to Ororo before taking the Bracer from Jimmy. He grabbed the boys hand and laid it over the top of his arm before fastening it tightly. He flipped the switch that was inset near the top and their was a sharp whine before it went silent. Harry let go of it rather rapidly, he didn't want the chance that it would effect him.

Harry turned to Maria and showed her how to switch it on. "What does it do?" She asked him. In response Harry grabbed Bobby's hand and before either could react it placed it on her arm. Everyone gasped in panic before they all realised that nothing had happened.

"While you wear these and they are on your abilities are neutralised just as if Jimmy was always close to you. They even removed Jimmy's own ability." Harry explained. Bobby was staring at where his hand was touching Maria's arm and Maria's eyes were looking rather damp.

"How do we know that mine works?" Jimmy asked. Ororo obviously decided to test it and placed a hand on Jimmy's shoulder so there was no doubt that his ability should have neutralised hers. Her eyes glowed white as everybody watched and suddenly clouds blotted out the sky for a few seconds before fading away. Jimmy beamed.

"Be careful with them though. Where as they wont effect anyone you touch they will effect anyone that touches them directly." Harry warned them. "You can switch them on and off at will but bare in mind that they will drain. Each box has two spare batteries capable of lasting fifty hours and then you'll need to recharge them but bare in mind both of you that your abilities are still a part of you and you shouldn't lock them up indefinitely."

"Oh my God," Maria gasped. "How are we supposed to thank you?"

"You not supposed to." Harry told them seriously even as Jimmy latched onto his waist. Harry shrugged. "Just enjoy yourself while you can."

"What's that mean?" Bobby asked him with a confused look.

Harry lost his small smile as he received a nod from Ororo. "There are three worlds on this planet. The human and the Mutant you already know of, the third you don't. We've just lived through a war between the human and the mutant world but even though that's only just behind us we are now on the verge of a much more dangerous war between this world and the third. A war that I am already in the middle of."

"What?" Maria asked him. "I don't understand."

"Keep an eye on the news, you'll see soon enough." Harry explained. "We have a way to defend ourselves from them now, thanks in part to these devices and even though I wish this war wouldn't happen it is already on the cusp of happening."


Bennett Inc. conference room

Harry glanced out of the window as a large truck disappeared into the delivery bay in the south wing of the complex. The anti-magic devices had just arrived. The whole complex would be completely covered in them in such a way that no inch of the grounds would be accessible via magical means. His two Wizards theorised however that since port-keys and apparition used magic only on removal from an area there would be no way to prevent Wizards and Witches from entering since the main wards would be useless as long as the devices were active.

Harry turned back to the conference table and nodded to the entire board of directors that had gathered for this meeting. It had been a week since he had visited the school and Warren had yet to return from being with his father and he was tired and lonely. Especially since there had been two rather magical attempts on his life in the last three days including a rather public attempt during a press conference about the official recombining of Bennett assets and the American Military.

The news channels were still playing that film in the worlds largest display of public magic in six centuries and Harry was only glad that the display could be explained away as mutant powers. Harry had been glad that the newly formed 'Advanced Police Force' or APF for short had been there to publicly save him even if his abilities would have nullified the magic instantly. It had been a good first week for Bennett Inc.'s newly formed mutant police.

"Are we ready to do this?" Rudolph asked a little uncertainly.

"We have to be." Harry sighed. "I know the President is on his last string of sanity when it comes to the British Wizards and he'll want to know we will back him up if this turns into a war."

"Agreed." Rudolph nodded before tapping the control tab in the middle of the table to switch on the conference screen that took up one end of the table. Harry stayed standing behind his own chair at the furthest end of the table as the President's face appeared on the screen as well as several other faces along with Hank McCoy and what looked like a Wizard wearing formal dress robes. "Greetings Mr. President."

The President looked towards the Wizard and spoke with a sideways nod at the screen. "Mr. Gentry, this is the Board of Directors at Bennett Incorporated. Good afternoon everyone." He said with a nod at the screen.

