The June silence was filled with applause as the first student's name was called and they made they way across the stage. Graduation was here, nearly four weeks after the prom and the first night of Michael and Sara's consummation of their relationship. Since then they had been so much closer, physically and emotionally. When they weren't together they were thinking of each other and "I love you" had never been said so often and meant so much.

Frank Tancredi's aging hands met each other with a smack, the vibration shooting through his body and making his entire being bounce on his folded seating. Two men in black suits wore earpieces and stood to the side of the seated crowd. Their eyes scanned the crowd, each time glazing over the Governor's seat and then recognisance being fed into their sleeves. Frank ignored them. Bodyguards had become a daily part of his life.

Michael was seated right next to the governor and his hands made a duller sound as they collided in the air. His eyes never left Sara's as she sat seated with her class of one side of the stage ready to take her diploma once her name was called. She flashed him a smile every once in a while and he smiled back. Hers was mischievous, and sly but Michael was so far away he had no idea why.

His pocket vibrated as his cell phone jiggled to life, silent in his pants. Casually he retrieved the device and looked at the display. He had one new message and upon entering his inbox found it was from Sara. He glanced up at her and she averted her eyes from his with a smirk. Michael's eyes fell back to the phone and he opened the message.

"Guess what?" it said simply so he replied with the obvious question.

Sara's cell phone buzzed in her hands and she was thankful she was at the end of the alphabet behind the rest of her year. The students in front of her didn't take notice of her texting, mainly because they were doing the self same thing, equally as bored by the ceremony. She flipped open her cell and opened the message. "What?" was Michael's reply.

Sara bit her bottom lip as she replied, her whole body tingling with the thought of telling Michael her secret. A secret that only the two of them would know. Michael gripped at his phone eagerly awaiting her response. When it began to vibrate he wasted no time in opening the media. "No panties." was her text reply accompanied by a wink.

Michael's head snapped up and their eyes met once again. Sara gave him a real wink, her bottom lip still tucked under her teeth in a teasing look. Michael's mouth curled up at the corners and his heart sped up with excitement. He didn't reply to the message. Instead he tucked his phone back into his pocket and continued to stare at her entrancing image even more.

Sara was like a pawn, dressed in a black gown and mortarboard cap. Her hair was down and slightly curled, each curl bouncing off her shoulders like rain drops off the ground. In the middle of the morning, the sun was bright and her hair shone a bright orange as the rays struck each fibre. Under the gown she was wearing a smart blouse that was pink with three quarter length sleeves and a knee length black skirt.

Michael's hand struck each other harder as more and more students moved across the stage and exposed Sara behind them like a puzzle. Sara had her legs crossed and her delicate hands patted together in congratulations of her class members. Michael was surging with adrenaline, his entire body reacting to her image as he imagined her so much more compromised, naked and under his torturous hands.

One of Sara's legs slipped from the other and she opened her legs slowly before crossing them again opposite to before. Michael's eyes went wide and he gulped a dry lump down his throat when he caught sight of her through the mass of folded chairs, her soft dark curls easily mistaken for black panties to any other crowd member.

Sara pouted her lips into a kiss and grinned down at Michael. His breathing became quick and he was sweating, the mere thought of Sara so exposed sending all his rational thoughts from his mind. Sara loved what she did to him and enjoyed teasing him to test his limits. It nearly always ended well for the both of them and made their relationship much more interesting.

"Sara Tancredi," the principle called and she pushed herself from her chair and made her way across the stage. Her heels clicked on the aged but recently polished wooden surface and she pushed her hair back from her face. Michael watched her glide over the stage, her brilliantly perfect figure like a drug he had become addicted to.

Both Michael and Frank clapped harder and as if on cue, Frank's bodyguards absently applauded their second charge whilst eyeing the stage for potential threats. Sara reached out and took the yellowy paper roll in one hand whilst shaking the principles hand with the other. The diploma was generically tied with a red ribbon seal and was identical for every student apart from his or her names being different.

Making her way across to her next seat Sara glanced at Michael and her father supporting the graduation with overactive applause. Her father's face was flushed pink as he fought back tears and Michael's face was full of want and a hazy aura hung over him. His mouth was open slightly and his eyes never left hers as he panted silently, his entire body itching for her touch.

Sara lifted a closed fist to her face and coughed into it falsely, her index finger extending outwards towards the car park and her eye flickering between it and Michael. His face filled with confusion for a second while he contemplated her signal, searching the car park for what she pointed to so subtly. Finally his eyes fell upon the unlocked and unguarded limo that they had arrived in courtesy of her father's political position.

