Defining Goodness

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Oh plus might add - there are a few uses of bad language in this first chapter, but only a little bit. God, that Elphaba is such a foul mouthed little thing!

Chapter 1 – Nightmare

She found herself walking. Lost. She wasn't entirely sure where she had begun walking – only that she suddenly was.

Cracked, damp cave walls stretched for what seemed like miles, and a thick, oppressive darkness had settled. Glinda couldn't remember noticing the darkness before, but maybe it had always been there. Shrugging, she continued to walk, tripping every now and then on loose stone's that seemed unavoidable. As if placed deliberately to deter her.

A vague sense of déjà vu hit her, but was gone before she could think why. And suddenly there was light and she was away from the damp, darkness of the caves. In fact in a whole other place altogether.

Recognition hit her instantly.

My room – at Shiz

Her room - with its warm pastel coloured wallpaper and hardwood floors, and there, in the centre - two beds.

Drawn, Glinda crossed the room to hers.

She vaguely noticed the echo of her heels on the hard wood floor beneath her – how hollow it sounded. Lightly she ran her hand up the pink, fluffy bedspread, a smile crossing her lips at the memories it brought.

Her time in Shiz, the people she met, the nights she'd waste telling secrets to –

Suddenly, she felt another presence in the room, one she had not noticed before. The air grew stale – dry, and suddenly Glinda found it difficult to breathe. She lifted her head slowly, her stomach constricting with a foreboding she couldn't explain. Her eyes flicked up and she gasped, automatically backing up against the wall behind her.

Glinda's eyes grew wide at the shock, surprise – no horror of what she was seeing.

Sitting on the grey-sheeted bed opposite hers, was Elphaba – or at least what was left of her. Green skin dripped and stretched away from bone – quite like how candle wax looks when it's melting. Her skin was literally running down her.

"Excuse the skin – a little side effect of being melted," she said casually, tugging at a piece of flesh and watching with vague interest as it slopped to the floor in a green sickening heap.

Turning her head, she regarded the blonde. "Hey Glinda," her eyes grew large – dangerous. "Ever wonder what's its like to melt? Ever thought about the agony of having your flesh burned from your very bone? Ever wondered exactly what kind of pain that would cause you? Let me tell you" – and suddenly the Witch was off the bed and right on Glinda, her face merely inches away from her own. "It's excruciating."

Burnt flesh. The smell was over-powering. Glinda gagged, just managing to hold down her stomachs contents.

"Sweet Lurline - I'm sorry – Elphaba" –

"No!" Elphaba roared, "You don't get to talk. No excuses. You stood and watched – watched as that little brat burned me too death! Doing nothing. Not one BLOODY little thing to help! Just watching! Watching as I screamed in pained – wailing in agony!"

Glinda shook her head, backing away from Elphaba – wanting so much for it all to be untrue but knowing it wasn't. She had done nothing. Just stood and watched her best- friend die.

Tears spilled – guilt and pain sweeping down her face in salty, clear trails.

"I'm sorry." She uttered, her voice shaky with emotion. And honest to Lurline herself, she was sorry, but the words felt pathetic – just drifting in the air uselessly. Sorry wouldn't bring back Elphaba. It was just a word. A stupid meaningless word!

"Your sorry?" Elphaba asked, her eyes closing ever so slightly as if confused. "Sorry! Oh well that's great – bloody sorry isn't going to bring me back is it Glinda!"

The accentuation of her name made Glinda flinch.

"Glinda The Good" Elphaba spat, disgusted at the title. She levelled her intense gaze at the blonde. "Tell me - WHAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD ABOUT YOU!"

Glinda jolted awake. Her erratic heartbeat screamed through her mind and her breathing was frantic and harsh.

It took her a moment to realise where she was.

My room – my bed – my reality

A dream. The same dream she had been having every night since Elphaba's death, six months ago.

She sat, taking huge gulps of air and staring into the darkness of her room. Her breathing grew shaky.

The guilt. It was too much – it wouldn't leave her alone!

Bringing her knees up and cupping her face in her palms, Glinda cried softly.

Why couldn't she get Elphaba out of her head?

You know why. Her thoughts answered. You did nothing.

"Nothing," Glinda choked, sobbing into her hands – she inhaled sharply, willing the tears away. "Oh Elphie – I'm sorry – I'm so sorry" she just managed to utter the apology before a fresh wave of tears racked her body.

It shouldn't be like this! Glinda The Good – that's all I've ever wanted. To be loved, adored…

And yet somehow it just didn't mean anything anymore. Everything was false.

A fake smile found its way across her face everyday to please the citizens of Oz – but inside she was breaking.

Her mind was divided. In one way she wanted to get over this – wanted so much to once again be able to enjoy the cheering and the spotlight. But then there was the guilt. It kept her from enjoying any of it for even a second. She was plagued by thoughts of her deceased friend everyday – and those dreams – her guilt infected even those.

She wanted it too end, but wouldn't forget Elphaba and what she stood for. She needed some way to make it right.

It's too late! Her mind screamed. Elphaba's dead! You could have saved her that day – could have helped – but you chose to do nothing, and now that's what you must live with!

Glinda rocked herself gently, her pink nightgown damp from her tears. Her body shook with each sob and soon she found her mind sinking into the void of her memories…