"Mr. Gentry." Harry nodded a greeting. "I assume you are a member of the American Ministry and not the British." There was a less that subtle threat in his words.

"No reason to worry yourself Mr….ah…Bennett." Mr. Gentry told him. "I'm the Ambassador to the American Government for the American Ministry. I have no allegiance to the British community."

"Good, we can continue this discussion then." Harry nodded with a twitch of his wings. "The British magical community has been pressing its limits ever since they tried to arrest me on make believe charges. Now they have stepped over the limit. Their attempt on my life is the last straw for us. We have already relocated all of our magical businesses in Britain to foreign countries and the Gringotts' goblins have agreed to shut their doors to the British Wizards in favour of losing our partnership."

"What is your next move?" The President asked. "Why did you want to speak to us so urgently?"

"We have decided to tell the public of this new threat. The Wizards intend to exterminate the mutant population and we can allow this to happen without the mutants being aware of it." Harry told them seriously. "The Wizards and human governments hid the magical secret whilst thousands of humans were being tortured and slaughtered during Tom Riddles attacks. I wont let that happen again, not when the mutants have the ability to work together and defend themselves."

"I'm sorry, are you planning to breech the secrecy laws?" Mr. Gentry asked with a shocked look.

"Mr. Gentry, British Aurors have attempted to murder somebody on American soil in front of millions of humans. They are planning the mass extermination of millions and you are concerned about secrecy." Harry snarled. "We are not governed by your laws since none of us are Wizards. We are an older establishment then the current human administration and the current American Ministry combined. We will announce the existence of the Wizarding Worlds to the general public on Friday Afternoon at Four O'clock. You have until then to decide whether you wish to stand beside us during the press conference or whether you want to just accept the fall out that comes from it."

There was a stunned silence from both rooms before the President gave him a shaky nod before cutting the connection. "Well that was interesting." One of his directors muttered though Harry didn't bother to find out which one.


Bennett Inc. Memorial Wall Sanctum; Friday 4pm

Harry smiled a sad smile at the arching mirror panels that lined the horseshoe inclosure that made up the Mirror Memorial Sanctum. It was a small recess about ten metres wide at the entrance before it opened up into a circle about fifty metres wide and forty metres deep. The shape of the entrance as well as purposely built blockades made the Sanctum one of Washington DC's quietest public spaces.

Many people used it to sit in respective silence and all held to the simple rule that once inside that space you respected over peoples privacy and their reasons for being there. People used it to remember their own loved ones as they stared at the flitting shadows and rainbow effects created by the ever moving mirrors. Even now the wall was lined with bouquets of flowers and photos of lost loved ones and they were never moved by Bennett Inc. until they were decayed to such a point that they attracted pests.

For it famous reputation and its authority that demanded respect Harry had chosen it for what was going to be the most important press conference of the newly entered twenty-first century. He stood on a podium at the deepest end of the Sanctum and the space was filled with reporters and VIPs whilst the road beyond was closed off to traffic and the crowds stretched all the way back to the Reflecting Pool and beyond.

He hadn't hidden his Wings like he did in most of his Press conferences and this more than anything told the reporters that what he planned to speak about had something, at least in part, to do with the Mutant population. He tended to hid them when he spoke of Bennett Inc. only.

He twitched his wings slightly and the slight movement pulled everybody's attention to the only person in the area that was still actually a child, emancipated and owner of the world's largest company or not. He smiled down at the reporters before beginning.

"Welcome to the Memorial Wall Sanctum. This is the first time we at Bennett Incorporated have used this place of remembrance to speak to the world through the chosen through but I believe in my heart that this is a conference that my parents would never wish to miss and by the end of his conference I hope to have the truth of my parents murders and my own absence explained to you all." A mutter washed through the crowd and cameras flashed.