Michael's face lit up when he realised what Sara was trying to say and his heart pounded in his chest. He felt hot and tiny beads of sweat began forming on his forehead. As the last student's name was called his ceased clapping and rested a strong, clammy palm to Frank's shoulder. "Excuse me," he said with a smile rising from his seat.

"Of course," Frank chirped and continued clapping. The crowd fell silent as the principle began a speech about the class. Michael glanced through the crowds to Sara who sat staring at him as he nudged his way from the centre of the line of parents. He couldn't hide his smirk as he jogged across the field and into the car park. The area was coated with white stones, which crunched under his feet and left dust on his shiny black shoes.

He walked hurriedly to the limousine, shooting a quick glance over his shoulder as he pulled the handle and the door swung open. The crowd of spectators erupted into another fit of applause and whistles when the students all stood up and threw their caps into the air recklessly. The sky exploded in black silk and tassels before they all feel back to the ground. Sara pushed hurriedly through the crowd of roaring students as they hugged each other, exiting off the back of the stage and walking to the limo as fast as her legs could carry her.

Inside Michael had a buzzing in his ears, the sound you get when you strain to listen in silence. The interior of the car was black stitched white leather and the plush carpet was a dark grey colour. It looked hard and harsh but it was actually soft and welcoming. Michael rubbed his palms on his knees as his body shuddered with excitement. Outside the faint cries of elated students made Michael catch his breath with anticipation.

He glanced around the limo and his mind raced with impure thought as Sara's naked body flashed before his eyes. Michael had never felt so charged, the thought alone sending shockwaves to his groin. Michael's legs shifted on the silent carpet, his shoes scuffing the fibres flat beneath his feet. For a second he hoped he had understood Sara correctly but as soon as he heard the door click open he knew he had.

Her tiny body invaded the limo in front of him and she pulled the door close behind her quickly, kneeling in front of him. Michael gave her a grin, which she returned with earnest before they met half way in a passionate kiss. It was hard and hurried, both of them leaving each other's lips wet and swollen. Sara groaned into Michael's mouth when he placed his hands on her face, pulling her closer to him. "No panties eh?" Michael breathed into her face between kisses.

With a sigh Sara broke the kiss and stared straight into Michael's bluey orbs. Her eyes were heavy and wanton and she chewed on the inside of her mouth as she placed a gentle caress to each of his knees. "Shut up and undo your pants," she told him in a silky smooth command, ignoring his earlier comment. He was panting hard and reluctantly let her go to unbuckle his belt, keeping eye contact the entire time. His fingers fought with the buckle, each time it slipping from his grasp much to his frustration.

Sara let out a small laugh as she continued to run her feather light fingers up and down his thighs. Michael grumbled as he wrenched his belt apart, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. As if on cue, Sara clawed her way up his body and recaptured his mouth in a fiery kiss. Her cap was gone and Michael gripped a handful of her auburn locks in his strong hands. Already the windows inside the car had begun to dampen with condensation but the tint kept the outside world from seeing that.

Sara reached out sideways and blindly pressed down on the door lock. It sunk into the door panel with a clonk and the automatic locking system caused the rest of the doors to lock too. Michael grinned against Sara's lips and she took the opportunity to push her tongue into his mouth. Michael delved his tongue into her warm mouth fervently, tasting her with long, hasty thrusts. She tasted like bagels and left a toasted taste lingering on his tongue.

His hands pulled at the edges of her black silky gown pulling her higher up his body. They broke the kiss briefly as Sara sat to straddle his lap, Michael's entire body shuddering with a concoction of expectation and fear of getting caught. His eyes roamed hers and her smooth skin prickled when his fingers brushed the bare areas under her skirt. Michael pushed his flat pal ms up Sara's thighs, pushing her skirt up around her waist in the process as she rested over his straining erection.

His eyes darted downwards and his licked his lips eagerly. "No panties," he confirmed with a wicked smile. "I like that," he breathed hard with an erotic grunt. His hands rested firmly on her hips, holding her moist, hot centre against the thin cotton fabric of his boxers. Sara's hands rested on his shoulders and she returned the sinful grin.

"I knew you would," she breathed as she played with the soft hair on his neck. It stood to attention under her touch, begging for more and Michael's penis twitched in its cotton prison. Michael inhaled hard as he seized her mouth in another rough kiss. Sara clutched at the back of his shaven head, pulling his face closer to hers as she instinctively ground herself against his lap.