Harry glanced to his side at the assembled men thus far hidden from the reporters view by one of the banks of roses that helped to give people their needed solitude. He raised his hand up to call somebody forwards before turning back to the audience. "The information I will shortly disclose to you is backed by the United States of America's current administration and I have with me today several important guests. May I present to you the President of the United States of America." There was polite applause for a while as the man came to stand beside Harry though Harry didn't yield the podium to him. It had already been decided that this was Harry's task. "Also with me today is Doctor Hank McCoy, our new ambassador to the Mutant population for the United States and Ambassador Gentry." The blue furred mutant came out to stand on Harry's other side as did the Wizarding Ambassador. The was a smattering of whispers as people took in the fact that Harry had only said that the third man was an Ambassador and not what he was the representative of.

"This will take time and I know this is being broadcast live by many news casters including CNN so I will try to be a clear and succinct as possible and I must ask that question wait until the end as usual." Harry paused to gather himself, he again wished that Warren had been able to stand beside him, but he was standing on the roof of his head office behind him so Harry couldn't use him as an excuse to chicken out of this conference.

"Human kind has always strived to discover the truth and whereas this has sometimes caused conflict it has also brought us prosperity. Evolution has given the human race powers beyond what we are used to and even though we call these evolved humans, mutants and class them as a different race their genetic variance is only slightly more than the difference between races." Harry started. "Bennett Inc. has always supported any action that will bring every faction of humanity together so I am standing before you now to tell you of a third, larger branch of our history, one far older and far more secret to you than even the most shy Mutant."

Harry again waited for the muttering to calm down before continuing. "We have all be told stories as children about monsters under the bed, ghosts haunting houses, fairies, elves and magic and like most myths there is a layer of truth to these all." Harry paused for effect. "Thousands of years ago our two branches lived together in harmony until we pushed them aside for the more substantial art of science. We persecuted them and they hid but now their reason to hide has passed. It is time we come together to overcome our obstacles."

"I am of course talking of Witchcraft, Wizardry and Magic in general." Harry was forced to pause for the eruption of sound that spread through the thousands of people. He raised his hands and slowly the noise abated. "Is it so hard to believe that I speak the truth. You see Mutant Powers that have what seems to be magical effects. There is a boy who can create ice from the moisture in air, a girl who can phase through walls like a ghost, mutants who can teleport or move faster than the eye can see. Wizards and Witches have a core of energy that they call magic that they can manipulate to do what they want."

The crowd probably would have simply taken it as a hoax except for the fact that Harry had yet to mislead them in any matter and also because the President of the United States stood at his shoulder and hadn't reacted at the news. "I am at this moment breaking one of their primary and most important laws. Telling non-magical citizens without clearance about the Magical World is punishable by memory wiping and banishment. I tell you this now because I believe that every citizen on Earth must be warned of the threat that certain members of their community pose."

"How do I know of Magic?" Harry asked after another pause to let the previous information to sink in. "My parents were Magical as was my father's family back to the tenth century and before. I was born a Wizard and even though I was raised in a non-magical setting I was taken to be trained as a Wizard until my Mutant Genes took president. This brings me to the reason for this divulgence of a secret that the American Government has been forced to keep for centuries. The Mutant Gene and the Magical Energy Core are not compatible in more that a few cases and due to this the Wizards and Witches see the mutants as a threat."

"A Mutant Group combined with this administrations over zealous desire to control the Mutant population with the wrong means has already driven us to a war which cost both sides greatly but we were all human enough to overcome that difference and now stand of the verge of a historical event that will lead this worlds population into a new ages of peace and prosperity." Harry smiled warmly as if picturing this future which wasn't too far from the truth. It was what he hoped to use Bennett Inc. to achieve. "I will not lie to you, I will not smoother the truth like people have done in the past to stall panic. We have lived through a war of the unbelievable and now I ask that you be ready to face another, greater battle."

"The British Magical Community are the people that exiled me for becoming a mutant even after my new ability killed a terrorist that had murdered over a thousand people, both Wizard and human alike. The same twisted Wizard that murdered my parents." Harry paused and glanced at the mirrors and the audience gave him is moment of peace and waited for him to continue. "It has recently come to my attention that the World's largest and most powerful country of Wizards, the British Magical Community, has run immoral tests on mutants to prove that a Wizarding Core is destroyed if it's host is a mutant. What has become of these Mutants is as yet unknown though I wont rest until I find out who they were and honour them as needed. The British Wizards have taken upon itself the task of protectors of the human race and it is inevitable that they will decide to carry this out by eradicating the Mutants just like Adolf Hitler wished to do during the Second World War."