Their tongues danced, massaging each other with wet impatience. Sara's bare knees dug bluntly into the white leather, creasing it each time she did. Her toes wiggled in her heels, slipping them off her feet to the carpet where they landed with a dull thud. Michael grabbed at her behind, kneading the milky skin with his powerful paws. The rush of adrenaline pumped through them both as they both explored each other's familiar bodies. Sara's run her hands down Michael's shirt, his skin perking to life beneath it.

Her hands found his boxers and she looped her fingers over the waistband, tickling at the protruding hairline up his stomach. His breath hitched when she yanked the elastic down, tucking it under his scrotum and freeing his rock solid member. It sprung into her view and spasmed in the cooler air. Michael broke the kiss suddenly; much to Sara's disappointment and his eyes fluttered open to meet her frown.

"Sara I don't have anything," he realised suddenly feeling guilty for taking this session so far. Sara bit her bottom lip between her perfect teeth and leant forward, her lips inches from his ear. She reached between them and captured his erection in her warm hand, stroking the sensitive underside with her fingers.

"Michael," she breathed hotly into his ear that made his jaw clench. The way she said his name was unbearable, like hot honey drizzling from her sweet mouth. "We don't need anything," Michael dug his fingernails into her behind denting the skin as she continued her delightful torture on his member. "I'm on the pill," she whispered, raising on her knees and crawling forward to hover over him.

Michael let out a low rumble in his chest when her sopping folds glazed over his tip. No condom meant a thousand times more pleasure for both of them and Michael gritted his teeth at the sensation. It was nothing he had ever experienced and his slammed his head into the back seat headrest as she rubbed him back and fourth over her dripping core.

"Sara…" he warned with closed eyes, stilling her movements with his dominant grip on her hips. He gulped down a much needed breath and saliva that had built up in his mouth. His eyes flickered open to meet hers and he smirked at her face, mockingly shy and seductive. "You're a bad girl," he growled impaling her quickly with one swift pull of her hips down onto his scorching erection.

Sara gasped at the unexpected invasion that sent a sudden joyous rush surging through her body. Michael's taught skin rubbed against her g-spot like clothes on an old washboard. It was a quick sensation that faded away for a moment as he rested inside her. Leaning forward slightly Michael slid his hand up to her back and angled himself inside her, grazing the nerve centre on the outside of her body. As her breathed hitch she held it with a small squeak.

"Bad girls need to be punished," he thundered into the limo, his deep velvety voice vibrating through her entire body as she gripped at the leather seat weakly. She rested her forehead to Michael's shoulder as he began moving inside of her, slow at first until her juices began to flow between them.

"Punish me Michael," Sara whispered breathlessly into his shirt as she rode him with abandon. Michael sped up his pace, pounding into her searing centre with each pant. Sara's screams got louder each time he buried himself to the hilt, bumping his pubic bone against her clitoris. When her head whipped up again he captured her mouth for a kiss, muffling her cries of pleasure from the outside world.

"You like that?" he grunted on a thrust as he studied her face. It was contorted with desire, her mouth hanging open and her lips shimmering with moisture in the dim limo lighting.

"Yeah…" she squealed on a gasp, moving her hand to grip into the skin of his shoulders through his crisp blue shirt. Sara repeated her answer on every push Michael made into her, her voice raising each time as she approached her orgasm. He felt amazing inside of her as the friction of their rough lovemaking heated their bare skins without a latex barrier.

Michael bore into her relentlessly, his breath short and hurried as his heart beat in time with his thrusts. Sara let out an extended moan through gritted teeth as her orgasm hit her, her body washing over with ecstasy. She dug her nails into Michael's skin, a sensation he enjoyed as he still drove into her as her muscles clenched around him.

Michael's own release loomed near and his vision flashed white when it hit. For a second he froze, his semen rippling from him and spilling deep into Sara's vaginal cavern. Their mouths were touching but neither moved to kiss the other as they whined into each other. He gasped for breath in the steamy limo as Sara collapsed against his chest, her damp, sticky forehead clinging to the expensive fabric of his shirt. Michael let out long audible pants and gripped the back of Sara's head, holding to him protectively.

"Oh my god," she sighed on much needed breath. Michael smiled against her hair which he combed with his long, skilful fingers. Sara let out a short giggle before pulling her face from his shirt and catching his eyes once more. "We have good sex," she boasted playfully. Michael let out a hearty laugh and pulled her face to his for a quick kiss.

"That we do Sara," he beamed at her as he brushed a damp lock of hair from her delicate features. "That we do."