Harry paused as he saw a small group of men standing just outside of the Sanctum in the first line of public spectators, they had been getting increasingly nervous throughout his speech and had actually bristled at this comparison of the Wizarding World to the World's worst tyrant. British Wizards.

"Last week all those watching my press conference saw a red energy beam targeting me. While most believed this to be a mutant attack it was in fact a magical one and only one of the four attempts at interrupting Bennett Inc.'s work against them." Harry sighed. "The clock is counting down and the President and Magical Ambassador of America, Mr. Gentry agree with me that the public can no longer be kept in the dark about this threat. We will not be caught out like the Wizards were with their civil war that cost so many innocent people their lives. Times are complicated and difficult at this moment but we will all prove our worth by pulling together, not as separate entities but as a whole force of people that believe in our own freedom to live how we want to in a world that is secure."

Harry paused as the cheers he had hoped to receive spread through the crowd. He wanted them to all see this a threat against them as a whole, he wanted the humans to realise that sacrificing the Mutants wouldn't simply save them and that overcome this threat they would have to work together as a unified body. Harry held his hands up again and had to wait a full two minutes for the silence to spread throughout the crowd.

"The Magical Communities have always worked in secrecy, hiding from us using memory spells and invisibility but their overall dominance is paling against the abilities of the mutants. Mutants that can see through the spells, Mutants that can sense their magic or even drain it from them." Harry told them all. "The American Magical Community have agreed that secrecy is no longer necessary and have pledged their support to aid us in this struggle. They will work to teach communities to recognise and defend themselves against magic. We also have technology that can counteract their spell casting abilities and already the devices are being installed in important buildings across the country."

He paused to let this sink in before toning his upbeat tone slightly. "Do not be taken in lightly by my confidence however. I can defend myself against their attacks through experience and my own abilities however most Mutants and Humans do not have this advantage and even though you will be taught what is needed this fight wont be easy." Harry's eyes swept the crowd before focusing on the four wizards that stood in the front of the crowd forty metres from him. His eyes went cold and his wings flared ever so slightly. "Even now Wizards spy on us." His words were quiet and deadly but with the microphone so close to his mouth his words carried like the wind across the crowd.

Cameras and reporters turned to look at the small group that Harry was looking at and before more than a few pictures could be taken a red obliviate was flying across the sanctum. Harry wondered for an instance what they had hoped to achieve by trying to wipe his memory. Whether they hoped that without him to spur the Mutants and Humans on they would just forget about them or whether they just wanted him brain dead so they had one less problem to face he didn't know.

Harry held up a hand towards the oncoming bolt of magic rather unnecessarily since he didn't need to catch the magic with his hand. The spell hit his hand and faded as he absorbed the magic and held it just outside of his core. He held on to that tendon of magic and watched in satisfaction as the Wizard who had cast the spell panicked even as the crowd gasped in shock and even a few screamed.

With a resounding crack the Wizards apparated away on live camera probably watched by everyone that had a TV and had been told by friends to watch the press conference. He had purposely waited till the last possible moment to 'discover' the wizards so that the largest possible audience would see them. It would be impossible to alter a billion minds who had just watched that event or would watch replays of it for the next week. Harry felt the tendon snap as the Wizard disappeared from the area and he dropped his hands to his side before speaking into the microphone again.

"This is not a fight that we will shy from, it is not a fight we will lose. It is not a fight we can afford to lose." He didn't realise in that moment that he had the respectful silence of almost a fifth of the American population. He nodded to them all before stepping back and yielding the podium to more political figures.

In that last moment before he stepped down from the podium he wondered if it was he that had just started a war or the Wizards who had forced him into it.


End Chapter